Ndamukong Suh wants to be a leader for Lions

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Leadership hasn’t been a chief concern when it comes to Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

A much bigger question has been whether Suh can control his emotions on the field well enough to avoid the penalties and suspensions that marred his 2011 season. Those concerns might have contributed to a drop in production from his rookie to sophomore seasons. Suh is ready to move past those things and move on to becoming a leader for the Lions as he prepares for his third year in the league.

Based on the location of his locker, the team seems to agree that now is the time to add that role to his portfolio. They’ve placed him between defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch and quarterback Matthew Stafford, two of the team’s established leaders and it seems to be rubbing off on Suh.

“If I see a guy that needs some help and just might need a word here or (there) just to understand a little bit better, as Coach uses some of us as starters or guys that have been here a couple years that are still young that say look at what he’s doing and mimic that or whatever,” Suh said, via Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free-Press. “Then I’ll say, ‘Yeah, this is how I got to this position, this is how I got to my position to get to where Coach likes it.'”

Defensive tackle Nick Fairley’s arrest is the latest sign that the Lions need some one to find a way to get all the Lions pulling in the same direction at the same time. As much as they need Suh’s play to rebound to his rookie level, it would also help the team immensely if the defensive tackle could inspire his teammates to spend less time in the back seat of police cars in the future.

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  1. After all of the commotion Suh was involved in and brought to the Lions last year, it would be nice to see him buckle down, focus on the game, and become an example to hopefully show Fairley, Leshoure, and Young.

  2. You have it backwards…he’s said that his production slipped and he committed stupid penalties out of frustration…do some homework, LOL!!!

  3. Now THIS is proof that Suh is the Dirtiest player to ever walk the face of the earth.

  4. If you want the lead, you gotta drive faster than Fairley. Watching the parking lot at Detroit practices could be more fun than raceday at Indy or Daytona.

  5. i think he was missquoted. he said he wants a liter of booze. you can’t have a winning program with knuckleheads as your young stars and leaders. detroit seems to be cursed with clueless people running the front office. (cincinatti as example)

  6. Best way to be a leader is too be productive on field, not be a hot head and have some credibility off the field with good behavior. Him talking to Fairley would be the classic pot meet kettle. As the kids say, don’t talk about it be about it.

  7. Leadership advice for Suh
    Suh needs to improve his speeding time to lead Detriot. 91mph just doesn’t cut it. Fairly was doing a 100mph. Heck AP got it up to 109.
    Then there is the lack of arrests in Detroit. These lack of arrested lions reflects poorly on the values of Detroit. I know Suh and Fairly are doing their best to up the total, but they need help. We have 38 arrest in Minnesota putting Detroit to shame. He should throw a huge party on house boat in lake Michigan. Fred Smoot can give him some tips on entertainment. Just remember, Detroit values criminals and losing I’m sure Suh is the perfect leader for them.

  8. As a Lion fan it is wonderful to see you guys giving them so much press here. Keep up the good work fellas! Winning has made the Lions relevant again!

  9. People can be so clueless.

    If Suh says he wants to be a leader, people hate on him and say “the best way to be a leader is….stomp”. If Suh says he’s working on fundamentals so he can be a better player on the field, people say “he needs to stop……stomp”. If an article comes out about how he’s the most charitable athlete in the NFL, people say….I think you get the point.

    He took some stupid penalties and let his emotions get out of control last year. Oh well…. I’ll take that any day of the week more than a person who doesn’t even make articles because they aren’t good enough to warrant mentioning at all.

    Wonder what all the haters are going to say in the next few weeks when, despite poor numbers last year due to being double teamed (sometimes doubled with a RB help as well), people that actually know what it’s like to play against this beast of a football player, vote him in the top 50 players. Can’t wait for the hate on that article.

  10. The Lions coaching staff is responsible for providing direction by implementing a structured environment that sets the standard for ALL players.

