Binns, Tate battling for starting wideout job with Bengals

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The Bengals’ receiving corps has undergone a dramatic overhaul in recent years.  Now led by one of the best young wideouts in the league (A.J. Green), it’s unknown who will start across from him.

Despite plenty of buzz and hype and expectations for rookie Mohamed Sanu, the two men currently deemed most likely to serve as the No. 2 behind Green are Armon Binns and Brandon Tate.

“It’s early to tell, but right now I’d say it’s close,” offensive coordinator Jay Gruden said Tuesday, via Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “[Binns] and Tate are neck and neck and [Ryan] Whalen obviously, he can play everything also.  They are all showing promise.  Just a matter of who puts, day in and day out, the most positive days back to back to back.”

Much can change in the next 100 days or so.  Apart from injuries, Sanu can come on strong, leapfrogging everyone (except Green).  If in the end Tate becomes a starter, the Patriots will look more than a little foolish for dumping him last September and keeping former Bengals starter Chad Ochocinco.

13 responses to “Binns, Tate battling for starting wideout job with Bengals

  1. hope Tate can land the starting gig. loved him while he was here at UNC. funny thing is, not many people knew who Hakeem Nicks was until Tate went down to injury and Nicks stepped up big time.

  2. Tate couldn’t stay on the field with Tom Brady throwing balls at him. Good luck if he’s your starter.

  3. Neither Binns nor Tate will start. Typical coach speak… talk up the guys at the bottom of the roster.

    Sanu or maybe even Marvin Jones will be the #2 WR, with Shipley in the slot when he’s healthy.

  4. Tate battling for a starting spot? He was no better than mediocre with Brady throwing him the ball and Welker on the other side. He had a golden opportunity to step in when Moss left, and couldn’t get it done.

    If I’m Sanu, I’m feeling pretty good about my chances.

  5. I was concerned about the receivers coming out of the draft but if jordan shipley comes back as good as he was before his injury I think he could take the #2 job and any of the remaining receivers would be good #3 options for just about any team in the league. I just hope the running back can help stop people from cheating coverage.

  6. It’s hard to imagine but maybe Tate didn’t mesh well with Brady. He might of needed a new offense. But I agree in that Sanu or Jones might get the number 2.

    Shipley was great but you have to see how he’ll do after the injury from last year.

  7. @t8ertot:

    Listen to yourself. “Maybe he didn’t mesh well with Tom Brady”. Yet you expect him to mesh with Andy Dalton? No offense to Andy, but Tom is the best QB in football.

    As for the guys mentioning Shipley as starter…that would be an idea if the guy could stay healthy. Although I still think he’s better suited for the slot.

  8. Tate played in a New England offense that utilizes 15 different receivers. Taking #2 type reps can only help him improve. He came to Cincinnati with no offseason, so again, an offseason to work with the QB as the number 2/3 guy can’t hurt at all.

    I’m excited about Sanu and Marvin Jones, too, but Tate was a 3rd round draft pick like Sanu. I’m not sure where the realistic expectations are for Sanu and Jones. Mid round draft picks and everyones putting them ahead of similar guys. The WR battle should be a good one to watch.

    Shipley is a slot receiver.

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