Former NFL wideout Sippio charged with kidnapping, attempted murder, more

The legal system continues to get a major workout from the NFL, its current players, and its former players.

The latest development involving a pigskin and a gavel comes from Florida, where former NFL receiver Bobby Sippio faces charges of kidnapping, attempted murder, and more, according to Orlando Sentinel.

Sippio, who bounced around several rosters before playing in nine games for the Chiefs in 2007, currently plays for the AFL’s Orlando Predators.  Earlier this week, Sippio allegedly took the nickname a bit too literally.  Sergio Moore, 27, claims that Sippio and another man kidnapped him, beat him, and threatened to kill him.

Moore, whose sister dates Sippio, specifically claims that Sippio and Santana Coats picked Moore up at his apartment Thursday night at 11:00 p.m. ET.  Moore believed he would be helping the men move furniture.  Instead, Moore says they allegedly threatened him with a gun, held him against his will, and broke his nose.  Sippio, 31, and Coats have been arrested on charges of attempted murder, armed robbery, aggravated battery, and kidnapping.

Most recently, Sippio was in training camp with the Lions.  He also has played in the UFL.

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  1. I’ve read the source article and I don’t understand the attempted murder charge. They took him to a field beat him up, told him to stay away from Sippio’s sister and then drove him home. At what point did they attempt to murder him? Normally when you try to murder someone you don’t drive them home afterwards. Either way this guy is facing a good amount of jailtime.

  2. just saw sipp on hard knocks last week with the chiefs when herm was the coach

  3. They are simply charges that Mr. Moore is telling the police that were either threatened or made to believe would happen.

  4. Sippio and Santana Coats picked Moore up at his apartment Thursday night at 11:00 p.m. ET. Moore believed he would be helping the men move furniture.

    Moving furniture at 11pm? Righhhhhhhht!

  5. Had he played even a single game with the Bengals, the headline would be “ex-Bengal wideout”.

  6. craggt- LOL you got it backwards. Sippio was dating the sister of the guy he kidnapped, assaulted, and threatened to murder while holding a gun. But let me ask you, what, specific one thing, would make you kidnap your girlfriend’s brother, assault him, and threaten to murder him while holding a gun?

    Deb- You too. Backwards. Sippio the football player was dating a girl, a girl who has a brother named Moore. Sippio did that to his own girlfriend’s brother. Not his ‘sister’s boyfriend’. That would 1. be incest and 2. make Sippio majorly insane for thinking someone unrelated to him is his sister.

    Most recently, Sippio was in training camp with the Lions.- Really? REALLY? Nah those are just jokes. I’m, Not, Surprised, At, All.

  7. In addition to craggt’s comment, where or how does the ‘robbery’ charge come in? The story lists nothing that was stolen. Overzealous prosecutors it seems to me.

    Not trying to say that the guy didn’t do wrong.

  8. The picture says it…. Big tough guy. Throw has big tough bad ass in jail and see how likes being with all the other big tough guys. Loser.

  9. Suing the NFL because you might think they have something to do with it???…whatever your smoking for dinner either share or be reasonable…heck why not sue the other leagues he’s played in…wow that was a stupid comment to make.

    Are you claiming he has brain damage from playing football and that’s what made him do it lolol?….pleaseeeeees,are you that stupid lol?….he’s just another lost soul who happened to play in the NFL….no one knows why people do this crap…but he’s only to blame and no one else.

    PS…guess most of you people never moved before..heck when I moved I was moving until 2 in the morning…so yes,some people do move at all times of the day/morning.

  10. Oh, ye of little faith! When a body can’t make the rent and the leash is growing short, nighttime is the right time to make a move. Plus, it may well be that in the lives of his playmates, mid-afternoon is an early riser.

  11. When will the unions start writing in complaining that union labor was not used to move the furniture???

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