LaMarr Woodley: Steelers should have beaten Broncos easily


In the opinion of Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley, Pittsburgh’s playoff loss in Denver was less a matter of the Broncos playing well than the Steelers playing badly.

Woodley says that even now, five months later, that overtime loss particularly stings — because he believes the Steelers should have won that game, and should have won it handily.

“What gives you motivation is not playing in the Super Bowl, getting eliminated in the first round, losing to a team we had no business losing to,” Woodley told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “It’s a team we should have easily beat. That’s motivation, watching teams play the week after us.”

The Steelers were a better team than the Broncos during the regular season and were heavily favored going into the playoff game, so in that respect Woodley is right: The Steelers should have beaten the Broncos. It’s not surprising that the Steelers view that loss as motivation this offseason, because it’s a loss the Steelers believe never should have happened.

76 responses to “LaMarr Woodley: Steelers should have beaten Broncos easily

  1. Ummm no you definitely should not have. Wow, even their players are as stupid as their fans. Woodley, your team was awful, you lost to Sanchez’s backup QB and were one and done.

    Oh and swept by your nemesis, also known as Flacco.

  2. Steeler fans and players are so pathetic. You lost, your team was.not even competitive. They didnt even deserve to be in the playoffs. I cant wait to watch another sweep of these clowns.

  3. Steelers lost because they had an EXTREMELY poor defensive game plan…and they are old and slow defensively.

  4. I think losing to Denver last year in the playoffs was a blessing in disguise for the Steelers because I dont think Decastro would not have been available, had the Steelers won. I think the Steelers will be motivated for week one against the Broncos.

  5. The Patriots went through the Broncos like hot wire through butter. If Woodley thinks the Steelers were better than the Broncos, just how badly did they have to choke to lose that game? Half the team must have just quit to lose to that fraud Broncos team. That was one of the worst playoff losses in the last ten years. What a humiliation!

  6. Ravenator: I am 82 and I am the one who can’t wait to see the results this year. You will hear from me near year’s end and I will remember your name in spite of my weakening memory. It will be only injuries, not age, that will stop the Steelers from attaining #7! Now, go study for your ninth grade finals.

  7. Funny how Flacco shut you up, only lasted a season though, dont worry, another sweep is coming up. Pittsburgh is way too old.

  8. I think what screwed them out of a win was the fact that their game plan didn’t actually take into account that Tebow can make a good throw now and then.
    As a Bronco fan that was definitely one of my happier moments last season. Then we went up against the pats. That was depressing to watch…

  9. Woodleys remarks just show the arrogance they have. Feeling entitled to a win is pretty assinine. How bout actually playing to find out who wins……oh wait…..that did happen, and the Steelers LOST.
    You got Tebowed. Accept it, own it.
    The team is annually overrated.

  10. I’m not a Steelers fan but he’s right. They SHOULD have beaten Denver. Pounded them. But the fact it still sticks in his crawl they lost is refreshing. It should. It should be the taste you can’t get out of your mouth. That is a competitor because he cares. A man I want on my team. Not like the Jets who come out and beat their chests at the beginning of season and then get dragged around by the hair and then make excuses while promising a “next time” every year.

  11. Shut up and take it like a man. You shouldn’t have beat the Cardinals in the SB either. As a matter of fact if the Stealers didn’t have help from the refs in the SB you wouldn’t have beat the Seahwaks!

  12. Ravenator the parrot is trolling again. Must have finished your chores for mom. Envy can be treated. Hope cundiff. Wins the sb again oops you didn’t get there as usual. Your sb was beating us. Set your sights higher little man. We count sb’s on two hands not one finger sir!

  13. If Pittsburgh was so bad, how did they finish 12-4, including a beat down on Tom Brady & Co ?

    In Denver, Keisel and Hampton went out in the first qtr, Ryan Clark and Mendenhall were sidelined and Ben had little ability to put any pressure on the ankle – AND they still tied the game in the 4th qtr on the road. Not to mention Tebows first OT play was illegal, not enough men on the line of scrimmage at the snap.

    Isaac Redman, a backup RB, pounded the Denver D for over 100 yards.

    The following week against the Patriots, the Patriots had the advantage to watch the previous weeks game, hence the 45-10 embarassment on Tebow & Co.

    This year, Manning is a joke -he’s almot 40 years old, half a dozen surgeries, has not played in over a year, a new OC, a new playbook, new WR’s. The NFL also botched the schedule as the game should be in Pittsburgh. The Broncos and Manning get humilated in week 1 in front of home crowd !

