Monday morning one-liners

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Bills WR David Nelson had the third-most targets out of the slot last season.

Coach Joe Philbin’s personality has helped create a new atmosphere with the Dolphins.

It has been five years since Patriots DL Marquise Hill died in a boating accident.

Jason Taylor’s advice helped the Jets sign S Yeremiah Bell.

Ravens S Bernard Pollard isn’t worried about a schedule loaded with Pro Bowl quarterbacks.

Poor quarterback play might have held Bengals WR Marvin Jones back at Cal.

RB Chris Ogbonnaya may not have a place on the Browns roster.

Examining the lack of directional balance in the Steelers run game.

Texans coach Gary Kubiak thinks QB Case Keenum has a future in the NFL.

A look at how the new Colts’ coaching staff has come together.

Said Jaguars LB Clint Session about this year’s offense, “They’re looking like the greatest show on turf right now compared to what it was last year. I’m excited about that.”

The Titans’ coaching staff has no shortage of accomplished former players.

LB Von Miller reacted to coming in ahead of Broncos teammate Elvis Dumervil on the NFL Network’s Top 100 players.

Chiefs WR Jon Baldwin said he isn’t letting himself get too impacted by Dwayne Bowe’s absence from workouts.

G Mike Brisiel is helping his Raiders teammates learn the offense.

Chargers C Nick Hardwick talked about making the decision to come back for another season.

DE Harvey Martin made the all-time Cowboys team as the representative for the 1977 season.

Has Giants WR Hakeem Nicks earned the injury-prone label?

Eagles coach Andy Reid’s standing among his peers seems to have slipped.

CB Brandyn Thompson needs to show something to make the Redskins roster.

Mike Freeman of argues that the contract situation of Bears RB Matt Forte is why players should have guaranteed deals.

DT Nick Fairley’s arrest is the latest black eye to the 2011 Lions draft class.

LB Nick Perry and DT Jerel Worthy are getting thrown right into the fire with the Packers.

If he’s released in New England, is there a place for WR Chad Ochocinco with the Vikings?

A look at the costs and potential benefits of a new Falcons stadium.

Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer thinks that there’s no question Panthers QB Cam Newton is better than 49ers QB Alex Smith.

The Saints added a small signing bonus to RB Chris Ivory’s contract.

LB Rennie Currin has been practicing with the Buccaneers’ first-team defense.

Cardinals DT Dan Williams appears to be in a better mental and physical state.

T Jason Smith is running out of chances with the Rams.

49ers coach Jim Harbaugh’s methods have believers in the auto racing world.

How much will height work against Seahawks QB Russell Wilson?

7 responses to “Monday morning one-liners

  1. That’s a hilariously pathetic thing for a guy like alex smith to say…for a guy like him to take a personal public jab at a guy who is guilty of what he could never do –be worthy of a first round pick –is ridiculous. It’s insulting to his own teammates and his fan-base.

    This is a dude who became a multimillionaire just to choke for many years and then 2011 happens: he has one season that isn’t too terrible…and most people figure that he finally gets it; he has finally arrived. He has matured; learned from his mistakes. He has finally grown into and reached the ceiling that is the same floor a franchise quarterback stands on and builds from. And he feels compelled to rag on a guy like Cam?

    Cam Newton is not like Alex Smith because he actually earns a living. And he would never stoop to that guy’s level. And he can punish a defense. And he isn’t a petulant jerk. That’s probably the biggest difference.

    Cam has only had one good season out of one season. Alex Smith had one after a handful of seasons and now he’s the stat wizard who hates stats.

    The people in sports who don’t like stats and think they’re for losers are usually the guys who have a resume of bad stats trying to get a paycheck or fans rationalizing an irrational loyalty to someone or some thing.

    If Alex Smith were the QB of Carolina last year would they have won at least 6 games or even make the playoffs? I don’t know. If Cam were the QB for the 49ers they would’ve had a damn good chance at winning a superbowl because of the QB, not in spite of the him.

    Right now, as we speak, Cam is working out and probably studying game-film. Alex Smith should be studying Cam in order to figure out what a starting NFL QB looks like. Instead, he is memorizing Cam’s stats during his off-season.

    Alex smith is a loser.

  2. “Eagles coach Andy Reid’s standing among his peers seems to have slipped.”

    Well, to be fair, the larger Andy Reid grows in girth, the further away from him people need to stand.

  3. What has Cam proven in only 1 year, other than he can run the ball? Reminds of a former QB in Denver, now with the Jets.

    Only time will properly evaluate Cam.

  4. I don’t see height bothering russel Wilson at all

    We all love watching drew Brees people say he’s a replica of him comming out of purdue

  5. Hey project dude ….wins are wins and that’s the only thing that matters ..unless ur a fantasy football fan that don’t care about wins as much as u do the stats ….I luv my Niners all day everyday or lose that’s my team..and no I don’t play fantasy football .

  6. @someidiotfromouthereintheprojects
    I was reading what you were saying and I was about to write back, then I saw your profile name and you basically said what we are all thinking, IDIOT! So thank you for making my job, and everyone else that has read your post, easy by not having to respond because even to yourself you are an IDIOT!

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