Cowboys may keep Mike Jenkins until training camp

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The Cowboys say they won’t trade cornerback Mike Jenkins, despite the fact that they tried to during the draft. But a trade ultimately makes the most sense for both sides. The Cowboys could get a mid- to late-round draft pick before Jenkins’ rookie deal expires, and Jenkins can go play out his contract year as a starter as opposed to the dime back he’d be in Dallas.

ESPN’s John Clayton reported on SportsCenter over the weekend that if a trade is going to happen, it won’t occur until late July or August.

“If they’re going to deal [Jenkins],” Clayton said, “they’re going to deal him during training camp.”

The theory here is that a cornerback-needy team might get desperate in camp, especially if one of its top corners goes down in practice or a preseason game. Jenkins is young, and his base salary is an affordable $1.052 million. He’s been a Pro Bowl-caliber cover guy when healthy.

And that’s another issue: Jenkins isn’t healthy yet. He underwent significant surgery on his right shoulder in January, and won’t be medically cleared to resume football activities until training camp.

The Colts and Lions are known to have interest in Jenkins. Clayton mentioned the Tennessee Titans as another potential trade partner.

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  1. Let him play this year out and let him walk (if he decides); take the compensation which probably will be a mid rounder anyway.

  2. What is the incentive to trade Jenkins for anything less than a 3rd round pick. I have no idea how they figure out compensatory picks, but a 1st round draft pick, who has made the pro bowl, is only 27, and has proven he is willing to play through injury has to be worth at least a 4th of 5th round pick if he chooses to leave Dallas at the end of the season.

    Plus, he’s cheap at just over $1 million. I can’t see a trade unless the Cowboys are getting a high pick for him.

  3. Lucky if they get a 5th round pick. The other teams smell blood and know they need to move him.

    Look at The Eagles, they road the Samuels situation where they got nothing more than a 7th.

    Dallas watch out and don’t get too cute.

  4. The Cowboys wont be in line for a compensatory pick foe Jenkins. Based on the rules set up by this invisible committee, the signing of B. Carr offsets the loss of Jenks based on what ive read. So if there is a compensatory pick itll be no more than a 6th or 7th, but look for none as the first option. So theyll move him for sure but only after feeling like theyre getting the highest comp possible from a fringe playoff team desperate for a CB because theyve lost a starter in camp.

  5. I really hope Tennessee ends up with him. There’s still a hole at CB from when Finnegan left. He’s young enough, and I’m not comfortable with just Jason McCourty and Alterraun Verner. With Verner looking to play inside in the nickel, we need someone to play the other side. Right now, it looks like Tommie Campbell (7th rounder last year) or Coty Sensabaugh (4th rounder this year). Several unproven or average players on the roster, but none good enough to start right now.

  6. This was a team that had serious secondary issues last season and they are talking about trading a pretty good corner? Makes no sense to me. I know they paid a crap ton to Carr but is he really better than Jenkins? Keep in mind Carr had an elite corner in Brandon Flowers playing with him in KC, most #2 corners on teams benefit from that. Ask Stanford Routt losing that #1 guy.

    BTW Claibourne is a rookie, and he WILL struggle. His ex-teammate Patrick Peterson struggled a bunch in Arizona (outside of punt returns) and while I think they will both be good players down the road they will have tough times until they mature as players.

  7. Cowboys fans are still walking bow legged from when the Lions bent us over the table with the Roy Williams deal a few years ago, so I really hope Jerry doesn’t work on a deal with Detroit again.

  8. cowboys are in no rush to trade him, they can afford to keep him and let him walk next year or wait until training camp and if an injury occurs on another club, will get a higher draft pick for him in a trade..

  9. Jenkins would still play 75% of defensive plays regardless of being a third corner. That’s more than he does each season when he’s hurt. Not to mention if Carr or Claiborne go down, he’s much better suited to step in than Scandrick.

