Jeff Garcia still wants to play in the NFL

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Jeff Garcia hasn’t thrown a pass in an NFL game since he was the Buccaneers’ starter in 2008, but he’s not ready to say he’s done.

Garcia, who started six games for the Eagles in 2006 and was also on their roster as a backup in 2009, said on 94 WIP that if Andy Reid called him and asked him to return, he’d do it in a heartbeat.

“I’m picking up the phone and saying ‘Andy, how much do you want me to pay you so I can come in and get things fired up around there?’” Garcia said. “I’d pay to play, that’s just me. I can be that person who can continue to motivate and inspire and help teach and educate. And if given the opportunity to step on the field, I’m going to give everything I have to find success, no matter how it happens.”

The Eagles have Michael Vick locked in as the starter, Mike Kafka and Trent Edwards competing to back Vick up and third-round rookie Nick Foles penciled in as a project for the future, so Garcia would probably have to pay if he wanted to get a spot on the Eagles’ crowded quarterback depth chart right now.

Then again, if Vick were to get hurt and one of the backups went down, too, it wouldn’t be shocking if Garcia got a call. That’s what happened last year in Houston, when the Texans lost both starter Matt Schaub and backup Matt Leinart, and they briefly signed Garcia as the veteran backup behind rookie starter T.J. Yates.

But if Garcia still wants to play, his best bet is probably not in the NFL. The last time Garcia threw a pass as a professional, it was for the Omaha Nighthawks of the UFL. If he wants to play again, the USFL might be his best bet.

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  1. Remember when the Niners got rid of Garcia, and kept T.O. instead?

    Bet they wish thay had done that differently.

  2. as an eagles fan im not opposed to this, he has been more than a solid back up when he has been needed and a good teacher, he would help kafka develop

  3. There was something behind the whole Jeff Garcia Saga that was never made public. It seems like he would have success as a starter, then be run out of town.

  4. For guys like Garcia, who obviously have a hard time letting go, why don’t they get into coaching? He said it himself, he wants to motivated, educate, and mentor. It’s the next best thing and you’re still involved in the game.

  5. He could be a positive influence on Vick. Garcia and Vick have similar styles of play at QB. Of course, Garcia is slower and not near the arm of Vick, but they both can make plays with their feet and arms outside of the pocket. The difference is that Garcia rarely made mistakes while scrambling with the ball. Maybe with the “other #7” around, that could help Vick?

  6. Got to give him credit. He did the most with limited skills and was always a positive factor in a locker room. It all factored in to his NFL experience lasting more than most thought it would.

    He clearly played his cards much better than McNabb who was dealt a better hand and blew it.

  7. He was 9-7 as a starter in 2008 in Tampa, was released by the Raiders in 2009 because he “put too much pressure” on Jamarcus Russell, and hasn’t drawn any interest since.

    He was just sort of run out of the league. I think he deserves another shot.

  8. Doug Pederson needs someone to get his coffee. I do miss seeing his wife at every game (she parked where I walked in).

  9. “Remember when the Niners got rid of Garcia, and kept T.O. instead? Bet they wish thay had done that differently”

    Everything happens for a reason. Sure, given the chance to do it over again, they might make a different decision, but even in our own personal lives, each decision we make has repercussions, some of which are not obvious right away, but sometime down the line we realize that if we hadn’t made a particular decision the way that we did, then something else would never have happened. Its how life works. Sorry if I’m getting too philosophical for this discussion.

  10. I’d be willing to bet that Garcia can still win games and put up big numbers, some players are better as they get to the end their career.

  11. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and talks like a duck…what is it?

    I’m pretty sure the “locker room” isn’t interested in that either.

    There also is such a thing as an “NFL minimum,” so I love when ex-players use these catch-phrases that hold no bearing.

    If he feels he can “add something” to help out, he should have gone into coaching. However, I don’t think there is room in the coaches locker room either.

    I’m not hating on Jeff Garcia, Im just stating how other’s perceive the guy. It’s hard to take someone serious even if they know what they are doing just by a way a coach looks, acts, and speaks. Hard to take guys like “Chilly” and Garcia serious, Im sorry! And guys like Andy Reid know that or he WOULD be employed in some fashion!

  12. And Drew Brees STILL wants an explanation!
    But seriously…
    I’d sooner be comfortable with a walker-bound, or even wheelchair-bound Garcia as my #3 QB before a healthy Trent Edwards!

  13. Funny because hasn’t Garcia spent the last few years alienating himself with teams that wanted to bring him in as a veteran presence to help out the young guys and be a backup? I seem to remember reading on here about him turning down offers left and right to wait to get a starting job. How’d that work out Jeff? Now you’ll accept the scraps you were offered in the first place huh?

    This post has nothing to do with the fact that I am a Raider fan and he asked for his release instead of backing up there. It was still an NFL gig (barely at that time) and lord knows he would have gotten playing time that year.

  14. nflmastermind says: May 26, 2012 10:19 AM

    oh man please let the Jets sign him, that would be awesome


    Sad part is that he would be their starter. Jeff is clearly better than any QB on their roster right now.

  15. As an Eagles fan I’d welcome him in as some kind of assistant coach. He won’t beat out any of the guys there for any of the 3 roster spots. Vick, Kafka, and Foles at this point are locked in. Edwards is gonna be on the way out the first time they have to cut down from 90.

    Like was said in the article, if something were to happen to Vick and Kafk, I’d gladly welcome Garcia back to run the show. I have more faith in a 42 year old Garcia, than I do in Foles at this point.

  16. i agree with the post about miami. no brainer for him to be a dolphin.. garcia is the type of player you want.. he’s got guts! which is lacking in 50% of the league QBs.

  17. I think you all need to rethink all this old-guy-coming-back-for-one-more-shot stuff. That kind of rhetoric is going to catch Favre’s attention, and then you know what will happen. Yet again. Again.

  18. Umm I must be delusional because my memory is of them getting rid of Garcia and Owens in the same offseason. Idk wtf that previous poster was talking about but it got a million thumbs up so I must be wrong.

  19. Hey Jeff, you might want to check with the Jets, they don’t have a QB, but they’re looking for one.

  20. In other news, Brian Dawkins unretires so he can pay Andy Reid and the Eagles to play as well, but only as the teams religious motivator on the sidelines.. Although in all honesty, I’d take either one of those guys back because heart is exactly what this team was lacking last year, and no one can say they play with more enthusiasm and heart than B-Dawk and Jeff Garcia, no matter what their age.

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