Donald Driver says he has 1-2 more years in Green Bay


Although Packers receiver Donald Driver is 37 years old and appears to be slowing down, he doesn’t sound like he has any doubt that he’ll be playing in Green Bay this season.

Driver said on ESPN Radio that he believes he has another year or two with the Packers, and then he’ll retire.

I’ll be in Green Bay. I’m not going anywhere,” Driver said, via “I’ve always said I want to retire as a Packer, I think the organization knows that, so we’re going to come together. We’re going to make a decision. One, two more years, and then I’ll put my cleats on the shelf and sit back in Dallas and relax. It’s family.”

Driver’s current contract calls for him to get a $1.5 million roster bonus on the first day of training camp and a $2.6 million salary that, because he’s a vested veteran, would be guaranteed if he’s on the roster for Week One, and he’s just not worth that kind of money anymore. But Driver’s agent, Jordan Woy, has said they’re in touch about restructuring the deal, and Driver doesn’t sound like a man who’s going to balk at taking a pay cut.

So Driver is likely to remain in Green Bay. Even though, at this point, he’s no better than their fifth-best receiver.

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  1. Sucks he hsa to take a paycut, if there ever was a team player that deserved NOT to be given the discount.

    Oh well, he’ll play in GB and nowhere else. He doesnt want stats or any perosnal glory, he jsut wants to win another ring and he knows where that will happen.

  2. If he wants to play for the veterans minimum then there is no reason not to have him there as an insurance policy in case someone gets injured.

  3. Driver is a class act through and through, the Packers are lucky to have him on the team.

  4. Driver his way better than what people are saying about him these days, including here. No better than number 5? Really? Statistically I get your point, but if you really pay attention to the games, you’ll see he’s still out there drawing coverage and he is as clutch as ever. Case and point, the regular season Giants game and the last couple games when Jennings was out last season. He brings leadership, class and discipline and Green Bay will feel it more than you probably think when he does finally hang it up, whether that be this year, next year, or two years from now. Props to Driver for being a true team player, that’s a hard thing to find these days.

  5. Driver is a great player and seems to be a great teammate too. Green Bay has been lucky to have had such a dynamic player all those years, he should be able to keep the pay he is set to earn, he put in the time.
    Business is business though, he’ll take the pay cut and end his career as a Packer, It seems a bit more important to him than the money. Gotta give him credit, many wouldn’t take the cut easily.

  6. I may be a vikes fan but i cant lie i would be mad as hell if freenbay work with driver so he could stay on the team andthe retire a packer. The guys has been nothing but an outstanding player on and off the field. More players.need to be like him.

  7. Bronco fan here..I just wanted to give my respect to an unselfish & classy player like Driver. He has an awesome attitude & I hope the Packers will be loyal to him, seeing as how he is willing to take a paycut to be there. Also, speed is good & important, but Driver brings more than speed to his game, he’s very dependable, and can offer a lot to the young players in terms of experience. People should realize that his age don’t mean he can’t still do it. He’s bettter than a lot of starters in the league. Best wishes DD..

  8. Its rare in this day and age to see an athlete spend his entire career in one city. I think its important to him and the team to retire as a Packer.

    I think in time the whole Favre thing will work itself out, but no matter what, he still left and played for a rival team.

    With Driver, he’ll be beloved in Green Bay even moreso, because of his desire to remain a Packer his entire career.

  9. Jordy Nelson is like “c’mon man, retire already!” Didn’t the Pack draft Jordy in the 1st round like 12 years ago?

  10. If only Donald Driver had James Jones’ youth and speed, he’d be an All-Pro.

    If only James Jones had Driver’s hands and football smarts, he’d be an All-Pro.

  11. One of the reason Driver has sort of disappeared is the style of passing game GB as employed the last year or so:

    It’s “Touch down or check down.” If it’s isn’t 20-30 yards down field, it’s a 5 yard outlet pass.

    Driver excells in the 10-15 yard patterns. He doesn’t see as many balls thrown his way.

    Personally, I’d like to see a little more grind ’em, move-the-chains offense out of Green Bay. Let the GB defense rest a little, and get the opposition Defense tired.

  12. It would make great PR sense to keep this guy all the way through until retirement. It will require a clear understanding of exactly when he can tolerate being truly retired. If they sign him to a low-figure two-year deal, that would be great for both parties. It would send the mesage that when at least one guy says it’s not about the money, he means it.

  13. Donald Driver is going to follow up his artistically perfect win of Dancing With The Stars with another Super Bowl ring.

    Champions are always Champions. Bravo

  14. Too bad he’s not the one who makes the decisions. Ted Thompson is as shrewd as it gets when it comes to managing the roster and the cap, if he doesn’t have value to the team anymore, he may be taking an involuntary retirement like Hines Ward. Both great guys, it’s just how the game is these days and part of being on a great team with depth.

  15. like alot of workers since the deep recession of 2008, another worried about his ’employment’ at his ‘company’.

    Its a business, its all about money and winning. You’re OUT,

    its a jinx to win.. (Hines Ward)

  16. It absolutely rips my heart out that he barely makes top 6 on the Packers WR list. He’d start on most other teams. How heart-wrenching for Donald (and us) to be on the one and only team he can’t make. No matter where he goes or what he does, I will always be a fan. A great man.

  17. This guy is the dagger in hearts of the Vikings every game. For some odd reason I’d still love to see the guy play until he has to be dragged off the field kicking and screaming. Maybe because I’m so used to the dagger in the heart feeling – yup I’m a viking fan… and DD is phenomenal!!!!

  18. Maybe one more year, if someone gets hurt in camp or if the Packers keep 6 WRs. Two years? Not going to happen. He’s a great guy and a great Packer, but there’s no way the numbers will work. Packers have too many talented young receivers they want to keep. Greg Jennings is the next Driver, and he’s due a big payday very soon.

  19. I agree with many of the responses above.
    Driver has always been an unselfish team player and a class act on and off the field.

    But facts are facts, Green Bay and Ted Thompson will not shoot themselves in foot over this.
    Unless there is a significant injury or McCarthy decides to keep 6 recievers, Driver will be gone.

    There is just too much talent and upside with Tori Gurley and Diondre Borel on the practice squad.

  20. He may not be the number one receiver anymore, but he is always in the mix and must be well guarded or it can come back and bite you hard. And the way the Pack uses all their players instead of just one or two goto guys, he is useful if only because he keeps another guy from getting double teamed.

    If the money is such a big problem, give him extra duties as an assistant receiver’s coach. The rookies could do alot worse than having Driver show him how it is done.

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