Lions go from bad to bad boys

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Any football fan will admit that, if forced to choose between having players who performed badly on the field or behaved badly away from it, they’d take the latter in the flash of a stun gun.

And so for the fans of the Lions, who have gone from being 0-16 to having players assigned jailhouse numbers that possibly include 0, 1, and 6, there could be far worse things than having multiple players who are getting in trouble with the law.  But it’s starting to become a bit of problem, with 2011 first-round draft pick Nick Fairley and 2011 second-rounder Mikel Leshoure now having two legal entanglements — each — during the offseason.

Our buddy Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press chronicles the (alleged) crime spree, and he bravely calls it like it is, despite the fact that the Lions are the only team he covers.  For example:  “Of the Lions’ five-member 2011 draft class, only Doug Hogue has successfully avoided drama this off-season, which begs the question, what exactly did the Lions see in him?”

Beyond Fairley and Leshoure, seventh-round tackle Johnny Culbreath was busted for marijuana posssesion, and second-round receiver Titus Young (who perhaps would benefit from the mellowing effects of marijuana) was barred from OTAs for busting a teammate, Steve Smith style.  To make matters worse for Young, Birkett writes that the second-year wideout was lollygagging during Phase One of the offseason program, when most of the coaching staff was absent.

Still, the strength and conditioning coaches were allowed to participate, and it’s on them to light a fire under all players.  Young clearly has an edge to him; someone with the organization needs to get his attitude harnessed and refined and pointed in the right direction at the right times or he’s going to end up being yet another high-round pick that the Lions wasted on a receiver.

All things considered, these are far better problems to have than a roster full of players who can’t get out of their own way between the white lines.  Veteran leadership and proper coaching discipline will be critical to getting this team to the Super Bowl — and to keeping multiple members of it from playing for the Mean Machine.

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  1. Let’s not forget history.

    Stocking the team with a bunch of turds led to a surprise 11 win season for the Bengals.

    Of course, 3 seasons later they were back to 4 wins.

  2. Looks like they fit into the city of Detroit very well. What a crime ridden cesspool.

  3. This is too funny.
    The players mentioned are hardly bad boys. They are immature punks. Being stupid, a drunken self absorbed fool who puts an entire highway full of drivers lives at risk, a dopehead, and a sissy who sucker punches are NOT bad boys.

    Now my sweety Bill Romanowski was a REAL bad boy, and put each of these fools in their place quickly.

  4. If stomping a defenseless player who’s on the ground is wrong, than I don’t want to be right!


    (future convicted felon) Suh

  5. The NFL should issue a legal marijuana prescription to Suh. It might calm him down to the point that he’ll cut his viscous and illegal hits on defenseless player to single digits this year.

  6. If they play well and contribute to wins this year, I will care about this much much less than I do right now.

  7. Of all the guys named here, only Titus Young helped contribute to the 10-6 playoff year. And they went out and drafted the All-time NCAA receiving leader. It’d be great if Fairley, Leshoure and Young mature. Their all elite talents. But if they don’t, the Lions are in more than good hands with Megatron, Stafford and his 5,000 yard gun.

  8. You can’t win with a team full of choir boys. And you can’t win with a team full of convicts either….with the exception of the cowboys in the 90’s.

  9. All media/the “network” – Per pride of detroit – “It turns out that the Lions aren’t even the worst team in the NFC North for arrests in the last year or so. The Minnesota Vikings have had eight arrests involving their players since Jan. 2011. To be fair, though, two players (Chris Cook and Everson Griffen) were responsible for half of those arrests.”

    All teams have knuckleheads – seems like we have three. Hopefully, our punishments solve the issue.

  10. This team with all it’s talents could really give the Packers a run for their money,,,but with a punk ass coach Schwartz, who has no control of the team, will end up in 3rd place

  11. They might be fine if they had strong veteran leadership, but they don’t. Matt Stafford doesn’t have a strong personality, either, so the direction isn’t coming from the quarterback position.

  12. As a Lions fan, the only incident that gives me pause is this most recent incident. Fairley could have easily harmed someone else with his action.

    Marijuana stopped being shocking in the 1950’s, and it would be impossible to find a single NFL team that doesn’t have OTA or training camp fights.

    It fits a narrative, but this most recent arrest is the only one that is troubling. Many projected Fairley a steal at 13, it won’t be long before he starts getting some “bust” discussion. If he doesn’t make an on field impact this season, I wouldn’t be opposed to the “maybe we cut ties” discussion.

