New CBA forces Rivera to send players home


The offseason workout rules contained in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement have forced Panthers coach Ron Rivera to take unprecedented action.

He’s had to send players home from the facility.

“I went downstairs and said, ‘OK, everybody who’s been here since 7, you’ve got to go,’” Rivera tells Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer.  “So those guys got up and left.”

The CBA limits every player to six hours per day at the facility during Phase Three (the OTA phase) of the offseason program.  In Phase One and Phase Two, the limit was four hours.  During the upcoming three-day minicamp, players may be in the building up to 10 hours per day.

Rivera also is making sure that players don’t go too hard during practice, blowing the whistle if he hears helmets popping together.

“I have a disclaimer,” Rivera said.  “Keep your helmets and shoulders out of the drill.”

The only good news for Rivera and his peers is that having less time with players gives the coaching staff more time to prepare for the next day of practice.  After all, the coaches have no limits on the number of hours they can be at work.

30 responses to “New CBA forces Rivera to send players home

  1. Wish my boss would be forced to send me home after 6 hours and I could sue him for non existent concussions like most of these opportunistic players

  2. Why don’t we just go ahead and change it to the NFFL (National Flag Football League) because sadly that’s where we are headed!

  3. This is the main thing the players wanted (besides extra money) out of the labor drama last year. Fewer practices/less time at “work”.

  4. Let them practice,workout and train quit ruining the game. The CBA will ruin and make the NFL softer than it already is….

  5. Its sad when pop warner youth football players have more padded practice then our professional football players. Its no wonder why today’s NFL players don’t know how to tackle. Just turn on a game, missed tackles, leading with the helmet, corners afraid of contact…its getting to be pretty sad…. I hope they do something soon to turn this game back around…

  6. Wah wah go cry me a river all you who are complaining about these conditions of the CBA. NFL players are talented enough to have the negotiating chip known as leverage. Your boss could most likely find a replacement who is just as talented and whines less than you, hence why you don’t have these perks.

  7. This will lead to more young, single, invincible players having more time on their hands to get into some trouble. And the foolish fans will blame coaches even though these coaches, thanks to the CBA, are having less and less control of the time of these players. Rather, they have to kick guys out of the facility to give them more time to kill on their own. Wonder how many of these guys grabbed a beer or 6 after being kicked out in the afternoon of a sunny spring day?

  8. Good News: OTAs generate stories about teams practicing.
    Bad News: It’s worse than preseason games for the amount of actual game day info about a team.
    IMHO, do what you have to do to take care of the players till it really matters.
    Rivera will lead the Panthers where they need to be, when it matters. He can adapt and overcome.

  9. I think its better to ‘lock em up” in camp, rather then let them run wild. I expect to see more DUI’s, players trying to outrun the police, more drug arrests and throw in a few more wife beatings. Geezus, no one wants to work for their pay anymore.

  10. Beware NFL!

    Dana White over at the UFC is ready to bring back real football to us fans.

  11. can I get a job like this..I only make 50K..and have spent a grand total of 10- nights in my own bed this year..and shortest work week has been about 70 sad that these overpaid babies have to be at the office for 4 hours….

  12. Typical management, getting caught violating the union contract. The irony here is that Richardson who was a hard liner in the negotiations agreed on the CBA. Good luck Newton on throwing for 300 yards and losing with a circus franchise.

  13. FinFan68 says: May 29, 2012 11:12 PM

    This is the main thing the players wanted (besides extra money) out of the labor drama last year. Fewer practices/less time at “work”.
    I agree.
    Summary: I want million$ but don’t want to break a sweat doing it . Excellent.

  14. Okay, and 31 other NFL teams had to do the same thing as Rivera. Wow this is shocking news!

  15. bchapman2011 says: May 29, 2012 10:56 PM

    Wish my boss would be forced to send me home after 6 hours and I could sue him for non existent concussions like most of these opportunistic players”

    McDonalds “workin” you hard?

  16. Basically, what the last line states is that the coaches are still getting screwed by working, in some instances up to 23-24 hours, most of their days while players only have to put in a set amount of hours during the offseason. So, when can the coaches union go on strike?

  17. During his Hall Of Fame worthy career Ray Guy wandered around the Oakland Raiders facility for 12+ hours a day. Dazed and frequently lost

  18. So anyways, I was reading about Terrell Owens being cut from some bush-league nonsense in TX or FLA, and I couldn’t help but think, WHERE IS DREW ROSENHAUS NOW?

  19. while i don’t like them having to go home I do think if they really wanted it bad enough they could meet at one house & study there on things they could do after all current NFL players voted it in

  20. The NFL is becoming soft and bloated with excess cash being payed to players who think the world owes them a life of luxury without working for same.This goes beyond ridiculous and will only lead to mistakes on the field and more injurious play.High time we return to real football !

  21. And the hate and wealth-envy continue to flow…

    It is my opinion that any player who gets in trouble will get in trouble no matter what time quitting time is. People who think going to strip clubs with guns, or drinking gallons of alcoholic beverages, or getting into fights are good ways to spend your time are going to do those things whether they leave the team complex at 2 PM or 11 PM. Similarly, people who are not inclined to do those things will not start doing those things based on the time the workday ends.

    This is the first full offseason of the new CBA. Let’s wait and see what the quality of the product is over the next couple seasons before we start screaming about how bad the play is and how soft the players are.

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