Santana Moss: Robert Griffin III has a lot to learn

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Santana Moss has caught passes from a lot of different quarterbacks since coming to the Redskins.

From John Beck to Jason Campbell to Donovan McNabb, plenty of those quarterbacks have been put forth as the solution to the long-term problem under center in D.C. None of them have actually solved that problem, though, and that’s why the team ponied up a king’s ransom to draft Robert Griffin III with the second overall pick. Expectations are high for the rookie, but Moss doesn’t want the expectations to be unrealistic on him this season.

“It’s one of those situations where he is a young guy and at the end of the day regardless how much his skill level is better than other young guys like himself he still has to learn a lot day by day, so that’s one thing I want everyone to understand that he comes here with the big hope of turning everything around. We are all hoping that,” Moss said in an interview with ESPN 980, via “We all want that, but I don’t want that pressure on him as if he has to be the one. Together we have to be a team around him to help him bring us to where we have to be at. I feel like everyday we are out there all we can do is get better together and he can get better as a whole just knowing what this offense is going to bring to him.”

The recent success of rookie quarterbacks makes it seem like no sweat to make the transition from college to the pros, but things aren’t always that easy. As Moss points out, Griffin is much more likely to succeed if his teammates are playing well around him. Moss also thinks one of those previous Redskins quarterbacks can help the new kid out.

“I’m still a big supporter of Rex Grossman. Rex is a guy you can always count on. I think most definitely he can be a great attribute to RGIII. I feel like both of them are RGIII-I and RGIII-2.”

That’s nice of Moss to say, but you can be sure that there will be a lot of disappointment in the nation’s capital if that turns out to be true.

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  1. “Rex is a guy you can always count on”. Yeah count on to throw multiple INTs in each and every freaking game. No one is doubting that Grossman can make the throws but it’s his penchant (or rather habit) to throw costly INTs that makes him Train Rex.

  2. If Grossman is the Redskins best hope for this season, then it will be a looonnnggg season in WashingtOn. The only team Grossman seems to beat is the Giants.

  3. Its refreshing to hear RGIII’s vet teammates excitement for him being there. I hope the protect him and make him look good.

  4. Don’t expect much from RGIII or Luck this year….I think both are in for a rude awaking.

  5. Santana has always been a reliable Player for the Skins…and He Just kind of brought us Back down to earth with those comments…I agree too, we are putting to much pressure on Rg3, its gonna take time, We dont need no fan weather fans either..Rg3 isnt perfect, hes going to make mistakes..but when you live and you learn and apply, theirs limits to the Success that you can make…Skys the limit..only as a team..

  6. raideralex99 says:
    May 25, 2012 4:29 PM
    Finally someone steps up to the plate and tells the truth.

     Now maybe one of the Raiders WRs will tell the truth about that bum Carson Palmer.

  7. “….Breaking News, the Washington Redskins have traded Santana Moss to the Jacksonville Jaguars for a pair of dirty socks…..”

  8. There is a perfectly good QB and RB tandom for Washington on the open market.

    You won’t be sorry


    Donovan McNabb and Tiki Barber

  9. Wish they would have asked him about Kirk Cousins. That could have made for an interesting comparison.

  10. 2012-2013 is a learning year for RGIII. We’ll be lucky to go 8 and 8. But watch out in 2013-2014; we will be contending… write that down.

  11. Santana moss…..thanks for letting me know Washington doesn’t run baylor’s playbook. Because unless they do, he should definitely have a lot to learn.

  12. 89 has been one of the very few bright spots in the past 10 yrs of this franchise aka he has produced actual results on the field that have lead to wins. He knows how far the Skins really need to go. Reality check.

  13. Oh please, a rookie RGIII is better than a veteran Rex Grossman any day! Cam improved the Panthers by what 6 more wins??? I’d say RGIII has a better team around him and if you get a 3 game improvement at minimum you’re looking at 8-8 if he does as Cam did then it’s 10-11 game winning team.

  14. All the bs Moss has dealt with since gettin to dc, he can say whatever he wants. And he’s right. Grossberg is definitely inconsistent but the dude knows the offense. Anyone who thinks Cousins is gonna be the backup is nuckin futs. Skins will come close to playoffs this year but fall short. Look out next year.

  15. I agree with Moss. Rookie QBs with all the credentials can have 300+ yard performaces and make some “wow” plays, but they usually don’t win games. Roethlisberger won because he was made into a game manager right away. Big running game, big defense. The Steelers never put the game on his shoulders early on. Most other rookie QBs don’t win much. It can get discouraging. I don’t think that Washington are going to have a great record, but they will probably be looking better and better for the next 10 years if RGIII is transitioned properly.

  16. I’m sure RGIII would be the first to agree with him. It’s when QBs DON’T think they have a lot to learn, you get huge problems. See JaMarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf.

  17. If you consistently get a lot of thumbs down, you are probably a moron. FYI. For those that don’t know and keep on making comments. So you know. FYI. If you can get it. You probably can’t, but I can try. If I don’t, who will since it must take hours to read these comments.

  18. At least everybody is being realistic here a lot of people are expecting RG3 to come out like Cam Newton & they are 2 totally different types of players I think he has a chance to be good but this guy needs more talent around him to succeed.

  19. >Santana moss…..thanks for letting me know Washington doesn’t run baylor’s playbook. Because unless they do, he should definitely have a lot to learn.
    >baylor’s playbook

    I think the term “book” is a little generous. The thing’s about 15 pages and is meant to be learned in 3 days.

  20. Santana is being nice not throwing Rex under the bus… Myself, I would be more comfortable with Cousins at the number two spot than Sexy Rexy. Let’s get real: Cam Newton won Rookie of the year and brought a 6-10 record. If the Skins go 8-8, it will represent a great turn-around season, and RGIII will be the next ROTY. Anything better than 8-8 will be delicious frosting for the fans! HTTR

  21. Honestly, if the Redskins Go 8 -8, this will be a successful season. The Team around Robert has to step up and protect him, not just from the line of scrimmage, but recievers running the correct route, Lineman pick up the blitzes, Defense keeping teams under 17 points. These are the keys for RGIII to have success.

  22. The last few years and especially last year Santana has been a disappointment including 2 game winning interceptions for our opponents and many dropped balls, maybe this is y he has been moved to the 3rd WR on the depth chart. He does however make a good point about over expectations of RG3. Rexman only knows the playbook but he knows nothing about executing those plays so he won’t be much help. If the Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan is not smart enough to use similar scheme as Baylor, fusing it into his own offense, than he is setting RG3 up for failure. He is a smart player but comparing him to Cam Newtons rookie season is not a bad comparison but only if you factor in the style of offense ran in Auburn is very much similar to the offense that Carolina infused for Cam. You draft a player for what he did in college so y fix something that ain’t broke. A lot of good players careers have been demolished by ego driven coaches who want these rookies to play in a system that does not mdnifest their talent. The Patriots and Colts and Steelers r the best at drafting players that fit their system only, they only draft players that are perfect for their system NOW and don’t have to worry about the players ability cuz it is ready made for them.

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