Coughlin says Giants have no interest in return of Plaxico


With starting receiver Hakeem Nicks recovering from a broken foot, Giants coach Tom Coughlin was asked today if he might consider bringing back Plaxico Burress. But Coughlin shot that notion down quickly.

According to the Bergen Record, Coughlin shook his head and mouthed, “No,” when asked if the Giants might sign Burress.

That’s a more definitive answer than Coughlin has previously given: When asked about signing Burress a couple months ago, Coughlin’s answer was, “Never say never, but it has not been discussed.”

So Burress, who said in March that he thought a return to the Giants was a “great possibility,” will remain a free agent. After returning to the NFL last season after two years in prison, Burress was a starter for the Jets. But he didn’t do enough to make any other teams interested in signing him.

And it doesn’t do anything to bolster Burress’s reputation that Coughlin, the NFL coach who knows Burress best, has closed the door on bringing him back.

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  1. jimthebuilder27 says: May 29, 2012 2:46 PM

    Plaxico Burress is such a knucklehead. Too bad, he has such great talent.
    I think you mean ‘had’

  2. All this guy does is catch redzone TDs and give the defense something to think about. He’ll contribute to a team next year because he is a good football player.

    He also caught a Super Bowl winning catch for the G-Men. In an X’s and O’s world he helps the Giants. Given the jail time, Coughlin should simply say “we have moved on.”

  3. I am confused about no team wanting Plax for cheap. I know he is a headache, but he didnt cause any distractions last year. Plus, he had tired “Ive been in jail 2 years” legs for most of last year, and was expecting to be much more quick his 2nd year back (much like Vick was his 2nd year back). Whatever…

  4. Hey Plax, how’d that big career move signing with the laughing stock NY Jets work out for ya? Buh bye

    NY Football Giants-World champs……again!!

  5. “I’d really like to hear what Eli has to say !!”

    On record, he would say something generic, but pleasant, because that’s the Eli way. Off the record, I’m sure it would be something along the lines of “who needs an immature, self absorbed a**hole who drops as many as he catches back?”.

  6. Id love to see a team pick him up along with Chad Ocho, Terrell Owens, with Jeff Garcia as the QB. Tiki could play RB.

    Id love to see if they could compete. I bet they would do better than people would expect. And it would be cool.

  7. Why must Coughlin address this idiotic question? The team has moved on and won another chip in his absence. Good riddance, kharma got you.

  8. the giants should sign him…..and then make him the very last cut so he has to scramble to find another team to sign with.

    call me a jerk if you will, but i will never forgive him for flushing a serious shot at repeating in 08 right down the toilet.

  9. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Browns pick him up. Plaxico is a big, proven target in the red zone. Given the Browns’ perennial offensive woes, why not give Plaxico a chance?

  10. NFL teams are treating Burris like the owners of a shooting range would treat him if they saw him coming.

  11. “jdandcoke says:May 29, 2012 3:21 PM

    the giants should sign him…..and then make him the very last cut so he has to scramble to find another team to sign with.

    call me a jerk if you will, but i will never forgive him for flushing a serious shot at repeating in 08 right down the toilet.”

    Yea, but as a fellow Giants fan, I can’t thank him enough for how he played vs GB in 07 NFC Champ. game, or for his SB winning catch. Not saying he didnt ruin a chance at repeating, but we wouldnt even of had the 1st if he wasnt on the team (not saying he was MVP of the team but still)

  12. I’ll take the opposite view because blasting Plax is too easy.

    NFL is a 3 receiver league. The Giants have 2 and a bunch of unknowns and underachievers. One of their 2 just broke a foot and the other will have a year’s worth of game tape that defenses can now break down.

    I really don’t see the harm in signing an established vet for dirt who is a TD machine in the red zone. Now that Eli and Tuck etc. are establishments, a new contrite Plax who plays a handful of snaps per game might be a bargain.

  13. Giants fan here. Other than the possible bad chemistry he’d bring to NYG, I’d love to have him back. Obviously, too much has been said and gone on in the intervening years — Coughlin had issues with Plax before the shooting incident. The guy was never to meetings on time, missed practice a lot, etc. All things that Coughlin hates.

    That said, I am shocked that he’s not been given a shot by more teams. Remember, he had Sanchez throwing the ball to him last year rather than a genuine NFL QB. On a solid team with a good QB, I think Plax would still be a force. He may be slower, but he’s not any shorter and can still catch that back-shoulder fade better than anyone. Didn’t he have a 3 TD game for the Jets last year?

    Give him a chance!

  14. Stick a fork in him. He’s done. Let’s face it there is a reason no one is kicking his tires. Maybe a team comes knocking after an injury in training camp but I doubt it. There is only so many fade routes a guy can run at 34.

  15. This story needs to just fade away. The Giants don’t want him back. He bad mouthed TC, and whined about Eli not visiting him. Bridge burned. Philly can sign him so he and Vick can play “bunkie” after games..

  16. This whole “showing up late to meetings thing” would be a non-issue now. Anyone signing Plax would be giving him the vet minimum and would cut him if he looked the wrong the way. Plus, Plax is in a crummy financial position and can’t afford missing meetings.

  17. “Hes coming to Philly and guess what NY fans he wanted to play for Philly the day he got out of jail…. hahahah”

    Oh, no! You might steal him away from us just like you did with Steve Smith. Whatever will we do?!? The absolute stupidity of Eagles fans never fails to amaze me.

  18. The Eagles are going to wait until every other team passes on Burress and then sign him for the vet minimum. The writing is on the wall.

  19. That picture is a classic! To juxtapose these two guy next to each other like that is just too good. There you have Tom Coughlin…. old school, high character, disciplinarian, old fashioned, strong willed. And then right there next to him stands the anti-Coughlin…. Plaxico Burris….Turd Master Extraordinaire. Too too funny.

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