Mark Sanchez’s agent thinks Sanchez will outperform Tebow

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Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow might be all about competition these days, but Sanchez’s agent doesn’t think it will amount to much.

On a busy day when breathless reports of the 7-on-7 drills at Jets OTAs provided another clue about how all-encompassing coverage of the Jets will be this season, Sanchez’s agent Brian Murphy took to Twitter to pump up his client. Murphy doesn’t take kindly to the media’s attempt to make Sanchez-Tebow into a full-fledged fight for the starting quarterback job.

“No offense media, but of course Sanchez is going to out perform Tim T. Mark is a franchise quarterback and Tim is a great athlete.”

It’s true, Sanchez is a franchise quarterback. It just happens to be for a franchise that saw no problem bringing in a quarterback that they knew would instantly and constantly fan the flames for Sanchez to be replaced as the team’s starter. The fact that Sanchez outperforms Tebow in practice isn’t going to change that one bit.

Like everyone who has criticized Tebow, Murphy quickly realized that it is a sure way to ruffle feathers. He tried to smooth them out a little bit later, again via Twitter.

“Didn’t mean to create a stir nor disrespect TT who has done nothing but excel on football field. This is my opinion and time will tell.”

Not bad for the first full day of the Sanchez-Tebow Jets. Things should only get better (for those of us watching, anyway) from here on out.

44 responses to “Mark Sanchez’s agent thinks Sanchez will outperform Tebow

  1. Is “Franchise QB” the most misused NFL term ever?
    I think so. Either that or it doesn’t mean what my definition is.

  2. Is there anyone out there that truly disagrees with him???

    When’s the last time you saw a bona fide starting NFL QB getting reps with special teams???

  3. So agents are also talent evaulators now? I wonder why teams employ scouts at all. They should ask the agents whom to draft/sign as free agents.

  4. Everyone anticipates this crazy, stressful QB competition, with the fans clamoring for Tebow whenever Sanchez throws an interception, and that could definitely happen, but it could also NOT happen.

    To me, its just as likely that Sanchez plays really well, limits his turnovers, and matures into a very good player. And if that happens, although the media will try, there won’t be a controversy.

  5. Sanchez’s agent thinks that Sanchez is better than Tebow? what a shocker. it’s probably a safe bet that PFT will be running an “article” tomorrow about how Tebow’s mom thinks that Tebow’s better than Sanchez.

  6. Outperform? Who cares?
    This is like Butterbean outperforming The Bayonne Bleeder.
    …not exactly a battle of Titans.

  7. Worse case scenario, at least Jet’s fans will appreciate Mark a little more now that Tebow is in town, I’m not sure if Sanchez is the long term answer in New York, but Tebow is going to make Mark look really good.

  8. Sanchez will only outperform Tebow in the bedroom, as long as he stays clear of those High School girls.

  9. Because if Sanchez can’t out-perform Tim “0 for 8” Tebow as a quarterback, what’s the point of even being in the NFL, right?

  10. TRANSLATION: My quarterback hasn’t played very well and I need to think of some way to make him relevant.

  11. Comparing the two skill sets, how could Sanchez not outperform Tebow as a quarterback?

    Well, it could happen if Tebow gets in Sanchez’ head. It always bothered me on Hard Knocks that Sanchez was chewing his nails a lot of the time… this suggested a deep nervousness and lack of confidence to me. If he was chewing his nails then, he must be absolutely gobbling them now with Tebow’s charisma and leadership skills breathing down his neck.

  12. Sanchez needs to fire his agent ….stat. The entire organization is so amateur to begin with…and now this agent is pulling this crap. Tebow should punch out the emotionally fragile franchise QB and just go all ALPHA and TAKE the job. Sanchez will go sulk in a corner like he always does and the agent can Tweet to his hearts content.

  13. I really don’t get the fascination. Neither of these guys is a true franchise QB, and I honestly don’t care which one of them wins the competition they may or may not be having. The outcome will be mediocre quarterback play.

    And the entire thing is a circus… Sanchez is obviously better than Tebow, and the fact that the Jets traded for Tebow almost certainly means that Tebow will see time under center next season, meaning that the Jets will be intentionally playing a guy who isn’t as good as the alternative. It’s ridiculous.

  14. Wow. Mark Sanchez’s agent actually backs his client by saying he’ll outperform Tim Tebow. Thanks for the news bulletin.

    It was hilarious when the agent referred to Sanchez as a “franchise quarterback”. Good stuff.

  15. it’s not like that’s hard. that’s like saying your the prettiest girl at the tractor pull. maybe he should set the bar a little higher.

  16. Wow! What a revelation! I would think Sanchez’ agent would be more open-minded and explore the possibility that Tebow and other quarterbacks are better than Sanchez, but what do I know?

  17. i, flounder says: “it’s not like that’s hard. thats like saying you’re the prettiest girl at the tractor pull. Maybe he should set the bar a little higher.”

    Come on Flounder, it’s not that simple!

    Sanchez is probably the better quarterback, but Tebow would be the prettier girl at the tractor pull!

  18. Sanchez doesn’t stand a chance. The first awful game Sanchez has New York fans will be calling for his head.

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