Warrick Dunn’s charity donates its 115th home


When Warrick Dunn was 18, his single mother, a police officer moonlighting as a security guard, was murdered during an armed robbery. That left Dunn and his five younger siblings without a parent, and he considered quitting football and skipping college to get a job and care for his family. But members of the Dunns’ Baton Rouge community banded together to take care of his siblings while he continued with his plans to attend Florida State, and he vowed that if he ever had the means, he would repay that help by taking care of not just his own family, but also other struggling families.

Dunn has come through on that vow, and then some.

Warrick Dunn Charities, which Dunn founded when he got into the NFL, has just donated its 115th home to a needy family of a single parent. The latest recipient is a woman in Hall County, Georgia, who had been struggling to get by with her three sons but has now been given a fully furnished home by Dunn’s organization.

“One of the key things she said is that, ‘I had one bed.’ We supplied her with everything that she needs,” Dunn told WDUN. “When she pulled up she was excited to see me, but I think the joy was when we walked through the home and she got to see everything in the house was hers. I feel like we changed a life.”

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  1. I have followed this story for years and think its just an incredible statement as to the devotion of athletes to give back to their communities. There are 10 of these stories for each bad story about athletes. Sadly, the media only chooses to share the bad ones.

  2. What a wonderful story of selflessness & helping people in need. Everyone should hope to follow Dunn’s example of helping others.

  3. Yeah, this is really incredible.

    Salute to him, this is indeed an amazing accomplishment.


  4. Class act, guess the concussions didn’t damage his brain. Oh wait, he probably doesn’t need money so there is no damage.

  5. This man is absolutely amazing ….

    Talk about an individual who when it is all said and done is catching a direct, first class flight up to the Big Man’s playground…

    This man is truly an inspiration and a man…

  6. As a fan and fellow FSU alum, I hope others that are more well off follow this man’s example. He took a big personal tragedy and made it into something positive. He’s a true inspiration.

  7. I’m usually one of the first around here to blast the foolish financial decisions of athletes, but Warrick deserves high praise for his charity and good works for others.

  8. Why would anyone with a brain put a thumbs down when ppl are giving the guy his props??

    IDIOTS!! Growing up in a single parent home I can do nothing but applaud this guy….

  9. What a special person this guy is! He has changed so many lives for the better. The NFL should give him a special spot in the Hall Of Fame for using his NFL career to do so.

  10. Unlike a lot of athletes who dump their charities and foundations after the professional $$ spigot is turned off, Warrick continued his good work. He is, and always has been, a credit to the game.

  11. I dont care where he retired, Warrick Dunn is a Tampa Bay Buccaneer for life and guys like he and Derrick Brooks represent everything that our community and our football team stand for.

    Great football player. Hall of Fame person. Tampa Bay Buccaneer for life. Keep giving professional athletes a good name Warrick.

  12. Warrick needs to be a permanent speaker at the Rookie Symposium. Talk about setting an example.

  13. Wow…I’m glad someone is using his blessings to bless others. and who is this loser who thumbsdown on every post?

  14. Hero is absolutely correct. Well done, Mr. Dunn. Anyone else notice that Mr. Dunn is not followed around by media nor does he exclaim at every turn that there is some invisible divine authority?

    Or strike a pose? And was a really GOOD football player?

  15. What a great man.

    Oh, and in before some hardcore political idiot calls him a liberal/socialist for giving away stuff to the poor and needy.

  16. youngry says:
    May 25, 2012 3:27 PM



    Ohh herrooo to you too.

    Joking aside this is a great story and great example of taking something negative and transcending it into something positive and healthy.

    Class act, role model, leader, all these things and more.

  17. This is a story about a good guy we will see it once if this was a story about Shu doing something bad we would see it for the next month that how the meter work.

  18. i can think of more generous people than this guy… you and me, taxpayers. drive around some of the homes we have provided for free to ‘needy’ folks sometime.

  19. the NFL man of the year award should be renamed the Warrick Dunn award for excellence on and off the field.This is one of the finest human beings to ever play professional sports and I wish all sports leagues had more Warricks and less Pac Man Joneses.

  20. yzguy431 says:May 25, 2012 4:14 PM

    i can think of more generous people than this guy… you and me, taxpayers. drive around some of the homes we have provided for free to ‘needy’ folks sometime.

    He’s also a taxpayer. Which means he’s contributing to federal programs like everyone else, AND doing this with more of his money.

  21. Honor him who honors others. So glad there are still people like W.D.

  22. I’ve always said Dunn was one of the classiest players to ever play in the NFL. He is a great human being. Much respect for Warrick n I loved watching him play. It wont happen but I’d love to see him in the HoF.

