Bill Musgrave calls Jerome Simpson the “juice” the Vikings need

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The Vikings went into the offseason knowing that they needed more pieces on offense to help Christian Ponder in 2012.

They signed tight end John Carlson as a free agent in hopes of giving Ponder a reliable option and drafted Matt Kalil to help keep Ponder upright long enough to deliver passes. They also drafted a pair of Arkansas wide receivers — Greg Childs and Jarius Wright — to flesh out a thin position group. Offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave sounds most excited about wide receiver Jerome Simpson, signed as a free agent after playing out his contract with the Bengals.

“We need somebody with juice like that playing the split end,” Musgrave said, via the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “I’m really looking forward to Jerome and our quarterback starting to jell together. We need to be able to count on somebody from our split end position winning consistently versus man coverage. With the way I think we can run the football, defenses are going to try to take away the run. And we want to make them pay for that through the air.”

Simpson had 50 catches for 725 yards last season, numbers that would have made him a solid number two to Percy Harvin last season. Simpson’s ability to get deep and make plays after the catch make him a perfect fit for what the Vikings need.

The only drawback is the three-game suspension Simpson has to serve at the start of the season. That makes it all the more important for Simpson and Ponder to jell together as much as possible over the summer so that they aren’t starting from square one once Simpson is able to get on the field.

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  1. It will be nice for the Vikings to have a veteran WR who can get open to go with Percy and the rookies- both of which could do well their first year. Undoubtedly Childs is going to take the first 3 games to show what he can do. At 6′ 3″ and with 4.4/40 speed, and pro-style experience at Arkansas against quality SEC opponents, he could be a real deep-threat along with Simpson.

    But Musgrave is right. Defenses will focus on stopping AP and the run with 8 in the box until Ponder and the Vikings offense can make them pay. With an improved OL and WR corps, and an off-season to get up to speed, hopefully it won’t take Ponder long to cash in.

  2. Hmmmm….. Simpson and “juice” used in the same headline……

    I would call poor taste, but I guess it is achieving that which you wanted (hits), so good for you, I guess.

  3. If you really look at the Vikes on paper, they have a great team..I think if they can get that cohesion, & Ponder has a good season, AP will run them deep into the playoffs. I’m by no means a Viking fan, but I just noticed their roster, which is young but very talented.

  4. This guy can flat out play!!!!

    Why the hell do we have to give a rats about Mike-Sims Walker when he can’t for crap anymore?????

    If you’ve been unproductive with your last two teams and Blaine Gabbert is given a pass because you are lumped in with his bad WR corps you’re not worthy of a job like Simpson!!!!!

    Plus, his suspension was 3 games!!!!

    Didn’t the Cowboys sign Tank Johnson when he was on the verge of serving an 8-game suspension????

    If that was so Simpson should’ve been signed sooner!!!!! Give him and Harvin “the rock” this season!!!!!

  5. The Vikings have a relatively easy schedule early so it wouldn’t be a big surprise to see them start 2-1, then get Simpson and Peterson back and maybe they can surprise some people. They’ll still probably finish 3rd or 4th in the division, but their trajectory is upwards while every other team is going to start a downslide.

  6. I like the Simpson signing very much and agree with Musgrave.

    We Vikings fans have a young, talented team now. The Viking front office has done a good job, in my opinion, of rebuilding to generate excitement and put butts in the seats. There have been so many bad things happening over the past couple of years that it’s been hard to see much else.

    Now with the stadium approved, the dead wood gone, the Favre saga ended and a very good (despite what the ‘experts’ “grades” say) draft, there is clear air and good light ahead for the Minnesota Vikings.

    We deserve this. Now, let’s put some Ws on the board and climb back into contention! Rah! Rah! Rah! Go Vikes!!

  7. I’m looking forward to seeing him play and hopefully he can be the deep threat the Vikings need. Signing him was a low risk, potentially high reward type of move for the Vikings.

    Why aren’t the Vikings tagged in this post?

  8. kgun80 says: May 29, 2012 12:00 PM

    Sorry Vikings fans he is Bernard Berrian 2.0…
    The Berrian signing was bad because we gave him an albatross deal. Simpson is on a one-year deal. If he doesn’t pan out, no harm done.

  9. I have a hard time getting excited about this guy, whether it’s the possession charge, the lack of early career production, the suspension, the dropped balls, etc. Seems like a rich man’s version of Troy Williamson.

  10. As a Bengals fan, I wish him luck. But he is not all that adept at learning the play book quickly. It took him 3 years in Cinci. And he has a tendency to disappear for games at a time.

