Ross Tucker talks quarterback competitions, collusion

Our buddy Ross Tucker, a former NFL offensive lineman who is now a media darling with NBC Sports Network, Sports USA, and SiriusXM NFL Radio (and who prefers hard ice cream to soft serve), joined PFT Live on Friday to talk about a few of the big issues in the NFL.

Ross has some strong takes on the various quarterback competitions unfolding right now, including the one in New York that is or isn’t or may be or could be an actual competition.

We also spent some time on the collusion claim, and the question of whether the NFLPA should have realized when the NFL proposed taking cap money from the Redskins and Cowboys that something fishy was going on.

Check out the entire segment.  Or Ross will come to your house and eat your ice cream.

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2 responses to “Ross Tucker talks quarterback competitions, collusion

  1. Check out the entire segment. Or Ross will come to your house and eat your ice cream.

    “Ice cream” is my wife’s nickname for my junk. I don’t want Tucker anywhere near my house.

  2. So recapping what I just watched

    – QB competitions are stupid

    – Browns GM Tom Heckart is awesome for saying that the starting QB job in Cleveland is a competition but reminding everyone that Weeden is going to win it thus making it kind of like how the Harlem Globetrotters and the Washington Generals are a competition.

    – Ponder and Gabbert suck

    – Matt Moore is a lame duck QB

    – Ryan and Flacco were really good rookies

    – No one really believes Tebow has a chance to be a REAL starter in New York and is only there to scare Sanchez into playing well.

    – a bunch of jibber jabber lawyer talk about HGH, DE Smith and eating tums.

    Did I miss anything?

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