Cowboys think you can’t have enough good cornerbacks


The Cowboys’ insistence that they won’t trade cornerback Mike Jenkins strikes some as puzzling, considering that Dallas’s two biggest offseason moves were signing cornerback Brandon Carr and trading up to draft cornerback Morris Claiborne. But the Cowboys’ philosophy is simple: You can’t have enough good cornerbacks.

Members of the Cowboys’ coaching staff told Ian Rapoport of that in today’s NFL, they may have four cornerbacks on the field on a regular basis, with Carr, Claiborne, Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick all getting plenty of playing time.

This league has become a passing league,” Cowboys defensive backs coach Jerome Henderson said. “Look at what the quarterbacks are doing and how the game is kind of evolving a little bit, how they protect the quarterbacks, and rightfully so. The more cover guys you have, the better off you’ll be on defense. So any time we can put cover guys on the field in a pass situation and let those guys match up, I think it helps our defense. We’ll look to do that some if the opportunity presents itself.”

With the proliferation of the passing game resulting in NFL defenses using dime packages more frequently, four cornerbacks on the field at a time will become increasingly common. It makes a lot of sense that the Cowboys want to have four cornerbacks they can count on.

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  1. Finally! The Cowboys are doing the right thing and are correct. I almost cancelled my Season ticekts this year. Glad I renewed.. However, the offensive play calling BETTER change or it will not matter how good the D is..

  2. What Jerome Henderson won’t tell you is every time Rex Ryan pulls 2 LB’s out to run the dime pkg, the opposing offense runs a draw and gashes his D for 15-19 ytds.

    Ryan D’s have always been terrible against the run, see OAK, CLE and now DAL!

  3. @dirkified. The play calling was good enough to win the division if the defense could have gotten a stop. PERIOD.

  4. Jerry Jones in Al Davis circa 2000-2010. The Cowboys will make a lot of noise and have great expectations every year but will not do swat. As long as Jerry is the decision maker. Let me be clear Jerry Jones couldn’t hold a young Al Davis (60’s,70’s 80’s and early 90’s Chamber Pot).

  5. @borisbulldog, DAL was 7th in the NFL against the run last year – giving up less than 100 yards/game. Bash their secondary all you want, but you can’t complain about their run D.

  6. aye as eli carved up my patriots in sbowl doesnt matter whos out there for cowboys theyll get lit up to

  7. …orrrr the Cowboys could simply be posturing as if they wish to keep all of their CBs that way they don’t lose any inch of leverage in a potential trade involving a guy like Jenkins. Of course they are going to say they want to keep everyone around…

  8. “you can’t have enough corner backs”.. Translation: we need all the help we can get to stop the NYG passing attack!

  9. No team can have enough good CBs. Period.

    What Dallas is doing (even thought they have at least two suitors for Jenkins – Colts and Lions) is waiting to on the following:

    1) That the combination of Carr and Claiborne is indeed legit.
    2) Some team to suffer injuries at the B position that makes them somewhat desperate.

    When they get that confluence, they will trade Jenkins for far more than they could get now.

    Dallas isn’t desperate to get rid of Jenkins, unlike Philly with Asante, they can bide their time and get a deal favorable to them.

  10. @borisbulldog, DAL was 7th in the NFL against the run last year – giving up less than 100 yards/game. Bash their secondary all you want, but you can’t complain about their run D


    They actually were 10th. And the reason was since every team was throwing on DAL it made their run D look good.

    Trust me Rob Ryan blows trying to stop the run!

  11. “I live in Texas and find it quite humorous how there’s actually Super Bowl talk at the start of each year.”

    Same thing in Philly. But, at least, Dallas has been there and won it. There are many Dallas fans around that still can remember when a Cowboy player held the Lombardi up high. Have NO idea why they yap in Philly every year. Over a half of a century of futility and they are STILL talking.

  12. Their corner tandem is darn good as it stands. If an injury happens, then they have viable guys to step up.

    Keep in mind that, Jenkins rumors of trade aside, EVERYBODY has a price. If they got wow’ed by a desperate team in a few months, then pulling the trigger on a trade is feasible.

  13. It’s not just a question of numbers, it is also a question of having the right CB’s to play within the defensive system designed by that bloated mullet-head…

    While I generally think that Jerruh is a pathetic GM, he has addressed this weakness so it will be interesting to see if he got the right players…

  14. Um.. Claiborne is a rookie, stop anointing him as the greatest cover corner ever. Brandon Carr is a good solid #2 corner. The Chefs are gonna find out how badly they downgraded by signing Routt. Mike Jenkins is a made of glass, and the Cowboys still need to work on the safety position.

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