Rex Ryan disliked Tony Sparano but now says, “That’s my guy”


Tony Sparano’s Dolphins went 3-2 against Rex Ryan’s Jets in the five meetings between the two coaches, but the one that made Ryan both dislike coaching against Sparano and want to coach alongside Sparano came on a Monday night in 2009, when the Dolphins won 31-27.

Ryan told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News that after that particular game, he was furious because he felt that Sparano’s offense had out-smarted Ryan’s defense.

“I was pissed,” Ryan said. “I’m like, ‘I’m going to kick that dude’s ass next time.’

After their postgame handshake, Ryan said of Sparano, “I don’t like this dude.” But while he didn’t like coaching against him, Ryan knows that the kind of coach he doesn’t like coaching against is exactly the kind of offensive coordinator he wants on his staff. So when Sparano was fired last season as the Dolphins’ head coach, Ryan knew he wanted to hire him.

“After he became available,” Ryan said, “I’m like, ‘Oh, hell, yeah . . . that’s my guy.'”

After the disappointment of the 2011 season, Ryan needs a guy who can turn his offense around. He believes from first-hand experience that Sparano is the man for the job.

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  1. Well, after Rex sees Tony’s offense on third down and in scoring position.. Rex will know why Dolphin fans are extremely happy that the hated Jets have ole’ Tony “Spara-No O.” Never seen a coach get more excited over FG’s in my life. Was a joke watching him not even try for first downs on 3rd n 10 or more… have fun Rex. Only one missing Tony in South Florida is Dan Carpenter.

  2. Its funny but i am just the opposite. At first i liked him as the coach but then seeing what an awful coach he was i then hated him.

  3. Not a Jets fan, but good for Rex. I’ll let Dolphins fans say how good of an offensive mind Sparano is, but he’s clearly a guy with a strong personality and not just some “yes man”.

    Speaking as an Eagles fan, maybe Rex doesn’t wanna follow the lead of his clueless as a head coach father, and Rex learned that a good executive is secure enough to hire smart people that might know more than them about certain things.

    If you’re keeping score, after three years as a head coach, Rex hired Tony Sparano as OC. After four years as head coach, Buddy hired Rich Kotite (sorry to mention that name Jets fans) as OC. Seems like advantage Rex.

  4. Brilliant. Hire a guy whose team was good against your team…..while dismissing the fact that his offense only ranked in the top half in yards once (12th) and top half in points once (15th).

    Very shrewd indeed.

  5. O c’mon like morano had anything to do with calling the offense or installing the offense. What a joke. More like Brian Daboll outsmarted his offense along with Matt Moore and Henne playing better then hot dog boy. Ryan is such an idiot. If you want 4 FGs a game then I guess that’s your guy.

  6. RR probably didn’t “like” TS because his team out toughed RR’s which is difficult to do.
    I like Coach Sparano and think he’s a good hire who fits RR’s philosophy a little better than Schotty did.

  7. Didn’t Rex “the mouthful” say the same things about Schottenheimer? How long before Tony Sparano gets the heave-ho in favor of Rex’s next “wet dream?”

  8. Ted Ginn had more to do with that win than Sparano (2 kick off returns for TD’s). J. T. also returned a fumble for a T.D. So “Sparano’s offense” (AKA Dan Henning’s) put up a total of 10 points. Good thing for Sparano that Ryan is stupid.

  9. All you gotta know about Sparano’s offensive “genius” is that even though opposing defenders were laughing that they could predict 4 out of every 5 plays called by OC Henning, Tony chose to throw his own players under the bus for poor execution instead of cutting off the head of the snake. Jet fans who point to his success as the defacto play caller for the 06 Cowboys (before getting demoted and replaced by Jason Garrett) fail to realize the cast of characters at his disposal and that over 2/3rds of yards gained were thru Todd Hailey’s designed passing plays and his receivers. Tony’s a good guy and a coach the players love to play for but if you’ve ever listened to him speak, or tried to follow his thought process, let’s just say it’s fortunate he didn’t have to take a Wonderlic as a job requirement.

  10. As a Patriots fan it seems to me that if there’s anyone out there who might be able to get the most out of having both Sanchez and Tebow on the field at the same time, it’s Sparano.

    Whether he’s successful depends on whether Sanchez and Tebow can put their ego’s aside.

