Mike Smith expects a lot of growth from Julio Jones this offseason

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Julio Jones fought through injuries and a limited offseason, but still caught 54 passes for 959 yards and eight touchdowns as a rookie.

That didn’t help the Falcons generate much offense in their playoff loss to the Giants, but it wasn’t a bad start for a guy the Falcons paid heavily to acquire during the 2011 Draft. Now Jones is in the midst of his first full offseason and coach Mike Smith thinks it will result in a leap forward for Jones as a player.

“Julio looks so much more comfortable and has a better understanding of not only what it takes with our system but being a professional football player,” Smith said in an interview on the Falcons website. “He’s just going to continue to get better and better. I thought he had a great season last year and we anticipate the maturation process to continue.”

Jones put together a very strong close to the 2011 season and the offseason work should have him poised to pick up where he left off. Between Jones, Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez, the Falcons should have no shortage of targets for Matt Ryan to throw to next season.

7 responses to “Mike Smith expects a lot of growth from Julio Jones this offseason

  1. It wasn’t until I saw Jones play in person did I realize the type of potential he brings tothe table. A dude of his size with that speed…..WOW! And very selfless. He has the attitude and desire to be great.

    Jones and AJ Green will prove to be the best WR tandem to come out of the same draft in years. Both quality individuals too.

  2. I personally feel hes the best reciever to come out since Calvin Johnson. He reminds me of Terrell Owens without the personaity (i think thats a good thing).

  3. Stay off Twitter Julio, Roddy has screwed that up enough for 2 people.

  4. Now if they can just get him to hustle back to the line in time for the next play during no huddle, they wont have to refer to him as immature anymore.

  5. They “expect a lot of growth”…. really? They ought to expect the 2nd coming of Jerry Rice considering that they gave up the farm to get him.

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