  13. acdc84 says:May 28, 2012 8:52 PM

    The NFL should issue a legal marijuana prescription to Suh. It might calm him down to the point that he’ll cut his viscous and illegal hits on defenseless player to single digits this year.


    viscous? resistance to fluids?

  14. Drug bust, followed by DUI at 100 MPH…

    I fully expect to see Goodell suspend Fairley for a year.

    It a bunch of kids trying to be men and don’t know how, to much time on their hands.
    Drunk driving have to go some one could be kill. Not knowing what a car is for is weak don’t drink or smoke and drive your friends should stop you friends don’t let friends drive drunk.
    Their friends are trying to take them down not build them up they are not friends cut them loose.

  16. If the Loins don’t want to be on that NFL Network training camp reality show, show about putting them on North Dallas 40!?

  17. Why leave their coach out of this? he went off on Harbaugh last year in a very embarrassing way. Also, why not have Fairley have a talk with Dante Stallworth? What Fairley did was uber dangerous, edging toward suicidal. 100 mph while loaded, and drinking in the car? He easily could have killed others and himself. At 100 mph those aluminum rims could heat up and flatten his steer tires. When they blow, its godnight Irene. I think the league is tiring of this garbage, owners as much as the commish. After not learning any lesson from the weed bust, Fairley may be looking at a years suspension. He’s finally earned something in the NFL.

  18. Haters gonna hate, and these stories always bring out the haters.

    Unlike other teams where the dirty laundry includes assault, the Lions problems all stem from kids who don’t care that weed is a crime. It’s an issue … but not it’s not like these guys are picking bar fights and beating up women.

    Michael Vick body slamming dogs is a bigger issue to me than a guy getting caught stashing a blunt in the dresser in the hallway of a hotel.

    What happened between Young and Delmas is a fight that will be settled inside the family.

    A lot of you should look at the walls of your glass house before you throw rocks.

  19. If the Lions stumble out of the gate this season, they’ll end up in last place in the division. Yes, last place- behind the Vikings. Things unravel when you have poor character players, no team chemistry, and a long history of losing.

  20. Remember the Schwartz vs. Harbaugh event? The Lions are a direct reflection of their coach. Undisciplined with a Napolean complex.

  21. ‘I fully expect to see Goodell suspend Fairley for a year.’

    Why? Did someone offer Fairley $10K to get behind the wheel and hurt someone?

    Otherwise.. probably 4 games.

  22. 3 players make a team “bad boys?” If anything the Lions are “Media Bad Boys.” I don’t think a team like Pittsburgh or Baltimore would consider them “bad boys.”

    Let’s face it, if you only had about 4-5 guys on your team that are “bad character” guys, you’d take that every time.

    They got a lot of “good character” guys with Stafford, Megatron, KVB and Tulloch.

    thegreatgabbert says: May 28, 2012 9:12 PM

    They might be fine if they had strong veteran leadership, but they don’t. Matt Stafford doesn’t have a strong personality, either, so the direction isn’t coming from the quarterback position.

    I find it funny you think Stafford isn’t a leader, yet your name is “The Great Gabbert.”

  23. The Lions remind me of those college programs who ask the integrity of the university and make a complete mockery of the institute of higher learning. They’ll sign gangbangers, illiterates, rapists, thieves, and keep them on the field no matter what as long as they perform and win. They’re like Miami, Oklahoma of the 80s, the entire SEC, Washington, SMU, Oregon, etc. Win at all costs and to heck with the safety of students.

  24. Anyone that watched Titus Young in college could have expected his immaturity to follow him to the next level. He did not disappoint in that regard.

  25. Jim Harbaugh got arrested for DUI as a grown man in his 40s seven years ago. As athe player Jim Harbaugh broke his hand punching Jim Kelly in the head for being critical. Jim Harbaugh was hated by every other coach in the PAC10 for being a jerk. Jim Harbaugh took an interview with Miami when they still had a head coach. Jim Harbaugh has had two players arrested in the last 5 months and a player ejected during the season for throwing punches. It’s a laugh to think Schwartz is some kind of loose cannon enabler and Harbaugh is some kind of horse whisperer.

    Many seem to believe in redemption if it involves their coach, but lose their senses when it comes to Schwartz going after Harbaugh. This irrational behavior is caused by fear or a weak mind.

  26. Catquick……………..and Harbaugh the new Golden boy seems to be immune from his part in all that…….. and DON’T even suggest he didn’t dog Scwartz in his own house. Are you guys even watching the same game I am? You’re supposed to be a football fan watch n learn!