    Schwartz & his staff still haven’t figured this out & may never. A team is in trouble when someone like Suh believes he should be a leader. Suh is one of those that needs to be led along with most of the roster.

  11. @toegoat… A teaching moment for you. When you post comments like that, it only shows how young and naive you really are. Suh is probably not even close to the top 10 dirtiest players to ever play in the NFL let alone the dirtiest player to ever walk the planet. Don’t believe me? Go and watch some of the crap that they used to do, especially in the 60’s and 70’s. I am truly surprised that someone didn’t lose a finger from it “accidentally” finding its way into someones mouth.

  12. There were lots of “leaders” in this world. Pol Pot, Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler. I’m just not sure which one Suh is modeling his career after.

  13. @ silverdeer

    toegoat was wrong. He should have said one of the most immature, dirtiest, headstompinest players ever!

  14. I like the idea of him being better on the field regarding those dirty moves he pulled. Too bad he didnt mention it in the quotes.

    I like the idea of him one day being a strong leader, the guy is the best defensive player they have, it only makes sense. After hearing him talk again, I am not so sure his intellect is ready for much leading, leaders can speak and articulate clearly at a minimum, maybe the Lions should send him back to school for a year. Think about it, he gets an education (finally), he cleans up his act, he gets insanely hungry, and when he comes back youve got a clean hitting team leading beast of a man scaring the offense.

  15. toegoat says:
    May 28, 2012 9:10 AM
    Now THIS is proof that Suh is the Dirtiest player to ever walk the face of the earth.

    Not sure Ndamukong Suh is the best person to be lecturing others on their driving.

  16. In order for him to be a leader, they’ll need to unscrew his head, remove his brain, and install a new one that allows self-control.

  17. Lions fan here. I have no issue with Suh wanting to be in a position of leadership but leaders take responsibility for their actions. If he’s going to be taken serious he’ll need to admit his past faults and show what it means to lead by example. What happened to Fairley is an embarrassment and would like to see the organization takes those steps and punish him before the league or courts. It’s time to set the presidence from within and send a message. No one is above the team and if they think they are it’s time to go.

  18. If Suh says he wants to be a leader, people hate on him and say “the best way to be a leader is….stomp”. If Suh says he’s working on fundamentals so he can be a better player on the field, people say “he needs to stop……stomp”. If an article comes out about how he’s the most charitable athlete in the NFL, people say….I think you get the point.

    If Suh whips a QB to the ground for no reason, he gets a Chrysler commercial. If Suh rips the helmet off another QB, he gets a Subway commercial. Suh then pushes the envelope to stomping on another player and he’s FINALLY hammered for his behavior. Get the point?

    First chances lead to second chances lead to third chances lead to fourth chances….

    When a player pushes it too far and there’s a backlash there’s always an apologist in the wings with a sixth chance a bucket of sanctimoniousness.

  19. silverdeer:

    What they did in the 60’s and 70’s was pretty much all legal, there wasn’t a whole lot that wasn’t back then.


  20. Suh just needs to shut his mouth and learn how to be a clean DL for the lions mybe in 5 to 7 seasons he might be a team captain. he is still imature right now

  21. Silverdeer- That was my lame attempt @ sarcasm, sorry it offended you so much. And yes I know the game of football and Suh isnt even the dirtiest player in the NFL today(although he is dirty sometimes) let alone 60’s n 70’s. Don’t get so worked buddy its just the comment section of a blog.

  22. Hey Suh! American History X was just a MOVIE. Stop trying to extract “revenge” for your fellow black felons, as it was just a MOVIE and didn’t really happen.

    Best movie scene ever though.

  23. One of the Top 3 Dirty Players in the NFL.

    Fully expect Goddell to suspend Suh for 1 year after his next stomp.

  24. I don’t want to rain on anyones parade, but it appears that suh was placed between the two leaders to keep him in line. He is NO leader and to assumuming he is becoming one after such a pathetic season is rediculous at best. Respect is earned. Suh is in time-out!

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