    The jealousy of the 6 Time Superbowl Champions continues…

    Black and Gold FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Steelers are old, overrated, freshly Tebowd, oh and Flacco has now owned your yeam in Pittsburgh. So mich for that home field advantage

  15. let it go Wood bottom line is we lost its over move Forward you running your mouth is Dissrespect! we didnt Respect the Broncos thats the reason we lost in tge first place

  16. Would’ve, should’ve, could’ve, how’d it end? Whether Steelers players and their fans want to admit it or not they got beat. Their defense was old and slow and had zero ability to cover Demaryius Thomas, he gashed them all game, and their DC had a bad gameplan and was arrogant when it mattered the most.

    As for the “illegal formation” possibly, we know that officials never make mistakes…especially in Super Bowls against Seattle. Calls like that are missed in every game, it wasn’t the reason you lost.

    And finally, yeah I’m sure the Broncos are concerned about the beat down that you guarantee for week 1, if you couldn’t cover our number 1 receiver when he had a fullback with poor accuracy and who would stare him down every play throwing him the ball…how are you going to cover him when one of the greatest of all time is out there throwing it to everyone? Game ends 34-13 Broncos!

  17. Ravenator, your defense is far more worse off than the Steelers. You have a safety constantly whining, always banged up, and near retirement. Lewis is about ready to be fitted for a wheelchair, he’s been slowing down for the past couple season. Now you won’t have the lifeblood of your defense this year, Suggs.

    The Steelers have young talent all over the d-line, a plethora of young corners, safeties still in their primes, studs everywhere at linebacker. Please tell me how they are going to struggle this year? They cut ties with Farrior, who was a shell of his former self the past couple seasons, and Aaron Smith, who hardly played the past three season. Hampton recovering from his ACL and one middle linebacker spot are the only question marks on their defense. Regardless of what happens, they have guys ready to step right in.

    Why don’t I bring up the offense while we’re at it? For the first time since 2005, the Oline will be a strength rather than a disaster. They have one of the best young core of receivers in the NFL. They replaced a brain dead offensive coordinator with a guy who has thrived as a coordinator throughout his career. They will not have Mendenhall for the entire season, but they have guys like Redman ready to step right in and have proven capable of carrying the load. And oh yeah, they have a QB who is not too shabby.

    You know what that sweep got you last season? Absolutely nothing. The Ravens finished in the exact same place as the Steelers, without a ring.

  18. The better team doesn’t always win. Pittsburgh losing to Denver is the equivalent of New Orleans losing to Seattle. Denver outplayed Pittsburgh when it mattered so give them some credit but don’t fool yourself into thinking they were the superior team.

    2011 – 1st in total defense.
    2010 – 2nd
    2009 – 5th
    2008 – 1st
    2007 – 1st

    2011 – 1st in points allowed.
    2010 – 1st
    2009 – 12th
    2008 – 1st
    2007 – 2nd

    You clowns would love to have the Steelers’ “old and slow” defense. Admit it.

  19. My memory is doing tricks again. Let’s see, the Steelers got womped in the first game by a big score. Can anyone tell me where they were at year’s end in total points, with that “old” defense? Is this ok, PFT? I sure don’t want to get blitzed again.

  20. Thanks rodgers419. Yea, that isn’t too bad for an old and run-down defense. The big joke is when some here put a knock on the all-time very best defensive coordinator. Now, that is a silly, but who am I to complain? All six still count. ( Of course I know Lebeau wasn’t there all the time)

  21. What did Woodley have to say about Flacco last summer?

    Joe Cool seemed to do a pretty good job of shutting him up. That 92 yard drive was epic, steelers had no answer for Joe Flacco. Face it Steeler fans, your corners are a joke, your young guns on the DL have proven nothing at all, your LBs are old and overrated, and Troy still can’t cover a TE (Ed Dickson says hello).

    Keep hoping some guard and a pot head tackle will turn your offense around, don’t see it happening, especailly against Baltimore’s D.

  22. The top rated pass defense in the league – one that stuffed the Patriots – got burnt by the worst passing qb in the league. That won’t happen very often. The steelers were missing three defensive starters by the end of the first half and that surely didn’t help much. Coming off a super bowl season the previous year though, the steelers also absolutely underestimated the broncos too, and yes, they should have beaten them.

    Players will use whatever they can get to motivate themselves, and this is just another case of that. I’m not sure it’s even very news-worthy, other than it’s the end of may and football writers need to find whatever they can to write about at this point.