  27. …and Catdslow, you don’t have his BAC and you have NO IDEA how drunk he was, the charge is driving while impaired .I’m not defending the knucklehead behavior at all, and take DUI seriously as anyone else in todays society has to, but get off the witch hunt till you have all the facts.

  28. ……. and he probably had to elude the police till he had enough time for his wingman to eat all the POT!

  29. Soulman, maybe you should put the beer down and form a coherent sentence.

  30. Packerfaninsandiego, your beloved Packers have WAY more arrests then the Lions since 2000. Who’s watching your store?

  31. RMC, I thumbs upped ya. These posters are like Sheeple, say ANYTHING they read in the press with no facts to back it up.

  32. Randallflag, CJ’s just got one of the biggest contracts in NFL history. WCF has spent his money unwisely, but he’s not as cheap as Brown by a long shot.

  33. @scratchnpost1234
    Think you for reading my comment hope you enjoyed it thank you for the come back.
    Have A Great Vet day

  34. Okay then, I won’t go up the list any farther, but I stop and read this stuff everyday, and you people must be some of the dumbest football fans on the planet. The Lions are the devils team. Suh is by FAR NOT the dirtiest player in the NFL( watch the tape of what the Packers olineman were doing to him all the way down the field before the Suhstomp) None of that was legal and was dirty cheating play…….. and Schwartz is not the antichrist. I rooted for Harbaugh his entire career at UM and in the NFL, but this guy isn’t an innocent choirboy and doing what he did at the handshake in another coaches house was
    BS. Okay the rest of you on the list above this are safe, the rant is over except for Florio. Embellishment has no part in news Florio. I realize you have your choice of opinion and this is your site, but report things clearly and let the sheeple figure it out and I’ll appreciate you a lot more. Now get to writing that article about Steve Smith putting a starting CB on his team out for awhile and stop with Titus Young and tying him into knuckleheads driving while impaired and smokin rope…………

  35. Okay.can’t leave this one alone, Squared 80, it’s Napoleon, not Napolean. Maybe try hooked on Phonics…………

  36. lolb23, you’re absolutely right, nice to have teams fans acting a little scared for a change isn’t it. To be hated in the NFL is a good thing…..

  37. @abninf

    Mighty big words from a clown that’s never been to the City. Why don’t you shut your mouth and stop talking about something you know nothing about.

    I can only imagine where you are from. Takes a real man to insult an entire city based on the actions of 3 or 4 20-somethings.

  38. kattykathy says:
    May 28, 2012 8:48 PM
    This is too funny.
    The players mentioned are hardly bad boys. They are immature punks. Being stupid, a drunken self absorbed fool who puts an entire highway full of drivers lives at risk, a dopehead, and a sissy who sucker punches are NOT bad boys.

    Now my sweety Bill Romanowski was a REAL bad boy, and put each of these fools in their place quickly.
    Romanowski wasn’t a “bad boy”- he is a human piece of garbage- kicking players in the head, spitting in the faces of others, ending the career of a teammate by punching him in the eye socket, and cheating by using steroids.

    Fairley’s issues are only hurting himself. Romanowski’s clearly affected others, and Romanowski clearly could care less how his actions affected others. I’d rather load my team up with less talented Fairley’s than repulsive trash such as Romanowski.

    Anyone who could look up to Romanowski has serious mental problems.

  39. randallflagg52 says: May 28, 2012 10:40 PM

    Both Mike Brown and William Clay Ford are know for being cheap owners. They must be getting a tax break for employing all this convicts…


    Learn something about what you write before you start twiddling your thumbs. WCF has been overpaying for talent for 15+ years. The Lions & the City of Detroit built a beautiful new stadium without a hitch (unlike Mike Brown who is embroiled in multiple lawsuits over PBS).

    The Bengals still practice outdoors as they do not have an indoor practice bubble (which is a joke, it is flippin cold in Cincy during winter). The Lions have a top-flight practice bubble in Allen Park, MI.

    I’ll cede the point that we have a few bad apples. But what team doesn’t? A couple years back sites like this seemed to take great joy in singling out the foibles of the Bungles. This year’s poster children for off-field foul-ups are the Lions youngsters.

    The Fairley thing could have ended with someone getting maimed or killed which is indefensible. The rest? Just young dudes being idjits.

    No FB team is made of choirboys. In fact, many a great FB player came fully equipped with a streak of nasty & a little disregard for authority.

