Bill Polian thinks a later trade deadline could have helped the Colts


The NFL’s decision to move the trade deadline back two weeks has one recently fired NFL executive wondering if that move could have saved his job if it had happened a year earlier.

Bill Polian, who was fired as president of the Colts after last season, told Peter King of that if the trade deadline had been later in the 2011 season, the Colts might have acquired Kyle Orton in a trade with the Broncos. That in turn might have helped them win a couple more games, which would have meant they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to draft Andrew Luck first overall, which might have meant they would have kept Peyton Manning and kept the front office intact. Suffice to say, a lot could have been different.

I think the deadline being moved last year would have made a difference for us,” Polian said. “We would have rekindled our interest in Orton. In Week 6, we knew our quarterback situation wasn’t great, but after a couple more weeks, we realized the situation was bad. We probably would have called Denver, who’d gone to [Tim] Tebow by then, and said, ‘Hey, we’ll give you a three [a third-round draft choice] for Orton.'”

The NFL’s decision to move the trade deadline back a couple weeks could be helpful to some teams this season, but I disagree with Polian that teams like the 2011 Colts are the ones who should be looking to trade away draft picks to acquire veteran players. If anything, I think the 2011 Colts should have been considering moves in the other direction, trading away veteran players for future draft picks. (I’m also not sure why the Colts didn’t put in a claim on Orton when the Broncos waived him last year if Polian thinks Orton could have made a difference.)

So making Week Eight the new trade deadline may help some teams in 2012. But it probably wouldn’t have made much of a difference to last year’s Colts.

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  1. As a Colts fan, what would’ve helped the Colts was if Polian would’ve gotten a reliable backup for Peyton as all of us fans were screaming about for years.

    Amazing, for a guy who is considered a genius in football, he is the only one who thought Curtis Painter could be a #2. How bad was Painter? We were longing for Jim Sorgi!!!

  2. I think Polian answered the question about whether he would have been fired or not when he mentioned giving the Broncos a 3rd round pick for Orton. Is he off his rocker? I would have fired him just for mentioning a 3rd round pick and Orton in the same sentence.

  3. Who cares what Polian thinks. If he was a better at the draft maybe Peyton Manning would have more rings than Trent Dilfer.

  4. And if my uncle had boobs he’d have been my aunt. The Colts after failing the first part of the season made a concerted effort to tank the rest and draft Luck. Polian is giving revisionist history. No one was interested in Orton at the Broncos price until he was cut and was picked up on waivers by KC.

  5. So the bad assessment of his existing talent, and the follow on bad decision to grab grandpa Collins are not relevent? This venue doesn’t lend itself to the long list of other bad decisions over the past 4 years.

    Polian had a great career to be sure. The trajectory seems similar to Collin’s.

  6. As a Colts fan, it wouldn’t have mattered who QBd the Colts last year (outside of Manning, of course). The biggest issue wasn’t personnel. The issue was a coaching staff that remained rigid and refused to make necessary changes to the scheme. No QB in the league could run that offense like Peyton so why would you keep that same offensive philosophy with guys that would be 3rd string for most teams?

    I honestly think that the biggest change going forward will not be swapping Manning for Luck (I, along with a lot of other Colts fans will miss Peyton), but will be the change in coaching philosophy.

  7. Bill your time has passed, just accept your cushy studio job and shut your mouth about what could have been.

  8. It’s perfectly understandable that the Colts didn’t know Manning would miss an entire season after having neck surgery on May 25th, and go week after week without picking up a credible starter.


    “Suck for Luck”? Never heard of it, says Polian.

  9. Poor drafts (especially after ’06), inability (or refusal) to find at least a suitable backup, Manning contract situation that put the team’s back up against a wall, bad choice on Dungy replacement, running off two of the league’s most respected assistant coaches — none of that had anything to do with losing his job. It all came down to not having the chance to sign Orton. Wow. Wonder what color the sky is in planet Polian.

  10. C’mon man. This guy kept Peyton off IR so that the Colts would have (effectively) a lower salary cap, leading to a terrible record & therefore were able to draft Luck. If you had had any interest in in Orton, why no waiver claim when he was released?

  11. Does Bill really think this helps his cause? EXCUSES!!!! This is no way a man who desperately wants to be in the HOF acts. Maybe if he had some, he would just admit the things he has done wrong and apologize to everyone he affected in Indy. Including the fans.

    Polian is a FAKE, and everyday he is in the media he is just trying to get little Chrisissy a job.

    Orton was available on Waivers and you did not take him. Your QB problem was you. Sorgie and Painter are NO backups.

    Polian Schmolian.

  12. nyyjetsknicks says:May 28, 2012 7:38 AM

    Want to know what would have helped the Colts? Drafting better players.


    Remember Bill your drafts after 2006 are now documented as part of your history. That is what failed you. You wanted a team that you built from the ground up, and you trashed a eam instead.

  13. No Bill. You lost your job when the owner wanted to tank the season for Luck and you wanted to keep Manning. If you think Orton would’ve helped you had first crack at him on the waiver wire.

  14. As to why Polian is no longer with the Colts, perhaps a bigger factor than whether or not Kyle Orton was available was the fact that it took him until week 8 to realize the QB situation was bad. Knowing your starter had numerous off-season surgeries and still insisting Curtis Painter would suffice didn’t prove to make him look very shrewd.

  15. If the Colts could have swung a trade for Kyle Orton, why didnt they just pick him up off of waivers when he was released? Could of had him without giving up anything in return.

  16. Haha, going from one bad purdue quarterback to one that may not be quite as bad would have saved the season for sure.

  17. No wonder this derp got fired. He would have traded a third round pick during a lost season for Kyle Orton, wow! Does that really need a further explanation? I guess he wanted to keep his job but the best thing happened for Indy last season. WHy scrape out an extra win or two when it just gets you worse draft position???

  18. Don’t get me wrong I’d hire Bill Polian right now, but Kyle Orton was not going to save the Colts season. He might have one a game or two more and cost them Andrew Luck.

    I think no move was the best move for Bill Polian and the Colts, although ultimately it cost him and his son their jobs.

  19. What he actually means is that it would have helped HIM keep his job for another couple of years.

    If they hadn’t gotten Luck or Griffin, they would have kept Manning and been much improved in short term, allowing Polian another year or two in office.

    Of course, that probably would have led to him making lots of short sighted moves to try and win right away, and would have most likely resulted in the team being in even more terrible shape than it is now.

    So yeah, it might have been good for Polian, but it would have been very bad for the Colts and their fans.

  20. He’s right on this one. Trades are something that rarely happen in the NFL. If it was moved back to week 10 or 12, many more trades would get done and the trade deadline would be exciting rather than the complete bore it is today.

  21. You got freaking Andrew Luck! You had ONE bad season with no QB! Nobody feels bad for you. If you made a trade, you could have gone 6-10. Then maybe you’d have Ryan Tannehill and we’d have Andrew Luck.

    Disgruntled Colt fan needs to be put in his place. Is Udonis around?

  22. We Colts fans have long known that Bill Polian rarely tells the truth.

    I like to call him Hurricane Bill. He comes in off the coast and looks impressive. As he gets closer you feel his energy and his power and are awestruck. When the eye passes you the field is beautiful and peaceful and you have a Super Bowl team. Then he fades as tumultuous as he arrived and when all is said and done the franchise is leveled needing to completely rebuild from the inside out.

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