Tom Brady lets his hair down in Under Armour video


Last week’s ridiculous “news” story regarding the supposed theft of Chad Ochocinco’s Starbucks gold card reeked of a well-crafted marketing campaign from the coffee mega-franchise and the man with more than three million Twitter followers.  On Tuesday, the man who periodically threw footballs to Ochocinco in 2011 showed up in a much more obvious effort in product placement.

Pats quarterback Tom Brady appears in what amounts to a glorified Under Armour ad posted at  Though it’s somewhere between “funny” and “die,” it’s worth a look because it shows the typically aloof (when it comes to the media) Brady in a much different setting.

Then again, he’s surely getting paid handsomely for the effort.

While you may laugh (or possibly giggle, chuckle, tee-hee, or at a minimum go ‘Ha!’), Brady nevertheless has a long way to go to match Peyton Manning’s comedic skills and timing.

18 responses to “Tom Brady lets his hair down in Under Armour video

  1. Yeah, Peyton is probably funnier… But credit/blame should be directed less towars the athelte and more towards the writers room. SNL was simply better the 2 seasons latter when Peyton did it. Better cast and stronger writers.

    Anyway, credit here should go to Funny and Die and Under Armor. It’s pretty funny. Also, Florio, you sound like a joke when you also fail to see that Brady is a part owner of Under Armor. He’s working for himself.

  2. It wouldn’t be a Patriot’s article without my stupid mouth chiming in!

    Cheating, tainted, asteriks, yadda, yadda, yadda, you know, the same tired old stuff…

    What I wouldn’t give to be Tom Brady’s comb though — can you say DREAMY?!

  3. oh look, a lame hair joke from the writer of a Brady blurb……how original. And relevant too, considering he cut his hair at the beginning of last season.

    Oh and Brady was funny on SNL too.

  4. Don’t approve of where “funny or die” is going with these pseudo ads, but it was funny.

  5. Oh yeah, by the way Tom Brady, my local sports store wanted 38 bucks for a friggin pair of undershorts.

  6. I’ll do it for ya’s.
    The standy was flagged for roughing the qb and that was good for a Patriots First Down!

  7. i didn’t really think it was funny until he got mad and started yelling at the kid…tom brady was pretty hilarious on snl too though

  8. Geez, that Boston accent is the most moronic accent in the world.

    That accent is the only negative about movies like The Town and The Departed, sigh…

  9. sj39 says:
    May 29, 2012 3:06 PM
    Well I’ll be damned, Tom Brady dislikes Boston like the rest of us.
    Speak for yourself.

    I’ve actually been to Boston and I absolutely loved it.

    Great town.

  10. randallflagg52 says: May 30, 2012 1:35 AM

    Geez, that Boston accent is the most moronic accent in the world.

    That accent is the only negative about movies like The Town and The Departed, sigh…


    Im not from Boston (close by in RI) but that accent bothers me too. But to be honest the fake accents the actors used in the Departed and The Town were so overblown it wasnt even funny.

    Whats worse is that some of the worst offenders were actually actors from Massachusetts.

    Oh, and its worth mentioning that a VERY small percentage of the people from Boston actually have the hard accent that Hollywood tries to perpetuate.

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