    Both teams are going to better this year.
    Opening day should make for an interesting rematch!

  23. The salty ravens fans are hilarious. Steelers went 12-4 last year, beat NE handidly, who beat the ravens if i recall. Since the last time the ravens were relevant all the steelers did was win two superbowls and play in three, you lost your best player in suggs, your best offensive player isnt under contract, and flacco will bolt the second he doesnt get the money he thinks he deserves for having one decent season. For all the epic things the ravens have done, you have nothing to show for it in over ten years. Start talking when you start winning superbowls.

  24. Steeler players are so arrogant they actually think they mean something when we all know, being swept by your rivals, tebowd by a backup qb and a one and done playoff performance actually means you suck.

  25. ravenator…..are you up to 12 posts on this single thread? You are so obsessed with the Steelers…its sad. How did that AFC championship game go for you? Have fun this year with Suggs finished and “pile jumper” ray lewis turning 56 years old. You keep talking about the ravens sweep last year. Guess you forgot about how the Steelers took 3 of 3 from the ravens a few years back on our way to winning yet another super bowl. Ravens will be lucky to win 7 games this year……and even if they do make the playoffs they will never get the big one just like every year.

  26. So typical of most steeler players and their fan base. It’s never :’we didn’t play well enough to win, give them credit, we didn’t make enough plays, we didn’t deserve it, we just got beat’. It’s always; ‘too many injuries, we’re better that they are, bad calls, we shoulda won.’ Well, you didn’t. If steeler fans think it’s gonna get better with no RB, possible WR holdout, no FA fixes because of cap mismgt, depending on 3-4 rookies to come in and start, new OC that the QB doesn’t seem to want to work with, loss of veteran leadership etc. Well, we’ll see.

  27. Normally I refrain from commenting on these sights. But there are a few extremely unknowledgeable people on here. Yes Denver won, bit check the stat line. 10 completions for over 300 yards. Thad ridiculous. Injuries are a part of the game, and no excuse. But they lost 2/3’s of their defensive line in the first quarter. Worley and Harrison were nowhere near 100% intact Woodley shouldn’t have played at all. Worst of all, Ryan Clark couldn’t play for reasons of is sickle cell condition. That game alone made Ryan Clark worth more to the Steelers then any game he’s played. Clearly Mundy is far inferior to Clark as a safety. If you know anything about coverage’s it was blown by Mundy on the over time touchdown. Both of the two young corners, Allen, and Brown were hurt. Corners that this season were integral parts of the pass defense. Yea they lost, and it as ugly, but they far outclasses the Broncos talentwise. As to the Ravens, they won the first game legit, but the second game they had three bad calls that gift wrapped that game. The bogus PI, the uncalled Ray Lewis hit, and the bogus uncalled PI call on the Ravens. I now live in the Baltimore area. My woman is a doe hard ravens fan. Yet when given the golden opportunity to sweep the Steelers and get to the Afc championship game, Ravenator, your dirty pigeons choked. Lets see, 6 championships to 1. There’s no real competition. In order for it to be called a rivalry, your team has to win sometimes. Just know your Ravens did to see the Steelers in the playoffs.

  28. dontstabmeray says:
    May 27, 2012 7:48 PM

    “and even if they do make the playoffs they will never get the big one just like every year.”

    You mean except for the year they actually did win the Super Bowl, right? OK good.

  29. Living in the past gets you no were in life.The steelers lost and he should let it go. Crying about it never changes things.

  30. Bla Ba Bla Ba Bla…. six rings…. bla bla bla swept two bla ba bla ba bla.
    Watching all you silly Ravens and Steeler fans duke it out on a chat board in May is almost as much fun as watching your teams beat the snot out of each other during the season. Boys, it’s Memorial day weekend. Don’t you have something better to do? Wait a minute, I’m here reading this drivel. Gueass I need a life too. I’m outta here.

  31. Steelers weren’t that great last year. The Broncos defense kept them in that game. More importantly it was a horrendous call by the defensive coordinator on the first and last play of overtime that sealed the steelers fate. The Steelers need to find a reliable, nonfumbling rb or its gonna get worse

  32. He’s absolutely correct. The Steelers never should have lost to the Broncos in that game. The Broncos were a Tebow media-mania-hype-BS-machine and were lucky to even be there. They showed a decent defense at times… but that was it. The Steelers ordinarily would have kicked their butts, BUT…. the Steelers were all beat up and missing many key personnel and played like absolute crap on top of it.

