“Ain’t no doubt” Luck is the Colts’ No. 1 quarterback

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If there was any doubt Andrew Luck would be the starting quarterback for the Colts in 2012, there shouldn’t be.

More accurately, there ain’t.

Even though he has missed Organized Team Activities due to the graduation schedule at Stanford, Luck will be installed as the No. 1 quarterback when he finally arrives for offseason workouts.  “Ain’t no doubt,” offensive coordinator Bruce Arians said, via Mike Chappel of the Indianapolis Star.

It’s hardly a surprise, especially in light of the rest of the quarterbacks on the depth chart.  But it’s still interesting to see how different teams handle the question of whether to anoint a rookie quarterback as the starter before he has done anything to earn the position.  The Colts and Redskins have handed the starting job to Luck and Robert Griffin III, respectively.  Dolphins rookie Ryan Tannehill, the eighth overall pick, must unseat Matt Moore.  And Browns rookie Brandon Weeden, the 22nd selection, is part of a competition that very well may be slanted in his favor, but Weeden still hasn’t been handed the job.

Regardless of his status, Luck still has to pay his dues.  “He’s got to go through the fires just like everybody else did,” linebacker Robert Mathis said.  “But he’s our leader.  He’s the man, so let’s go.”

He’s now the man who is replacing the man named Peyton Manning.  And that adds to the potential pressure.

“Yes, he’s replacing Peyton Manning, but Manning is no longer part of this team,” defensive end Corey Redding said.  “Peyton did great things, but now it’s Luck.  He has to come in and not even think about that.   He has to come in and do great things for this team.  He can’t have [Manning] in the back of his mind.  This is the 2012 team.  We’re moving forward.”

Ain’t no doubt they are.  And ain’t no doubt it won’t be easy.  Manning was 3-13 as a rookie, even though he had Marshall Faulk and Marvin Harrison to help him.

Ain’t no one named Marshall Faulk or Marvin Harrison on the roster now.

19 responses to ““Ain’t no doubt” Luck is the Colts’ No. 1 quarterback

  1. I’m so mad at Arians for ruining the surprise. How many years was he in the AFC North he should know better, you never give up who your starter is this early even when it’s obvious (like the Browns QB competition). Even in Pittsburgh there is always that 1% chance that Byron Leftwich or Charlie Batch will get named the starter for the season opener. Now I’m going to have cancel my custom made Nike “Drew Stanton team captain” Colts jersey.

  2. I hope the Colts have learned a valuable lesson from last season and have a decent backup QB on their roster.

  3. Fortunately for Luck, and Colts fans in general, the 2011 Colts set the bar very low for the 2012 team.

  4. Nobody cares. Robert Griffin the 3rd is the best QB ever and the Colts WHIFFED by not drafting him. As Dan Patrick would say, THE WHIFF! Brother.

  5. If memory serves me right harrison and faulk hadn’t made a name yet. We do have Wayne and Collie who are by their stats pretty solid…..luck will do better than 3-13.

  6. I’d be surprise if they don’t win more than 5 games, that 2011 team was a QB away from winning about 7 more games. Plus the AFC South doesn’t scare anyone.

  7. If there was any doubt? This must be a joke right? Tell us all something that we don’t already know.

  8. I have been a Colts fan for 14 years. Being from Tennessee I’m sure you can understand my reasons. When I was asked what I was going to do if Peyton left the Colts I gave what I thought would be a true answer. After reading the comments from his now ex-teammates I don’t have an answer. I was saying that after watching them for 14 years I couldn’t just stop but I don’t like the attitudes of Robert Mathis and the other guy who must be so unimportant that I can’t remember his name. It wasn’t Peyton’s choice to leave and I’m pretty sure he didn’t want to get hurt and they act as if he wanted to leave and if they saw the press conference it was clear he didn’t. He will ALWAYS be a Colt me. I hadn’t planned to stop watching the Colts but now I have some thinking to do. Maybe the Broncos need another fan. I’m pretty sure I can sink as much money into Broncos gear as I did Colts stuff, maybe even more lol.

  9. I understand your reasoning and frustration, but it was not the “teams” fault he was let go and he is making a good amount of money, even more, playing for the Broncos. The FO made that call and it is a business. A player should never become bigger than the team itself.

  10. I have been a Colts fan for more than 20 years so my fandom pre-dates the Manning era. When I see Colts fans say that Manning didnt want to leave Indy it makes me scratch my head. Irsay said several times that if Manning wanted to make it work that it could. What it boiled down to was Manning would have had to restructure his contract for less than what he could have made elsewhere. That is the bottom line. For the first time in his Indy career it wasn’t going to be all about him and he didn’t want to be a part of that. We were going to draft Luck and Manning is not one to share spotlight AND take less $$ to make it work. Manning crying at the press conference was as much of an act as him saying he cared about the people in Indianapolis that loved him so well. He didnt even so much wave a finger much less his whole hand to say goodbye to Indy after that press conference. He made all that money here in Indy and he couldn’t spend a dime of it to put a billboard, an ad in the paper, or a tv spot thanking us for our support.

    But as you are from TN you’re more of a Manning fan than a Colts fan. If you become a Broncos fan because of it, good riddance. The true blue will still do what we do.

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