  23. Awesome…

    Oh, to the guy who said he’s a Buc for life, I think that’s debatable. Yes, he spent a good bit of his career in TB, but he spent a good bit in ATL too. After retirement, he purchased a small share of the Falcons and became part owner.

  24. A true class act. He exemplifies the meaning of being a role model. The world is a better place thanks to Warrick Dunn and it would be a much better place if everyone with the means to do things like this were as selfless as him! My hats off to you sir!

  25. I remember reading a story on Dunn in his rookie year about how the only thing he spent his first cheque on was a house for his family and a second hand car. He was hazed for being tight with his money. He didn’t care. He remembered being poor and was not going back. So many NFL players could learn from him.

  26. I point to Warrick Dunn as an example of what you do during and with an NFL career. I remember reading about some discussion about finances and they said that Warrick Dunn had so much knowledge about financial matters, that he pretty much said that he would be set for life, guaranteed. He talked about it so “matter-of-factly” that it gave me some pause to consider how intelligent he was.

    Additionally, I remember that he had folks living in HIS house during the aftermath of Katrina. Total strangers, living in his home!

    And lastly, everyone knows that he’s generous with his foundation, but you also gotta know that he’s also on the ownership team of the Atlanta Falcons. That’s how you do it: Leave the team, retire and buy into the team as part-owner.

  27. We need more people like Warrick Dunn in this world! Ultimate classy guy who didnt take his fame & fortune for granted who still is giving back! MUCH RESPECT!!!

  28. First….this guy and his acts are amazing.

    But just to clarify, and I’m not sure if it’s the case in THIS instance….but I work with Habitat for Humanity, and he made charitable donation for one house in our community, and offered for another one (but the timing didn’t work out)….

    I don’t know how it is actually presented, or if he does things differently depending on the charity….but “all” he did in that instance was FURNISH the house. HFH built it and the homeowner did the sweat equity and pays the mortgage, and after it was finished, Warrick’s foundation donated the furniture and I believe security system and other things….which is awesome, I’m not taking that away from him in any way(which is why I put “all” in quotes above)….

    But his charity had nothing to do with the actual construction or purchase of the house. Just wanted to clarify that if that particular house is included in the 115 he “donated”….he didn’t “donate” the house.

  29. It was heart warming the way the Baton Rouge community got behind Warrick and his sisters after their mother was murdered.

    His sisters are no mean athletes, either. They helped Southern Lab to several state track and field championships. I shook his hand once at a track meet and he acted as if he was glad to meet me.

    From what I heard around Baton Rouge, he is a genuinely nice man.

  30. WDUN – Warrick Dunn even has the radio station named after him? Sweet!!! He completely deserves it.

  31. @tbuckfutter: What Dunn’s foundation does, IIRC, is help single-parent families get set up in a home: Down payment, furniture, etc. It’s up to the recipient to make the payments.

    No, he’s not giving away houses to people per se, but he is putting a lot of money in up-front, and helping families in need find decent housing.

  32. cometkazie says: May 25, 2012 10:44 PM

    From what I heard around Baton Rouge, he is a genuinely nice man.


    Funny how he can do so much more than Tebow ever will, while doing it under the radar and not forcing his beliefs and “values” on others at the same time, huh?

  33. Commander Buffalo says: May 25, 2012 11:15 PM

    @tbuckfutter: What Dunn’s foundation does, IIRC, is help single-parent families get set up in a home: Down payment, furniture, etc. It’s up to the recipient to make the payments.

    No, he’s not giving away houses to people per se, but he is putting a lot of money in up-front, and helping families in need find decent housing.


    With HFH, the home owners “down payment” is putting in 500 hours of volunteer work on their’s and other’s houses.

    So it is kind of disingenuous to say he’s “donating houses” when he’s actually not. We had someone post over $100,000 for a woman with a medical condition to actually DONATE her a house. That’s a big difference.

    I hate even saying anything, because what he does is so generous, and he is such a great man….I just don’t like the way it is presented because it isn’t accurate. In the situation I witnessed, he gave them furniture and a security system and I’m plenty of other good….but if that’s always the case, to give someone $10,000 worth of goods, and then reap the public perception of giving away things worth $100,000 isn’t right.

    Even if he is making the down payment, and helping in other financial ways, when it is phrased that he is “donating a house” in the eye’s of the average person that means someone down on their luck is getting a house free and clear.

    You can’t “donate” a car that still has a loan on it and expect the charity to pay the note.

  34. That is great to hear!! I’m glad one of these former stars is doing something to help others and not blowing their money on candy and gum. I always liked Warrick Dunn and he just moved up a few spots in my book.

  35. The NFL needs more stories like this and less about the bad stuff players coaches and the owners do …. U can’t take it with u but u sure could make a family happy

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