    The Patriots completely and totally dismantled the Broncos the next week and exposed the fraud team that the 2011 Broncos really were.

  33. You lost now get over it. You’ll lose again in the opener. Clark still won’t be there and your guys will get beat up again. You’ll have more excuses and you’ll pray you don’t see us again in the playoffs. You will if you get there and you’ll lose again.

  34. cnmiddel says:
    May 27, 2012 9:35 PM
    Am pretty sure on average the ravens are older


    Not true, the Steelers are the oldest team in the NFL based on the average of their players age.

  35. The Packers feel the same way about the Jints — but have the good sense to keep their traps shut about it.

  36. Not true, after the Steelers purged the older vets from treir roster they arent the oldest team. Our offense has one started at 30 years old and that Ben. Our D had some older guys given but, two of starters that over 30 are Harrison and Polamalu, along with Clark, and Hampton, who prob wont start, are former nfl defensive players of the year winners. Last year before the vets where let go we still didnt have the oldest team the skins and cards did, and we let go farrior smith hoke starks kemateua all who where old and with limited production. The game is measured in W and L and championships.

  37. woulda, coulda, shoulda.

    I’m pretty sure the reason they play playoff games, other than to make $$, is to see who actually wins the games, because the team named the winner is the one with the higher score, not the one that thinks it’s the best.

  38. @steelhammer
    Lay off the glue dude. Clark and the Hair (troy p) are not in their prime and the (so called) young corners are part of the reason you guys got Tebowed! The steelers D is old. PERIOD. Not to mention the aging Dline and, last time I checked Harrison & Woodley aren’t getting any younger (or faster) for that matter.

    The steelers have a good organazation which is why their so competitive but, so much it gives them and their fans way too much entitlement! They can’t lose with class? Babies… Get ready to go 1-5 in the North this year.

  39. aglumac says:
    May 27, 2012 10:42 PM
    Not true, after the Steelers purged the older vets from treir roster they arent the oldest team. Our offense has one started at 30 years old and that Ben. Our D had some older guys given but, two of starters that over 30 are Harrison and Polamalu, along with Clark, and Hampton, who prob wont start, are former nfl defensive players of the year winners. Last year before the vets where let go we still didnt have the oldest team the skins and cards did, and we let go farrior smith hoke starks kemateua all who where old and with limited production. The game is measured in W and L and championships.


    What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  40. The Steelers could have easily represented the AFC for the superbowl last year. They beat the team that represented the superbowl last year and was as good as anybody representing.

    Bottomline….Had a bad day and didnt get it done. Throw in injuries and there you have it. Denver had no business beating the steelers that day and did. Only to get creamed the next week. Typical for the steelers and to just to good for the steelers to ask them to go to the superbowl in back to back years Its just the way football works unfortunately ask Green Bay at 15-1

  41. You know what that sweep got you last season

    Bragging rights?

  42. The Packers feel the same way about the Jints — but have the good sense to keep their traps shut about it.

    I’d hope so considering the Packers have one of the worst defenses in the NFL.

  43. Anybody slagging on LeBeau’s game plan needs to be slapped repeatedly.

    He *had* a game plan, and that went out the window before the first quarter was done. When you only have three defensive lineman in a 3-4 defense, and you’re playing at high altitude, you are in for a heap of hurt ‘n pain. Those are the heaviest guys on the entire squad, and are the ones in most need of rotation to keep fresh – but in this instance, all three had to play on every down, while gasping for air at high altitude…

    He only had two choices at that point: Load up the box to stop one of the NFL’s best rushing teams (vulnerable to the pass), or completely abandon the box and flood the field with defensive backs (vulnerable to the run).

    He was forced to choose option #1 when he had defensive backs get dinged, and the Broncos took advantage.

    Feel free to watch the game again. It is actually a great example of Murphy’s Law when applied to defenses – high altitude, tons of injuries at only two positions, and a scrappy opponent that had the will to change their approach and take advantage of the situation as it presented itself to them.

    I said it then, and can say it now: Well done Broncos.

    If you still say LeBeau blew it with a “poor game plan”, then do tell us what level of football YOU have coached and why you’re so qualified for such an assessment.

  44. Defense did what it could considering the injuries, but if I were a steeler fan, I’d be more angry at the Offense and Big Ben for not being able to slice up that crappy bronco defense…

    Rodgers/Stafford/Brady beat up that defense like it was a pin-yata.