  11. I like how all the dolfans are saying how they only get consist FGs. I can’t wait to see their faces when it’s the complete opposite. (when Sanchez isn’t on the field) lmao

  12. Ahahahaha you know your screwed being a jets fan when the only things jets fans can ever say is ” a duh what abt back to back afc championship games” ahahah losers get over that already!! Who cares you made it to back to back afc championships!! It the runner up if you all forget noone cares abt the 4th best team of that year!! Move on bc losing in back to back afc games isnt something to be proud of

  13. Ted Ginn had more to do with that win than Sparano (2 kick off returns for TD’s). J. T. also returned a fumble for a T.D. So “Sparano’s offense” (AKA Dan Henning’s) put up a total of 10 points. Good thing for Sparano that Ryan is stupid.

    Different game. The game Rex is referring to was a Monday night game. Dolphins executed the gameplan perfectly that night. Ginn made some big plays, but as a Wide Receiver.

  14. No way this relationship last. Sparano couldn’t develop Henne and Henne is better than Sanchez and Tebow. If he couldn’t play to Henne’s strengths why do they think he will be able to do it with Sanchez or Tebow. He couldn’t recognize bad play calling from Henning but yet the Jets expect him to draw plays up for them. He was a OL coach in Dallas and came to Miami and it took him forever to even build half of a line. What are the Jets gonna do next trade the Fins a first round pick for Sean Smith?!?!

  15. @jrcoop:

    You’re confused.

    The MNF game was NOT the game Ginn had the 2 return TD’s against Westhoff’s ST unit.

    Ginn did BURN All-Universe Revis, catching a TD bomb from Henne in the MNF game, but the real story of that game was the inability of the Jets to stop Ronnie and the wildcat during a last minute drive.

    With that said, I’ll not miss Sparano very much. Being a harda$$ and stubborn works for a while, but sooner or later lack of intellect and creativity will expose OC’s in today’s NFL.

  16. realnflmaster,

    I’d rather have 5 Super Bowl Appearance(which means 5 AFC Championships) in the past 11 years and three Lombardi’s in that span.

  17. realnflmaster says:May 27, 2012 11:49 AM


    zero division titles but two AFC Championship game appearances. What would you rather have? Idiot.

    I have NEVER seen a more idiotic statement in my 52 years!!! How about winning you moronic fool. You have absolutely NOTHING to show for your 2, WOW, AFC Championship appearances. There is no “Banner” for a wid card appearance in that game. Division winners at least get a banner!!! How about the sorry JOKES…oops…JESTS….oops JETS win something for once. JERK fans do alot of talking and alot of losing.. Just End The Season…thats what JETS stands for.

  18. Hope Nick Folk’s leg is limbered up, he’s going to be using it a lot in 2012.

  19. Brace yourselves Jets fans for three yards and a cloud of dust. Sparano was a former O’line coach who actually thought Mark Columbo was good. So much for having an offensive mind.

  20. A Fins Fan here and not a Sparano hater, but the reality is that he had nothing to do with the Offense. He was an OL Coach turned HC (a compliant Puppet for Parcells). David Lee and Ol’ man Henning introduced the Wildcat to the NFL. It worked for a while, but like any Offensive scheme, once a Defense prepares for it becomes less effective. I don’t think it is a Gimmick either. ANY Offense run with good execution will work. The problem with Sparano is conservative planning. Playing to run the clock, ground and pound, etc. is his mentality. This creates 3rd-and long and stalls in the Red Zone. Hence, the “fist pumping” Field Goals. Schottenheimer will be missed!

  21. I love it when dolphin fans comment on how sparano was horrible down in Miami and he was the problem why the team wasn’t good and why the didn’t win and why they didn’t score on offense. And then they say have fun with him as your offensive coordinator and have fun when no of his 3rd down conversions work cause it never worked in Miami. To bad he wasn’t the Offensive coordinator down in Miami you smart floridians u. I am happy he is in charge of our offense. Cause when he was the O Coordinator down in Dallas he had an awsome year also when he was an assistant on offense he was on a winning team. Yes from the parcels family tree so ill take him. So next time when u guys come on here to talk smack on the reasons why sparano made Miami’s offense so bad why don’t you blame the O Coordinator first cause I’m pretty sure they call the plays on the field.

  22. weren’t those 3 Lombardi’s over a span of 52 years? I guess it depends on the flavor of the Kool-Aid one drinks.

  23. Sparano’s offense is the same as any of the Bill Parcells disciples are using. It’s the same playbook that Parcells and his OC Erhardt used with the Giants in 1986 and 1990 Super bowls. It’s the playbook that Erhardt took with him to Bill Cowher’s Steelers in the 90s and etc. coaches throughout the years. Of course some have added their own fingerprints to it like BB has done in N.E. but its the same base offense. Now who knows what Sparano will tweak or if it is still even effective in the NFL today? We will find out, but its not like he just invented his own unprecedented crazy offense that only kicks FG. Off topic…. R.I.P. Pat Tillman and all of our fallen soldiers.

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