    All you “the Lions are dirty, Schwartz is a punk, smoke another bowl” commenters need to take care not to break your own glass walls.

    0-16 in 2008. 10-6 in 2011. Lots of young, hungry talent. The best WR in the game. Top 5 TE. 5,000 yd club QB. Young, nasty D-line. Solid LBs. Need some RB help & have to pray for results from a shaky DB core.

    Leos 11-5 this year. Book it.

    Get a clue, losers. There are maybe 5 teams in the NFL you all would rather have over Detroit if you were picking a new favorite team and most of you know it.

  40. acdc84 says:May 28, 2012 8:52 PM

    The NFL should issue a legal marijuana prescription to Suh. It might calm him down to the point that he’ll cut his viscous and illegal hits on defenseless player to single digits this year.

    Viscous? As in thick? I love it when the unintelligent attempt to make a point which has no merit. And it’s especially enjoyable when they use a misspelling or commit a grammatical error.

  41. It is the atmosphere the organization wants. No more Mr. Nice Guy from top to bottom they craze the bad guy rep.

    Hell even arguable the NFL’s best player Calvin Johnson is named after the “bad guy” Transformer.

    Why not Optimus Prime?

    The front office has not won much in only the last 50 or 60 years being that nice lovable loser. Let’s see how being the insufferable loser feels.

  42. Scratchnpost1234……..I know more about football than you will in 10 lifetimes. I do know the facts because unlike you I read the story. FACT: He was behind the wheel drunk, I know this because he got arrested for it.(Impaired IS drunk). FACT: He WAS drinking in the car while driving on a public thourghfare at over 100 MPH.(It’s in the story) FACT: He DID try to elude the police(This means they had to chase him)FACT: He WAS arrested for reckless driving(in the story)FACT: He COULD NOT prove he had insurance(He WAS ticketed for it). OK smartguy? You’re supposed to be an honorable citizen, but sold it for a goofy imbecile who happens to be on your team. He’s a menace, not my opinion, a FACT! As a state trooper what an accident at 100 looks like. They usually don’t find the whole body. I want him gone to SAVE LIVES! Not just his, but others who would have done the same thing. Nothing else seems to work. Oh, I forgot….FACT: The story said he will MOST LIKELY get jail time in ‘Bama for this, as he should.

  43. It’s amazing how many of you so called “football fans” sell your soul so cheap when your player gets in a jackpot. It’s indefensable. He should get his car confiscated for this degree of recklessness. I guess you Lions fans already forgot about Daryll Rodgers, huh? Killed 3 or 4 innocent people and broke his own neck, ruining a potention HOF career, remember? I do. But like the other smartguy said “haters gotta hate!” Unfortunately it’s you guys who hate, not me. My intention is for guys not even in the league yet to learn a lesson from another fool, and save their own lives and others too. Yours is to selfishly protect a guy on your team to help you win, even if it costs him, or others their lives. GROW UP!!!

  44. Lol @ all of these dumb lion hatters .. And lions are a ” dirty ” or ” bad boy ” team… Yet they weren’t even close to the highest penalized team in the nfl last year.. Continue hating stafford to Calvin is what you bums should be worry about. Good luck stopping another 5,000 plus yards from stafford

  45. To my recollection, the Packers have had one, count it, one incident.
    LB Walden got into an altercation with his significant other and got bagged. The charges were deferred if he kept his cool, and so far no problem.

    How does that compare to what the Lions have done?

    And…..a Packer now has the ‘coveted’ Mirror Ball Trophy…so there. (snicker).

  46. What’s with all the Bengals jokes. They haven’t led the league in arrest in years…. What’s next people going to bring back “yo mama”? It’s time to update your jokes. Bengals jokes was sooooooo 2006…

  47. Worked for the Detroit Pistons in the late 80’s… Maybe lightening will strike twice with these “Detroit Bad Boys”.

  48. KattyKathy makes the best point. Three guys busted for personal pot use is about as laughable as it gets if you are trying to develop a bad boy attitude. The DUI is stupid, and something most every team in th NFL has had to deal with. It’s sad really. The Ravens gave an assistant coach a promotion AFTER he was given his second DUI and had to serve a couple games of suspension. The Ravens didn’t get labeled a bad boy enabling organization for letting a coach redeem himself. The Packers had a player get arrested for allegedly beating up his girlfriend. Charles Woodson punched an opposing player clear as day and Packer Pat Lee was ejected for throwing a punch during the Thanksgiving game. These guys are the darlings of the league.

