Colts reportedly trying to trade for Mike Jenkins

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The Cowboys said this week that they won’t trade cornerback Mike Jenkins, but the Colts seem to be hoping that was just a bluff.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Colts have made multiple trade offers for Jenkins, including one that remains on the table. According to Schefter’s source, the Colts believe their offer is one that “many teams would think is compelling.”

That doesn’t mean much if the Cowboys don’t find it compelling, of course, and, as of now, they haven’t been shaken from their plan to hold onto Jenkins. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Wednesday that Jenkins’ absence from offseason work isn’t going to force the Cowboys to make a deal involving a player who has been forced out of the starting lineup by the additions of Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne. According to Schefter’s report, though, there’s a feeling a deal could be worked out for the right price.

Jenkins has been up and down in his first three NFL seasons, but he’d be an upgrade from the Jerraud Powers-Kevin Thomas combo that currently looks like the starting cornerback tandem in Indy. At $1.052 million for the 2012 season, the price is right as well although that’s also part of the reason why the Cowboys are content to hold onto him. Jenkins could play himself into an extension with the Colts if all goes well in the final year of his rookie contract, something that’s a lot less likely to happen in Dallas.

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  1. If Jenkins walks after this year, Dallad would probably get a 4th or 5th round compensatory pick in the 2014 draft. Any trade offer would have to be better than that, or it’s not worth it.

  2. daysend564 says:

    No trade for lower than a 2nd round pick. That would work out well with Colts as it would be somewhere in the #33-35 range.

    No trade it is.

    This isn’t Madden.

  3. a former pro bowl corner in his prime only 26 years old. playing hurt and showing his competitiveness.

    yes nothing LESS then a second round pick for the former first round pick.

    in fact i say DONT trade him we are trying to win THIS year and need him. if we want to resign him after the season then we can, we will have 28 million dollars of dead money back to our disposal next season.

  4. Are you guys serious? A 4th or 5th comp pick for Jenkins?


    Even better yet, you think the colts will give up a second round pick for a guy on a one year deal, that has more promise than actual good play?

    No way, it’ll be for a later round pick, if it even has a chance of happening.

  5. Clearly they have been offering low picks since they have made multiple offers. Dallas will have to get 3rd or higher to even make it worth their time cause of the potential compensatory pick that would come

  6. Jenkings is worth a compensatory pick in the 3 to 5 round range, so there is no way the Cowboys would trade him for anything less than a premium pick. We’re talking about a Pro Bowl corner in his early twenties. Dallas will keep him in shackles unless a deal comes in that they can’t refuse.

  7. He is worth a conditional 4th-5th round pick, no more. The condition based on how many snaps he takes this year.

  8. Has to be 3rd or higher. Boys will get a comp pick when he walks so that would likely be a 4th.

    Unless there is a player that thy could throw in too…..but I am going with nothing of value so likely Jenkins stays and plays it out.

  9. I’d imagine the best the Colts would offer is a 2013 6th that could be increased to a 4th based on performance or a 2013 and 2014 6th. This is all dependent on Jenkins agreeing to a long term contract before being dealt.

    It doesn’t make sense for them to trade anything higher than a 6th for him when they have 28M+ coming off the books in dead money, not including the 18Mthat comes off when Freeney’s contract ends.

  10. You guys know comp picks are allocated based on the net free agent moves.

    So even if Jenkins is worth a 3rd, him leaving only gets them a 3rd if they sign no one else in FA.

    As far as him being a ‘Pro Bowler’…. he was an alternate. No consideration for All Pro (which still means something).

    Finally, if he was so good, why did the Cowboys sign Carr and then trade up to draft a guy who can’t read?

    His value is high right now because he only costs 1M in cap. If this guy was making anything higher than 5M, he would have been moved for a 7th or cut by now.

  11. They will only get a compensatory pick if they lose more players than they sign. The Bengals didn’t get anything for losing Joseph last year.

  12. Why do anything right now???? Even if it’s a 4th….we know injuries happen all the time. You wait til some starter goes down and let them bid against each other.

  13. Mike Jenkins is a pouty, fragile corner who plays way too far off the ball. He’s main role since that Pro Bowl appearance is to show up in other players’ highlight reels. He avoids contact and when he does actually try to nake a tackle, he gets injured. If the Colts want him, they can have him. There is a reason an owner known to keep players two seasons too long drafted a corner and over paid for another; Mike Jenkins is not the lockdown corner he thinks he is.

  14. No doubt the Colts can use the CB help.
    But I’m wondering if new GM Grigson isn’t just trolling for a leak in the front office?
    There’s still a lot of off season to go.

  15. Keep him Jerry, this is a passing league and the more serviceable Dbacks the better.

  16. I’m not sure why the vikes aren’t looking at him. I don’t think he’s particularly good bit he’s still better than what they have. and at 1mill I good deal.

  17. By the way Freeney would definitely not fit well in Dallas. Freeney is a 4-3 DE and Dallas plays in a 3-4 base D.

  18. @ arlingtonsynn
    “Finally, if he was so good, why did the Cowboys sign Carr and then trade up to draft a guy who can’t read?

    His value is high right now because he only costs 1M in cap. If this guy was making anything higher than 5M, he would have been moved for a 7th or cut by now.”

    Addressing the second paragraph shown above first – WRONG. If Jenkins was being payed higher than 5 million, he obviously earned that high level of pay. The price is right for the Colts (or any team interested) to explore a trade at 1 million because of the low risk involved financially, and based on his previous play, his young age, and his potential. IF he was being paid 5 million a year (and playing like it), Claiborne would very likely not be a Cowboy right now. Having said that, Jenkins is coming off of shoulder surgery, is in his last year of his current contract, and the Cowboys secondary play and depth in the secondary has been horrendous for the past several years. You can never have enough solid CB’s, and THAT is why they traded up to get arguably the best defensive player in the draft, Einstein.

    Secondly, Claiborne CAN read, your moronic arsss. He has dyslexia, and anybody who knows anything about dyslexia knows the difference. Besides, the Cowboys drafted him for what he can do ON the field, and not what he did or didn’t do on the wonderlic test. He has shown what he can do in college, and I expect it to translate to the pros.

    Get a clue, you maroon……

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