Cardinals DT Nick Eason drops 40 pounds, down to 282


For an NFL defensive tackle, 282 pounds is downright skinny. But Arizona’s Nick Eason says it’s the right weight for him.

Eason, who turns 32 next week, told the Arizona Republic that he made weight loss a goal in an attempt to extend his career, and through diet and taking up boxing this offseason he has dropped 40 pounds, getting down to 282 — the lightest he’s been in the NFL.

“I realized that I could probably help myself and extend my career if I lost a little weight,” Eason said.

As the NFL continues to emphasize player health and safety, encouraging players to keep their weight in check might be a step for the league to take. But Eason says his weight loss was mostly about getting better on the field.

“I feel a lot quicker now. I have a lot more endurance,” Eason said. “I think that’s going to help this team win more football games this year.”

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  1. Throughout his career Ray Guy was a trim 180 pounds. He was one of the more successful Oakland Raiders at picking up women in Bay Area bars during his time with the team. Yet he still is not in the Hall Zof Fame

  2. I honestly feel that NFL players who trim down their weight should have their starting and current weight dates, regimens, and diets listed so that NFL fans or those who are overweight can be inspired to do the same!!!

    The coolest form of weight loss I ever saw was from the current Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Mike Williams. He actually lost weight in 2008 with boxing, basketball, and Pilates and dropped from the 270 range to the mid-230’s.

    It wasn’t mentioned often because he was a bust at the time.

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