Bears’ new offense could look like Vikings’ from a decade ago

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With Mike Tice taking over as offensive coordinator of the Bears, it’s not entirely clear what the Bears will do on offense.  Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune has an idea; he predicts the offense will look a lot like the one the Vikings ran during Tice’s tenure as head coach in Minnesota.

Mike was very involved in the offense in Minnesota,” Lions offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, who coordinated the offense in Minnesota during three of Tice’s four years in charge.  “He was an offensive head coach.  I leaned on him heavily.  He had lots of very good ideas.”

And so, while Tice is regarded as a meat-and-potatoes guy on offense, the reality is that there will be plenty of flying pig, especially with Jay Cutler at quarterback and Brandon Marshall at receiver.

The throws won’t simply be horizontal.  “The passing game was based on getting big plays,” Linehan said.

Of course, there’s a difference between Brandon Marshall and Randy Moss, but the Marshall-Cutler combination arguably can be as potent as Moss and Daunte Culpepper were under Tice.

While all of this may be good news for the fantasy football crowd, the reality is that, under Tice, the Vikings went to the playoffs only once in four seasons.  If that pattern repeats itself in Chicago, he won’t be the offensive coordinator for long — because there will be a new head coach.

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  1. I think Mike Tice will be a solid offensive coordinator.

    Bears have a solid defense, aged, but still a good enough unit.

    They have one of the best special teams coaches in Dave Toub, consistently ranking in the top 5 each season.

    2 years ago, they made the NFC Championship Game before losing to Green Bay. Last season, they were 7-3 before losing Cutler + Forte for the year.

    It should be exciting to see Cutler + Marshall on the same squad again. Throw in Hester’s package and the versatile Forte, and they look like a monster team.

  2. Should’ve been twice. ARZ threw a Hail Mary pass on the last play in I think ’04 and gained nothing but the tears of a 7 year old the play after his dad had ordered tickets to the Vikes home playoff game. Fookoo 2004 Arizona Cardinals and the 8th grade history teacher who displayed the local paper’s sports section from the day after with the headline “Vikings Choke.”

  3. If this works out for the Bears and they can sign forte, watch out! Toughest division in the NFL (if Detroits players quit smokin em)

  4. Fill in the blank here….

    “Bounty Gate” is ______ compared to ……

    “Super Bowl Ticket (scandal) Gate”
    “Love Boat (scandal) Gate”

    I am not even a Saints fan, but why was this guy never suspended?

  5. That Cardinals last second touchdown from McCown to Nate Poole was end of 2003 season.

    Yes, the Vikings did only make the playoffs once under Tice, however you did forget to mention that was when Red McCombs owned the Vikings.

    McCombs was so cheap that:

    1. It is widely known Tice got a letter of reprimand from McCombs after Red found Christmas cards in the trash, from a year ago. Red actually wanted Tice to send those out.

    2. McCombs actually cut soap for scrubbing floors from the budget.

    3. McCombs refused to hire any assistant coaches or coordinators that made more than the average coach at that position. That is why Scott Linehan left, because McCombs refused to pay an extra 500,000 dollars.

    4. Reason why Randy Moss was traded. McCombs refused to pay his roster bonus.

    5. McCombs refused to pay for free agents. When Antonio Pierce was the top linebacker free agent, he wanted to come to Minnesota. McCombs refused to pay that kind of money, he signs with the Giants. The Vikings sign Henri Crockett instead.

    6. When Tice was fired, the Vikings finished 9-7 (actually 8-7 because ironically the Bears, tanked their last game since they won the division and had nothing to play for) and barely missed the playoffs. Brad Childress came in the following year and took a 9-7 team to a 6-10 team.

    It’s very hard to win with an owner as cheap as Red was. I think Tice would actually do alright with an organization that actually tried to win.

  6. The Vikings should have made the playoffs 3 of the 4 years Tice was head coach.

    2002 he learned on the job.

    2003 started 6-0. Missed playoffs on last second TD

    2004 backed into playoffs and as Packers like to do, choke at home in the playoffs.

    2005 finished 9-7 and missed playoffs by one game. Only reason he was fired 30 seconds after season ended was because Fred Smoot decided to have a love boat party. New owner didn’t care for the negative press coverage.

  7. anything has got to be better than what they ran under turner and martz. I do not think it will be as pass happy as people think if you look how the offense ran when Martz was forced to run a more balanced offense, in both his years there they immediatly went on winning streaks when he was made to stop using his 19 step drops and run the ball more. that horrible line everyone complained about suddenly was able to do the job. with a solid running game the pass will be there and Cutler will take advantage of it just not on every single play and not with the 19 step drop.

  8. Comparing Brandon Marshall to a young Randy Moss? That’s a laugh. Enjoy your 3rd place finish in the division for the next 5 years, Chicago.

  9. Mike Tice is one of the most underrated coaches in NFL, never fully appreciated when in MN because of childish players and situations (love boat). He can coach and game plan, he is a players coach, the only reason he is not a head coach is he does not have a degree to qualify these days. You do not move up the coaching ranks consitently and stay there without some football akumen. He has spent most of his adult life in NFL and knows how to play the game and teach it. He stabilized a very porous o-line each of the last 2 seasons for the bears. He also adjusted his o-line in vikes/bears game last year to prevent Jared Allen from getting sack record on his watch. Good luck with your new position coach Tice!!

  10. Tice was work great along side Forte and his tremendous work ethic and attitude.

  11. I’m sorry…. but this guy just does not strike me as the brightest bulb in the circuit.

  12. backindasaddle says:
    May 28, 2012 12:19 PM
    I’m sorry…. but this guy just does not strike me as the brightest bulb in the circuit.

    And that assessment is based off of what?? A photo & whatever press conference you saw while he was head coach of the Vikes?!?! He was a very intelligent player and has been smart enough to adapt in the NFL to other coaches systems or schemes!! If you listened to 5 minutes of coach Tice talking X’s & O’s you would likely flip your opinion of him rather quickly!! He may look like a meathead but he’s probably in the top 25% of NFL coaches when it comes to intellect and football knowledge especially!! He’ll do a fine job as OC in Chicago, in fact, I wish he was going on year three in that capacity!! If he had been serving as Bears OC the past two seasons I tend to think the Halas Hall trophy case would have at least 1 or 2 more pieces added to it! Go get em coach Tice!!

  13. @greatminnesotasportsmind

    You forgot the one really penny-pinching thing that Red McCombs did…

    He gave an average coach like Mike Tice the head coaching job.

  14. tice is a good coach. i remember him when he was coaching the vikings and the only things holding him back then was an owner who didn’t have his back.

  15. Third place for the next 5 years? LOL.

    In 2010, the Bears were in the NFC title game and might have won if it weren’t for a sprained MCL. Last year, they were 7-3 and on a 5 game winning streak when Cutler (and then eventually Forte) got hurt.

    I don’t think people realize how good this team can be if they stay healthy. Most look at their OL and see gloom and doom, but their OL was on pace to give up 36 sacks last year when Cutler got hurt. Another QB who got sacked 36 times last year? Aaron Rodgers.

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