    This unfair media label hurts the Lions in an environment where the NFL is easily influenced by perception, and will quickly flag the Lions simply for being aggressive. It’s irresponsible journalism really.

  49. Catquack
    What was his BAC ? You don’t know this because he didn’t take a breathalyzer. Eluding police at 100 MPH? Probably took him awhile to stop ot maybe he did try and elude, but YOU don’t know this do you. I didn’t sell my soul to anyone for any football talent and again haven’t condoned his actions or behavior. At the same time this happens all over EVERY day and while it’s a serious issue doesn’t warrant the death penalty as some of you village idiots with the pitchforks would want. The open container was reported to be a passengers, and to the Packer mirror ball boy, what the hell is that anyways and the fact is the Lions have had less arrests on their team then the other teams in the NFC north since 2000. look it up.

  50. Catquack
    Darryl Rogers was a Lions coach . Reggie Rogers is who you are thinking of, but why let facts get in your way, and he was cut from the team after that. Donte Stallworth is on the Patriots roster and he DID kill a guy. Guess your memory ain’t what it used to be.

  51. @hodag
    You are right. You can’t comparebe the Lionsa and Packers. IF my daughter was forced to choose between a guy who was arrested for allegedly beating his girlfriend or a guy who was busted with pot, I’d hope she picks the guy with pot. Hell, I’d take a team full of guys busted with pot before I’d look past a women beater. He’s kept his cool so far no problem…warped sense of perspective.

  52. And the stupid suh is dirty comments, I hate those, that stomp and the tackle on Delhomme are the only dirty things I’ve seen, the rest have been strong tackles he doesn’t usually hit guys after the whistle he plays within the whistle, maybe you should all actually watch football instead of just forming your opinions based on the fact that ESPN once was like “woah the falcons called Suh dirty” it’s the falcons, and they are living in a glass house

  53. acdc84 says:
    May 28, 2012 8:50 PM
    If stomping a defenseless player who’s on the ground is wrong, than I don’t want to be right!


    (future convicted felon) Suh

    Joe Greene was 10x worse than Suh — spitting in the face of Dick Butkis, throwing a ball into the stands at the end of a game where the Steelers lost in 1969, behaving so violent on the field the offficial asked the Steelers team captain Andy Russell to approach him & calm him down – Russell wouldn’t because he was himself scared.

    It’s immaturity – nothing more. But it shows how in just a few years violence on the football field – which has existed for decades – suddenly makes one dirty and a future criminal.

  54. From bad to Bad Boys? Look, one good season in the last ten doesn’t make them good. The Lions will have to prove last year wasn’t a fluke. Until then they are still bad, they are just bad with Bad Boys.

  55. I don’t agree that either your goody-two shoes and bad at football or you are great at football and a head case.

    There are plenty of players who fit both types, but there are terrible football players with discipline problems as well as great football players with spotless records.

    In fact, it’s much easier to look at a terrible football player and draw the conclusion that it’s because of his off field issues that he is terrible at the game.

    What makes Fairley so frustrating this offseason is you dread seeing him self destruct and he’s not showing you anything which would suggest he’s not.

    I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect him to get is act together and stay out of the news. That’s part of being a professional.

  56. Goodell, you need to get a grip on your children. If it keeps on going, Congress is gonna come in a d eat your lunch. Do you not have ethics, behaviorL. Conduct clauses? Were none them million dollar attorneys NOT smart to put absolute damages, injury or liabilty caluses in these guys and teams’ contracts? Couldn’t anybody see far enough ahead to prevent this type of behavior? Is it me or you that’s THAT stupid. I owned a business for 27 yeRs and made darn good money and everybody KNEW where the lines were. No exceptions. It’s turning into the NATIONAL FELONS LEAGUE. YOU ALN, you, Smith, Saints, Steelers, Raiders, Lions, all
    Look like a bunch of disorganized hood gangs anymore. Hear these words- people are going to quit exposing their kids to this “image” and that means lack of ticket sales. Even your own players are saying. “I wouldn’t let my kids play football”. Football player accused or rape, dog fighting, DUI, spousal abuse, robbery, drugs and blowing through town at 100 mph. You better get a GRIP pretty dang Bud or your NFL will go the way of Braniff Airways, Wall Street, Freddie Mac n Fannie Mae. Keep on keeping on and watch. They busted up the teamsters too Buddy and they were an awful bigger and more powerful than your scrawny Natonal Felon League. Forewarned

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