  11. I think it is funny that the fans of teams think that their team is the only one to improve during the offseason. The Vikings sucked last year and all of the teams above them can also point to significant upgrades in the offseason. Go ahead and get wired for the upcoming season. The front office will appreciate the ticket and jersey sales. The Vikings will not make the playoffs.

  12. It is a requirement that serve time in jail to acquire the moniker “juice” or is it just to play for the Bengals.

  13. The word on Simpson from the moment he first arrived in Cincinnati was that he’s the most physically/athletically gifted WR on the entire roster, but is so dumb that the offense has to be simplified lest he line-up incorrectly half the time.

  14. lkimball2757 says:May 29, 2012 1:12 PM

    I think it is funny that the fans of teams think that their team is the only one to improve during the offseason. The Vikings sucked last year and all of the teams above them can also point to significant upgrades in the offseason. Go ahead and get wired for the upcoming season. The front office will appreciate the ticket and jersey sales. The Vikings will not make the playoffs.

    Nobody thinks they’re making the playoffs, but they have nowhere to go but up. The Packers have nowhere to go but down, and the Lions and Bears look like they’re imploding in front of us. We’re just going to enjoy watching our young team come together and eventually they will be back in the playoffs.

  15. So, the Bengals were in such desperate need of a number 2 receiver that they were willing to forgo resigning this guy and go out and draft 2 rookie receivers and a guy from their practice squad instead. Thinking there’s some loud words being spoken….has he served his 2 billion hours yet in community service for his plea bargin?

  16. I’ll be quite interested in how Jerome Urkel here continues to evolve with the Vikings after having watched him for 4 maddening years with My Precious Bengals. He mostly sat before last season due to being behind one Chad Johnson on the depth chart at X (who never came off the field) & also that he could not find any special role on special teams to get himself activve on game days either. Apparently he had a hard enough time learning the offense that he wasn’t able to absorb more than the one position at X, either.

    To be sure, that was still a brand new (WCO) scheme he learned well enough to start last season (& with no offseason program), but he also never seemed to be making all the right in-game in-play adjustments along with his QB either, plus they expect the WRs here to be able to change up to come from multiple positions, so this likely contributed to the apparent lack of interest to re-sign him as well.

    He also displayed a real affinity for merely mimicking a somewhat more subdued form of side-showy Ochocinco-ism, which may not have exactly endeared him to the coaching staff in the wake of having waved goodbye to the ‘original’. It’ll be interesting to see if this ‘non-seriousness’ continues with JS in Minnesota or not.

    If you’re going to be some kind of “showman”, best advice would not be to mess up in knowing your routes & assignments. #85Chad seems not to still be making that particular commitment in NE even in the absence of showmanship. Hopefully, JS will give it up more successfully, having now become ‘once-removed’?

  17. I’m a glass half full Vikings fan, but I’m not going to start getting too excited. We always do that here and then people get bent out of shape if the season isn’t great. However, I’m hoping he’s a missing key along with the other new players who can get the Vikings on the plus side of a winning season.

  18. I like Jerome and I hope he does well with the Vikings. Hopefully he has learned from his past mistakes and will be a solid pickup for them.

  19. satchow says: May 29, 2012 10:17 AM

    When I hear The Juice, I think of a bit more murderous Simpson.
    Oh for Gawd’s Sake ! Get over yourself already ! How many people are found Innocent in a Criminal court of law then because so many people Hate the outcome of the justice system then “retry” them in a Civil court of law with a significantly LESS standard of proof ??? OJ was the first black man to exploit the legal system which has been manipulated by the affluent for decades. Until his criminal case victory NOBODY had a problem with the system, so guess what ? The rules were changed and he was tried in a lessor court so something would stick my friend ! BOTTOM LINE, THE RULES WERE CHANGED TO CONVICT O.J. BY USING CIVIL COURT BECAUSE HE WON THE CRIMINAL CASE WITH HIS “DREAM TEAM!” I’m not condoning any of O.J.’ s actions but let’s not alter history !!

  20. Bengals fan here and I would like to start off by saying Simpson is “average at best.” In fact average may be a little of a stretch. I like his athletic ability but the guy is as dumb as a box of rocks. It will take three years to learn the Vikings playbook. He consistantly runs the wrongs routes and is not enough of an impact player to help move the chains consistantly. If he can pickup his assignments and run the right routes consistantly he will help the Vikings, but Unfortunatly he is not smart enough. Just listen to the man talk, and that will tell you all you need to know.

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