Chiefs could be using McCluster in multiple ways


As a rookie, Dexter McCluster eventually found a home with the Chiefs as a slot receiver.  Last season, the team moved him to running back.  During offseason workouts, he’s back at receiver.

He soon could be back at running back.

Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star writes that the Chiefs are struggling to find value from McCluster, a second-round pick in 2010.  “We feel like he knows how to play running back, and we can put him over at running back at any point in time, but we felt like he needed the work at wide receiver,” coach Romeo Crennel recently said, via Teicher.  “So we gave him the work at wide receiver.  If we need him at running back then we’ll put him at running back.  Probably what that will do is open it up for us to be able to use him however and whenever we need him at whatever position.  He’s taken to it really well.  He’s been enthusiastic about it, so that is working out pretty well for us.”

McCluster described himself simply as an “Offensive Weapon” two years ago, and that appears to be how the team plans to use him.

The best bet for the Chiefs, given the arrival of former Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll as the new offensive coordinator in Kansas City, could be to use McCluster like the Browns used Josh Cribbs under Daboll — as a return specialist, a receiver, a running back, and Wildcat quarterback.

McCluster generated 844 yards from scrimmage in 2011, up from 280 in 2010.

15 responses to “Chiefs could be using McCluster in multiple ways

  1. He ran a kickoff back in his game and ever since then the fans have thought he was a star only problem is he isn’t. Very average and living on hype.

  2. He is a very useful player. He’s not starter worthy at RB or WR, but he will find a way to generate offense on the field in the right plays. Kind of like Danny Woodhead, except more athletic.

  3. This isn’t news, and neither was the piece about him playing WR at OTAs. He’s a jack of all trades, master of none. He isn’t fighting for a roster spot. He’s a good, change of pace player who will probably never generate amazing stats.

  4. He might make a good decoy on some plays, but he’s way too fragile to actually contribute much else.

    The guy makes a good hair statement and that’s about it.

  5. This guy is a bust, why teams keep drafting these gimmick/hybrid players is beyond me. Ted Ginn, Pat White, Dexter McCluster… All are the same player and I’m surprised everyone but White is still in the NFL.

  6. That is pretty sneaky how you called them the Chefs in that last paragraph Florio…very nice.

  7. McCluster is a good player. He looked like a different player the last 3 games of last year after “Douche Haley: was fired. Some of the plays he made changed games and helped the Chiefs win. Hopefully he can continue doing what he did the last 3 games of last year.

  8. As long as the Chiefs don’t have a decent QB, nothing else matters anyway.

  9. He will at least have a handful of great plays. He has so much speed.

  10. The problem with being valuable at many different positions is that you’re not truly valuable at any. I hope he finds his niche though. 🙂

  11. Why not use him like the saints used Sproles and Bush? He could be dangerous.

  12. Pioli drafted him waaay to high and they have been trying to justify it ever since. McCluster is a nice kick return man and good situational guy to have but those guys don’t usually get pick in the 2nd round.

  13. As an Ole Miss guy I watched him a lot in college. The guy is electric with the ball. Definitely a change of pace back who can catch the ball out of the backfield and in the slot. To fast for linebackers and quick for safeties. If they use him more like his rookie season and like Ole Miss did, he will move the chains and score points.

  14. 7 yards per catch as a slot receiver???

    That’s a joke!!!

    He will at least get 4 yards per carry as a running back!!!!

    Play him at tailback if Jamaal Charles is not healthy to play or Peyton Hillis wants to go to the CIA (based on likely bozo allegations)!!!

  15. Wow, the Chefs got a Dante Hall clone, minus the return ability. Just another “weapon” for Matt Cassel to under/over throw. My wife is from K. C. and suffers with these clowns every year…

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