  45. Unlike some Ravens fans, I have the utmost respect for the Steelers organization even if I don’t like them. And I have even more respect for Hall of Famer Dick Lebeau. That said, if Lamarr wants to point fingers, it should start with Lebeau’s inability to adjust his gameplan. Going into the game, who could blame him for stacking 9 guys in the box and daring the most inaccurate QB in the league to beat them. Well, by the time the 1st half was over, it was obvious Tebow could make some throws and wasn’t scared to do so. Instead, it was pretty much the same thing the rest of the game. Woodley has no one to blame but himself and his defense. It stings I know, as a Ravens fan I’m still stinging over the AFC championship game, but give credit where credit is due instead of trying to shift the blame Lamarr.

  46. Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder. That was the First real taste of victory in a long time for us denver fans. Pittsburgh would have won if they played better but that can be said for any team, any week.

  47. I thought the steelers were classy and lose like a man. Why is he acting like bitter ex gf who can’t get over her dumper? Sire loser.

  48. @ravenator

    What do you actually have to brag about:

    1. a one season sweep

  49. I’m sure that one is on a bulletin board at Broncos HQ already – I hope the Steelers come in and show no respect again on opening night. How about a defensive game plan this year??

  50. stairwayto7 says:May 27, 2012 5:32 PM

    Remember trolls the 1st 2 drives the Steelers got 2 field goals and should have been up 14-0 instead of 6-0.


    If they “should have been” up by 14 then why weren’t they?

    Is it because the offense didn’t do its job or
    was the Denver defense too good?

    Either way, the Steelers didn’t get the job done
    and therefore deserved to lose, like they did…

  51. steelcurtainn I couldnt agree more with your comments. I am glad that loss does still stink. That is motivation and fire. Let the burn harden the steel for another super bowl run.

  52. Im a pittsburgh steeler fan and You know what i love is the fact that everyone here is a baltimore ravens fan ripping on woodley for his words about flacco where he didnt say that flacco couldn’t beat the steelers, but he’s guaranteed flacco would not win a superbowl while he is a pittsburgh steeler and I still don’t see no superbowl ring on flacco’s hand..

  53. The better team doesn’t always win, and the steelers had Injuries all over field. That’s not an excuse, have a healthier team in the playoffs is a huge advantage. The steelers weren’t healthy period, when they were even somewhat healthy last year they were one of the best teams in the nfl, hence their 12-4 record.

    Ravenator is without a doubt the biggest no knowledge hack fan I’ve ever seen. It’s actually amazing how little he knows about football. Not to mention every single one of his posts is exactly the same….to dumb to have an original thought. even with your sweep last year the ravens all time win percentage against the steelers is .368 (14-21 in the regular season, 0-3 in the playoffs) Keep clinging on to last season ratbird fans, that’s as good as its ever gonna get for you. You sweep the steelers in the regular season, someone does for you what you can never do, eliminate the steelers from the playoffs, and with all that going your way you choke away a super bowl appearance on two straight plays! Pathetic. The difference between the steelers and ravens is the ravens are satisfied by just sweeping the steelers and embarrassingly choking away an AFC championship. Steelers? We couldn’t care less about regular season accomplishments. I’d rather get swept by the ravens every season and get to the super bowl than to settle for what ravens fans consider a successful season. But that’s just how elite franchises
    Think, if you don’t win a super bowl then the season wasn’t a success! Sure you can still have a good season but without that trophy it’s not good enough. Until you ravens fans aren’t satisfied with only a season sweep and just making it farther in the playoffs than the steelers and considering that a great season you’ll always be an afterthought to the steelers.

  54. I’m from Pittsburgh and I think the defensive plan for that game was the worst I’ve ever seen. With Ryan Clark, the #1 tackler on your team on the sidelines and a backup that’s mediocre by comparison it’s hard to justify locking up with corners with no help over top. That is especially true if you’ve been burnt multiple times in the game already. So more than anything I blame the coaches for not being well prepared.

    Do I think that an injured Ben with an injured line would have beaten the Pats? No, not really. We have enough trouble with them when we’re fully healthy in the regular season.

    I’m glad the Steelers came back from a huge deficit in the 1st half to make it a game. I’m hugely disappointed that the defense could not find a turnover to make the difference. Perhaps that’s the mindset the coaches had, keep up the pressure and we’ll play the odds Tebow will turnover. Otherwise what are you doing with what looks like 10 guys in the box.

  55. The broncos definitly deserved to win. Our offense steam rolled thier D. And thier only healthy offensive player, Mike Wallace got owned by CHAMP the entire game. Steelers fans, well se bright n early in september.

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