    He knows he has to play well and injury-free to get a starting job and/or bigger contract next year from any team.

  10. Exactly how many game changing plays has Jenkins made? I’m all for getting rid of this slacker but all this “Pro Bowl Caliber” talk is baseless. He went as an alternate. He’s a fragile, tentative corner who plays too far off the ball. When he actually does try to tackle, he gets injured. Mike Jenkins is a bust that Jerry Jones is going to gift wrap and take a desperate team for a ride.

  11. slydogs… By football noobies are you referring to yourself ? Because anyone who thinks the cowboys will get a 1st and a 5th even just a 1st for mike jenkins clearly knows nothing about football

  12. @slydogs…what are you 5? All the noobs here understand that id you draft a guy in the first round you intend for him to start. That means you have to get rid of the guy you already have if he was a pro bowler. You will be lucky to get a 6th rounder for him.

  13. @duncanthecat,

    Why do the Cowboys have to move him ? They dont. He is signed and cheap. Where else can you get a pro bowl corner for just over a mil ? They in no way have to move him. Know what you are talking about before you run your mouth you idiot.

  14. I hope the boys can squeeze out a 2nd rounder out of this guy… Runs from runningbacks and doesn’t like the head on tackle. Other than that he is pretty good. But when Brandon Jacobs scared him from even trying I was over this guy.

  15. Lions should get him with Cunningham he will make him work hard and discover his true potential like Chris Houston who was in same situation with the falcons but under our tough defensive minded coaches turned into a very reliable cb Same goes for Jenkins a 4th/5th rounder would do it ,cowboy fans are crazy if they think they’ll get anything better. Asante Samuels remember him ?if not we could throw in one of our dt’s ,we got plenty .!!

  16. ask the Eagles if they should have traded assante samuel last year. try to trade him, wont get much but dont let him stay.

  17. Jenkins should just show up and play. No team will want a crybaby whiner who thinks he is better than he is and won’t put in the effort it takes to be great.

    Be a man and come to camp and fight for your job. Don’t give it up without breaking a sweat.

  18. roygerela says:
    May 28, 2012 7:11 PM
    The Steelers could use some competition for #2


    Could use some competition for a #1, last I remember of Ike Taylor was him getting burned on a slant route from that ever so fearsome Tebow-Thomas combo.

  19. duncanthecat says: May 28, 2012 6:43 PM

    Lucky if they get a 5th round pick. The other teams smell blood and know they need to move him.


    Dallas doesn’t ‘need’ to move him and that’s the difference between the Eagles and Asanti. The Eagles needed to move Samuels because of his cap impact and teams knew it.

    Dallas doesn’t have to move Jenkins. If he plays out the year and leaves in Free Agency, they know they’ll get at least a mid round pick as a compensatory pick, so why would they take a low rd pick now? He doesn’t cost much against the cap ($1 mil), he’s a talented player. It would be the other teams that would have the ‘need’ and thus the compensation goes up, especially if there is more than one team with the need.

    Dallas best play is:

    a) wait until they are sure that Carr and Claiborne are ready. If not Jenkins stays.
    b) wait until the beginning of the season or during the season to trade him.

    They’ll get as much as a 2nd or 3rd rd pick.

  20. How much is a team going to give for a injury prone corner who has two ints in his last 2 years and 26 games?

    Fanboys are really throwing around first and second round picks? Really? LOL Dream on.

  21. Anyone who truly believes the Colts will give up a first or second for this guy is only smelling the cowpies from JerryWorld. The may get a third but that still seems far too high for any team with half a brain.

    The writing is on the wall. This guy will be available in free agency next year and only teams with little to no cap room would make a deal for Jenkins with 1-3 round compensation. Otherwise, it makes little to no sense.

  22. I think trade wise, barring a severe injury to someone, the best case scenario is a 4th that could escalate into a 3rd, based on certain parameters. But even that is probably on the high end.

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