NFL, NFLPA differ on why HGH doctor resigned


Last August, the NFL and NFLPA agreed that HGH testing will be conducted under the new CBA.  Since then, HGH testing has not been conducted.

The parties initially disagreed regarding whether a population study should be performed, in order to ensure the acceptable HGH thresholds for NFL players would be based not on the HGH naturally present in the bodies of Olympic athletes (like figure skaters and skiers) but NFL players.  Finally, they agreed to conduct a population study.

Since then, the doctor who agreed to preside over the population study resigned.  And now the NFL and NFLPA disagree on why the doctor left.

As explained by Mark Maske of the Washington Post, the league believes “the union’s actions caused the scientist who had agreed to do the population study to withdraw.”  Maske writes that the league believes the doctor “became convinced the study was scientifically unnecessary and thought the union’s actions indicated the study was more about politics than science.”  Maske also reports that “other scientists have declined to be involved for similar reasons.”

The union denies this contention, strongly.  NFLPA spokesman George Atallah tells PFT via email that the perception is not accurate.

What is accurate is that the NFL and NFLPA are having an increasingly difficult time getting along.  And we’ve got a feeling it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

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  1. Maybe cuz the test itself is a scam. All sorts of sports conduct hgh testing and ONE person in history has been caught via this test. Its a pr stunt for the league. Really, theres no true way to test for hgh

  2. I hate to say this because I feel I would like Roger Goodell personally, but I dont remember these issues prior. His player safety initiative is transparent in its cya motives, and the p.r. battle he is waging against the nflpa is absurd. I don’t understand the desire to have D Smith look so bad. He is an inferior opponent in a relationship that doesn’t need competition. Also leave the game alone, I dont need guys getting brain damage but I also dont need every QB throwing for 4700 yards. This skill position mentality is great but eventually fans want games that are 13-6 and what will be a special accomplishment 600 yards passing? Selig thought homeruns in baseball would grow the MLB, so they brought in fences and allowed steroids to tarnish the game. In five years this will be the NFL.

  3. This is what happens when you hire a sprinter, a guy that didn’t play football, to represent a football players union.

    To anyone that reads this, ask yourself:


    My impressions it that this guys has never really given a damn about football and never will.

    $500 says, gun to his head, DeSmith cares more about soccer than football.

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