Philbin doesn’t comment on Reggie Bush’s OTA absence


Reggie Bush plans to lead the league in rushing.  Before he can do that, he needs to persuade the Dolphins to give him the kind of work that would allow him to gain more yards than the rest of the league’s running backs.

Showing up for offseason workouts likely would help him achieve that goal.

Jeff Darlington of NFL Network reported earlier the Bush was a no-show for Tuesday’s Organized Team Activity session.  Coach Joe Philbin declined to provide a reason for Bush’s absence when meeting with the media.

“I don’t want to comment, I will talk about anyone who was here and what they did, but I am not going to talk about guys who were not here,” Philbin said.

It’s a smart approach, if the goal is to avoid being accused by the NFLPA of saying anything to suggest that the workouts aren’t voluntary.  Still, it’s unknown why Bush wasn’t present.

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post reports that Bush indicated on his Twitter page that he was in Las Vegas during the Memorial Day weekend.  On Monday night, Bush went Helen Boucher, declaring that “Vegas is the devil!

Joe Philbin apparently would agree.

13 responses to “Philbin doesn’t comment on Reggie Bush’s OTA absence

  1. This is part of the reason Bush wasn’t a better player in New Orleans. He seems to be very lackadaisical about football. Also he’s very lackadaisical about contact. But, boy, what natural physical gifts.

  2. I think they should make a rule that in order to have a Twitter account, you must possess an I.Q. higher than that of tree stump.

    That way we don’t have to read or hear the ramblings of morons.

  3. Way off usmutts…….. Reggie was without a doubt the hardest working guy on the team last year. First in, last out…….. He leads by example. He strived to be an everydown back and he did it. He’s been to all the voluntary stuff this year until this past holiday weekend.

  4. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…unless you flippin’ Tweet about it! C’mon Reggie, work with us!

  5. Bush knows he has to perform well and stay away from injuries this yr because its the final yr of his contract and if Lamar Miller plays well they might not sign him, all though he might do well in the pass game with the new system. Im excited to wee what happens with the Fins this yr, I think they might surprise people especially with the easy schedule!

  6. David Garrard was missing today too, and Philben declined to provide a reason for his absence as well… the difference being a reporter was able to reach Garrard’s agent and was told Garrard was helping clean up at home after a tropical storm this past weekend.

    As stated, it’s probably smart to avoid being accused by the NFLPA of saying anything to suggest that the workouts aren’t voluntary. On the other hand… anytime anything is unexplained, certain types take advantage to speculate – and make it sound as OMINOUS as possible.

    BTW – Bush has been anything BUT lackadaisical regarding football and contact in Miami. He regularly did extra work on his own after practices last season… and gave the impression he was trying to run someone over every time he made contact last year.

  7. I’ve always liked bush(the player that is). After seeing him ball okast year, I truly believe this will be his break-out year. He is a little monster of a beast, with truly gifted physical abbilities.

  8. This is gonna be Reggie’s year! He’s gonna lead the league in all the important categories this year. Slipping and falling before you get the handoff, running outta bounds before being tackled, not waiting for his blocks, missing easy passes because he might take a hard hit and a general lack of courage when running towards the line of scrimmage.

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