Report: Inside the NFL puts Sapp on the outside

It’s still unknown whether NFL Network will keep Warren Sapp beyond the expiration of his contract in August.  But it is known that Showtime won’t be bringing Sapp back for Inside the NFL.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that Sapp is out.  Per Jackson, Showtime has confirmed that James Brown of CBS, Phil Simms of CBS, and Cris Collinsworth of NBC will be returning.

It’s unknown whether Showtime will be replacing Sapp on the cast.  Two years ago, Showtime wanted to hire NBC’s Rodney Harrison to moonlight.  As we heard it at the time, NBC was fine with that arrangement, but CBS (which owns Showtime) didn’t want a second NBC employee on the panel.

After several weeks off the air following an outing of former Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey as the person who blew the whistle on the bounty program, Sapp has recently returned to NFL Network.

54 responses to “Report: Inside the NFL puts Sapp on the outside

  1. what took so long? Sapp is nothing but a loud mouth who’s in love with himself, always has been , always will be

  2. I like Sapp but he just did not belong on Inside the NFL. That show generates a completely different audience than one on NFL network or ESPN.

  3. They should replace Sapp with Troy Aikman to complete the trifecta of having the top color guys from the big 3 networks.

  4. this guy wants to be a raider, but he will never be one…c-ya, wouldn’t want to be ya

  5. Part of the new breed of loudmouth TV personalities, Sapp continually lives up to his name.

    He and Skip Bayless should start their own show and call it “Sapp & Crap”.

  6. I know that we as an adult society should not revel in others’ misfortune or times of need. But I propose a seperate category where an elite group of real jerks belong in that an exemption is given. You know… Like Sapp, Owens, and the like. Kind of like S.H.E.I.L.D. but for millionaire jerks that went broke.

  7. One of the worst career moves Sapp ever made was trying to out Jeremey Shockey as the “snitch”.

  8. If you look past his personality, Sapp is pretty knowledgeable about the game, especially defens (I know – duh).
    Unlike guys like Deion (me first, sounds like a prozelytizer even when he talks about the NFL) or Jamie fat a@@ Dukes – who shows his bias quite openly, I’ve never seen Sapp take sides just because he didnt like a particular player or team.

  9. He is the biggest bum in the business. Calling shockey a snitch without verifying is the worst sort of journalism. He’s an idiot and got what was coming. What goes around comes around

  10. I was watching a pregame show with Sapp and Irvin. All I kept thinking was, these guys are clowns!! Shut your dumb faces!

    Good Riddance!

  11. I would prefer not wasting my time watching football “experts” who for some unknown reason have difficulty picking straight up winners 35% of the time. That guy is a complete joke.

  12. At last. I can watch Inside the NFL again. I hate Sapp with a passion. He’s one of the biggest a-holes on the planet.

  13. Take god awful Jamie Dukes away with him.

    That guy talks like he is important, but in reality a zero.

  14. They’re holding his position for Suh. Suh is another Sapp, talks bigger than he plays and always tries to be in the headlines so he doesn’t get forgotten. When your forgotten you don’t get the TV deals thrown at you.
    Suh is no dope, he does most of his stuff on purpose.

  15. Always liked Sapp on INFL. Good mix between he, Simms & Collinsworth. I really don’t get all the hate for him. So what if he declared bankruptcy? It’s not like he beat you up & took your lunch money. Get over yourselves.

    This has no effect on me as I cancelled Showtime a couple years ago. That network self-fellates almost as much as CBS. Frickin unwatchable.

    Wait. What? CBS owns Showtime? Explains a lot.

    Stop telling us that you are #1, lamebrains. Only thing you are definitely #1 at is claiming to be #1. Makes you come off as #2, if you catch my drift.

  16. naanunaanu says: May 25, 2012 11:53 AM

    sign Brian Billick – they need a coach on the show and he is pretty good.


    Billick on NFLN = pretty darned good

    Billick as game analyst on FOX = turrible. Just turrible.

  17. RaiderMight says:
    May 25, 2012 11:52 AM
    You mean to tell me we will miss out on the “stare down” as a rebuttal to every thing.

    ….and the rolling eyes, head swing backwards.

    Way to hit that on the head…got a good chuckle out of that.

  18. Looks like its not the Steelers defense that was too old, tired & slow. It was you. Have fun now being “Outside the NFL”, prick.

  19. Drinks are on Mike Sherman & Jeremy Shockey tonight. See you at Happy Hour!

  20. I’m not the smartest guy in the world but can I ask what dose a persons finance have to do with his or her’s workplace ? I would like to think that is kind of personal don’t you ? what would anyone reading this do if they went to work Monday and your boss say’s by the way we looked at your bank account and did not like what we found so to make this short your fired . I don’t think that I would like that would you ?

  21. My Carl Banks recommendation was censored (surprise, surprise) simply because I said he was the perfect replacement for Sapp. I won’t say why because I’ll be censored again but I think you all can figure out the reason.

  22. Dislike Sapp all you like but putting Jeremy Shockey on TV, like some people on here suggest, is not the solution to anything. Ever. For any reason.

  23. aliquickk says:
    May 25, 2012 1:00 PM
    Looks like its not the Steelers defense that was too old, tired & slow. It was you. Have fun now being “Outside the NFL”, prick.


    Sounds like somebody still sounds butt hurt that Sapp was talking about “old, tired and slow” after a 35-7 trip to the woodshed by the Ravens in 2011…. i might add that walkoff playoff TD pass from Tebow must not have sucked too much , either.

    I dont like Sapp, either but get over that…..its a new season, Steeler fan.

  24. Oh thank god. I used to LOVE the show when it was on HBO. Great panel. Then it moved to showtime. And Sapp. Sapp completely ruined the show for me. He’s an idiot whose voice added nothing to an intelligent conversation about football. The best part of ITNFL was how much more intelligent and insightful it was compared to all the other crap out there, like ESPN. Signing Sapp on just dragged the show down to the ESPN level.

    Love the idea of Skip Bayless and Sapp hosting a show. Kind of like watching Hitler and Stalin prior to WW2.

  25. Come on people. I think Sapp is hilarious on TV. He needs to get his facts checked b4 reporting them. Other than love him Inside the NFL.

  26. I don’t have a problem with Sapp, and a lot of what I’m reading sounds like sour grapes. People REALLY want to replace him with Jere-ME Shockey. Since when did Shockey become an upstanding choirboy? Or Captain Chunky soup McFlabb? T.O. got dogged for calling out his QB in the SB, but his claim was backed up by the Shanahans and McNabb was the one puking during the SB and T.O. was catching 120 some yards worth of balls on a broken ankle. Sapp was a nice change of pace to Simms and Collinsworth. Sapp’s a scapegoat in this whole Shockey thing, and SOMEBODY snitched on the Saints. Anybody other then Shockey ever say it wasn’t him?

  27. Sapp is better than Michael Irvin wigging out at the camera every chance he gets. Why TV execs think flamboyant and annoying players translate into good broadcasters is beyond me. Then they have good guys like moose, Aikman, goose etc. Don’t they get it at all??

  28. unprovenprophet says: May 25, 2012 11:51 AM

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they replaced him with Jim Rome

    They would have to clear the set. That gasbag isn’t sharing the spotlight.

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