Lions still sticking up for their secondary


The biggest question mark about the Detroit Lions remains their secondary, but for all the questions from outside, inside the Lions’ facilities they’re continuing to insist that the secondary is just fine.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz has previously said he’s confident in the cornerbacks. And Chris Houston, who returns as one of the starters at cornerback, says that even though last year’s other starter, Eric Wright, went to Tampa Bay in free agency, the secondary will actually be better this year than last year.

We are better,” Houston told the Detroit News. “We got veteran players. Everybody is under the radar.”

If one of the veteran players is starting across the field from Houston, the options are Aaron Berry, who struggled last season in Detroit, or free agent signing Jacob Lacey, who struggled last season in Indianapolis.

“Aaron Berry is a highly competitive guy and he is going to be better,” Houston said. “And he will show what he can do to the people who criticize him. If he stays healthy, he is going to be an asset to this group.”

The Lions drafted three cornerbacks, Dwight Bentley, Chris Greenwood and Jonte Green, and they’re hoping one of them (probably Bentley) will be ready to start as a rookie. The Lions gave up a total of 946 yards and nine touchdowns through the air in their Week 17 loss to the Packers and their wild card playoff loss to the Saints, so they have to get better in the secondary. Houston is confident that they will.

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  1. the lions have a nice young team who will be better, however starting from the head coach and going down to the corners. they have to grow up, if they don’t do that it wouldn’t matter who was on there secondary, they’ll still get beat. throwing temper-tantrums on the field is ridicules. and if you don’t know what i’m talking about your either blind or clueless.

  2. I’m a Falcons fan and we will test’em when we visit this year…much respect for lions and hope they do well in their division. Great yr. in NFC !

  3. Their secondary played good until halftime of the thanksgiving game when it got hit with injuries. they shut Aaron rodgers down to like 60 passing yards in the first half, then delmas and Houston got hurt. they were never the same the rest of the season. injuries happen though. the defensive line needs to play better than it did in the last two game to help the secondary as well. fairley showed flashes when healthy last year, hopefully he can stay healthy this season.

  4. And the Lions opponents in those last two games gave up 900 yards and about the same amount of touchdowns. Just sayin’……..

  5. Ppl seem to forget that before all the injuries riddled the defense, Detroit had a top 10 to 15 defense. If they stay relatively healthy, this unit will at the very least make a playoff appearance again.

  6. What else is Schwartz to say…that they’ll be worse? Lions are hamstrung by the cap this year, but, will probably pick up a veteran safety prior to September. Though, the rookies the added alone increase the talent ten-fold. Still, no indication if they can actually play corner in the NFL.

  7. The Lions gave up a total of 946 yards and nine touchdowns through the air in their Week 17 loss to the Packers and their wild card playoff loss to the Saints, so they have to get better in the secondary

    Uhhhh, I may be wrong but didn’t injuries force them to play a linebacker as a defensive back? I expect the Lions DB’s to be better. Maybe not by leaps and bounds, but better nonetheless.

  8. Jacob Lacey is hot garbage, I hope they.didnt pay him too much, his nickname is 10yard cushion

  9. As a Lions fan, I’m pleased with progress, but don’t share Schwartz optimism of the secondary ‘in it’s own rights’.

    BUT… if the D line strength of Suh, Avril, Farley, Williams, VandenBosch will get to the QB as they’re capable of doing, the secondary is more than adequate.

    Those men need to get after it and get it done.

  10. One thing to remember (and all fans are guilty of not doing it) is even if you’ve gotten better – so have other teams.

    If you’re really bad – you just can’t get marginally better – you have to improve A LOT. Some of it’s talent, some schematically.

    NFC central has all the makings of being the best division in football – toughest QB play for sure. I hope the Lions got better, I hope they all get better. Better competition makes for better games.

  11. Mjkelly77- it was actually a WR (Rasheed Davis) who they had to use at CB in the Green Bay game due to injuries.

  12. The Lions had a top-eight secondary prior to week eleven when Louis Delmas and Chris Houston (Lions two best players in the secondary, by a significant margin) went down with knee injuries. It’s why they didn’t focus on adding a big-money star back there this offseason, and rather focus on depth (drafted three CBs).

    P.S. Expect a big year from Aaron Berry this year. The guy has some definite talent, he just needs to stay healthy. “This guy can play,” he (Lions DC Gunther Cunningham) said of Berry. “He’s one of the finest cover guys I’ve seen in a long time.”

  13. lions D just needs to be decent this year and with the additions through draft plus healthy fairley,delmas they will be top 10 .that’s all that’s needed ,our offense will be the best in the nfl with the return of best,lashoure,smith from game one plus broyels added on Wrs ,reiff on oline our Offense will demolish any defense and bring back the Super Bowl mark my words .Saints packers niners won’t be able to stop stafford cj combo with a healthy run game its impossible .last season they knew we were throwing so they shut us down in some games this year different game playboy .

  14. “Lions coach Jim Schwartz has previously said he’s confident in the cornerbacks.”

    This quote sounds like it could be any team, any coach, any position. What else do you expect these guys to say? They hate their players and they think the team is going to stink?

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