Demaryius Thomas helps Stephen Hill transition to the NFL

Demaryius Thomas and Stephen Hill are on different NFL teams, but they share a friendship from their days at Georgia Tech.

For now, that friendship is superseding their different professional circumstances. Thomas, the Broncos’ top receiver, is doing what he can to make Hill’s transition to life with the Jets a little bit easier. Both players played in a triple-option offense during college, a scheme that’s a far cry from the ones they’ll play in as NFL wideouts.

“It was kind of tough because being in the triple-option, you’re in two receivers most of the time,” Thomas said, via the New York Post. “We didn’t have many routes to go over or combinations of routes. When I first got here and saw the playbook, it was kind of tough because you had all sorts of things thrown your way. You’ve got to get used to audibles. We never did audibles in college.”

According to Thomas, playing with Tim Tebow might make it easier for Hill to adapt. Thomas told the Post that the offense the Broncos ran with Tebow felt more like the one he remembered from the Yellow Jackets and Hill, who was picked in the second round because of his ability to get down the field, could thrive when Tebow is in the game as a result.

Regardless of who is at quarterback, the Jets will need Hill to make a quick transition to the NFL if their offense is going to improve from last season. If he does make that transition, they might owe Thomas a debt of gratitude.

15 responses to “Demaryius Thomas helps Stephen Hill transition to the NFL

  1. Thomas to Hill:

    Practice catching passes that are three feet over your head, or two yard left or right of where you ran your route.

    Also, practice coming waaaayyyy back for under thrown balls.

    And most important of all, get used to the fact that no matter you accomplish on the field, you will get absolutely no credit for it, because it will all go to your QB.

    BTW- I’m talking about both of the guys who will be throwing you the ball.

  2. Let’s see how much of Denver’s success on offense was attributable to Tim Tebow when Thomas leads the league in catches and yards this year and every other holdover skill position player doubles or triples last years stats.

  3. Tebow is definately a winner and has an amazing ability to get it done in crunch time.
    that being said, the broncos special teams and Defense is the only reason he had the chance at 3-4 of those “miracle ” wins…not to mention the “oops he ran out of bounds ” play by chicago.
    leaving enough time on the clock to pull it off.
    the kid showed flashes of brilliance,but the broncos could easily have finished 5-11 if not for an amazing amount of team effort and a dash of luck

  4. The key to the Jets having success lies not within the passing game… it’s ground and pound. Run the ball, and run it effectively and take the game out of the Jets weakest links… the QB group as a whole.

  5. Congrats on getting Hill, Jets fans. 6 foot 4 with 4.3 speed? Yikes. As a Bengals fan, I was hoping we would get him.

  6. But…. I thought you “didn’t catch no balls” with Tebow?… So did you “not have no” success or did you not “not have no success”? Hmmmmmm.. :-p

  7. Broncos Defense was good not Tebow, I remember A LOT of 3 and Outs until the 4th quarter, then Tebow scored once to claim victory. Tebow isn’t even a good back up fantasy player. Denver’s defense might be worth a look, not Tebow…

  8. Stop helping other teams get better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thomas get in your own play book, this Payton’s offense not the option, get to work!

  9. you guys that want to shift Denver’s credit to the defense, must not have paid attention. They were ranked 20th. Other teams smoked them regularly. They might be a bit better this year but not much. I’m a bronco fan, but I’m seeing 6-10. Manning won’t be able to convert the whole team in such short time and by the time he does, he’ll be million years old. Meanwhile Timmy the T will help the Jets in a few games and they’ll make the playoffs.

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