Corwin Brown case remains unresolved after psychiatric evaluations

The family of former NFL player Corwin Brown believes that brain trauma from his playing days has contributed to his behavior, which included holding his wife hostage last year and then shooting himself. But court-ordered examinations of Brown did not yield any conclusive results.

A judge said today that two examinations, one from a psychiatrist and one from a psychologist, came to different conclusions on Brown’s mental state. The judge did not offer any details about what conclusions the two examinations reached.

Brown is facing charges of confinement and domestic battery after the August 12 incident at his home. It has still not been determined whether he is competent to stand trial.

Brown played eight NFL seasons as a defensive back with the Patriots, Jets and Lions.

3 responses to “Corwin Brown case remains unresolved after psychiatric evaluations

  1. now every ex or current nfl player who commits some crime will blame it on concussions like this guy is going to try and do, whether he has an issue or not. just another nfl scumbag. did he every play for detroit or cinnci?

  2. “…another NFL scumbag”?

    Hardly. Brown was considered an up and coming coach. Scumbags don’t usually get the opportunity to coach at a high level like he did.

    This is akin to what happened to Dave Duerson. He was a highly successful businessman before CTE related issues caused his life to unravel.

    Do your research before you spout such hate…

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