Hines Ward gets one last action figure

Technically retired from the NFL, receiver Hines Ward’s football career has one final chapter.  He appears as a member of the Gotham Rogues in The Dark Knight Rises (July 20), running with the ball as the field behind him disappears into a chasm.

To commemorate Ward’s role in the film, McFarlane Toys will release in November an action figure featuring Ward in his Rogues uniform, according to Brian Truitt of USA Today.

“They haven’t told me whether when Hines does his spike and touchdown dance he falls into the pit.  But at least on the trailer he’s looking pretty good,” McFarlane told Truitt.

Other McFarlane figures scheduled to be released this year include Andrew Luck, Robert Grifffin III, Peyton Manning as a member of the Broncos, and Tim Tebow as a member of the Jets.

Maybe the Tebow figure will be assuming the pre-snap posture of a personal punt protector.