Brian Banks lines up tryouts with Seahawks, three others


Brian Banks became a free man last week when his 2003 conviction on charges of rape and kidnapping was overturned when the alleged victim recanted her story.

Upon his release, Banks, a high school linebacker who was headed to USC when he was charged, said that he wanted a shot to play in the NFL. It looks like Banks is going to get that chance.

Rick Reilly of ESPN writes Wednesday that four teams have already reached out to Banks about tryouts. The Redskins, Chiefs and Dolphins all called Banks on Tuesday. That put them behind the Seahawks, who reached out to Banks earlier and scheduled a tryout for June 7th. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was the USC coach when Banks was derailed on his path to the school.

“I’ll make ’em happy,” Banks said. “After all I’ve been through these last 10 years, I can still do some things that will impress you.”

Banks is a long shot, obviously, but it would make a pretty great story even better if he could find his way onto an NFL roster.

27 responses to “Brian Banks lines up tryouts with Seahawks, three others

  1. I’d like to see this guy get a real chance.

    How can someone go through what he’s been through without bitterness?

  2. Why not give him a tryout? Great PR, updated roster sizes and he’s an athlete.

    If he does make it, my money is on Seattle. Carroll will use it to motivate his team…

  3. Gotta root for this guy. Another product of our horrible “justice” system.

    You know one thing, nobody is going to outwork this guy. I hope the ‘Hawks let him come to training camp.

  4. Hard not to root for this guy. Hope he goes to the dolphins, so we at least have one story line to follow other than the tannehill/moore competition.

  5. This has less to do with our justice system than the absolutely horrific woman that deliberately ruined his life.
    “How can she live with herself?” is the real question in this instance.

  6. Hopefully he can catch on with a practice squad at least to be around a program and get in the right physical shape. I’d imagine that would still be necessary no matter how athletic he may be. Will be an interesting story to watch, hopefully it works out for him.

  7. Is the NFL going to grant him an exception? If he didn’t enter the draft, he can’t sign with anyone. Otherwise, players could simply not enter the draft and just sign as a FA with whoever they choose.

  8. Still can not even comprehend why there are not charges for perjury and theft of the 1.5 million settlement for his accuser. She should serve the same sentence as he did.

    If this guy is half as determined on the field as he is in life he will make an impression somewhere, even better if he sticks as a Hawk.

  9. I can’t believe the accuser has not been arrested yet … Bunch of street-hoes in it for the money … Can’t believe she ruined his career and almost his life … Great to hear he is out and making the most of his situation class act!!

  10. As a business owner, I would love to have a guy like Brian Banks around. His humbleness throughout his horrific circumstances is a model to us all.

    I wish the best for you Mr. Banks. Hopefully you can get on a squad and get a well deserved check for your efforts and your tribulations. Kudos to all teams giving this kid a shot. I will be folowing this kid hopefully to some well deserved stardom.

  11. I wonder why they don’t get flamed like the Bengals do/would if it was them persuing him…

  12. Wow what a story. Glad he is out and I HOPE he makes the Skins roster.

    Good Luck Brian!!!

  13. @Kaz

    Your an idiot u kno that? Their not getting
    Heat because he was framed becuse a stupid high school girl wanted to get money. The bengals have a rep of signing legit guilty people which is why you are ripped on constntly when u sign players like pacman. they wouldn’t be getting anything bad if they had this guy trying out

  14. Kaz says:
    May 30, 2012 3:06 PM
    I wonder why they don’t get flamed like the Bengals do/would if it was them persuing him…

    WRONG. The difference is the Bengals consistently take on proven criminals, that’s why they get the bad rap.

  15. I hope the Seahawks get him. Sign him for depth, give him a year of strength training and working with Norton (LB coach of Seahawks) and this man could be something special, a real warrior out there. He’s already proven the heart, now all he needs is the training and a little time to catch up. I get the feeling he’d be the last one giving up on the field.

  16. In five years, when he and Irvin are tearing it up, Seattle’s defensive motto can be: “Defense so good, it’s (almost) criminal

    Or, not.

  17. BTW, she didn’t recant, she was taped saying it never happened. In other words she got caught in her lie. Also she isn’t an alleged victim. You can call her what she really is, a liar and a &^&%^%&!

    Please just try and get your story right when you publish something.

  18. Never mind, I got my answer. You become a FA if 4 years have passed since you were last in high school. But before 4 years , you would have to have entered and gone undrafted in order to be a FA

  19. Get him seachickens, if nothing else his attitude should lift the locker room.

  20. This is a great story, I hope this guy gets his shot somewhere. As a human being and a sports fan your heart has to go out for him. Good Luck Brian, HTTRedskins!

  21. what happens to her now?

    She should at least serve as much time as he did…not to mention the true rape victims out there were undermined by this piece of trash.

    And how the hell is this a great story? He lost a chance to go to USC, is given an uphill battle just to make any roster. This is horrible, at least he is out now.

    Good luck to him and hopefully he receives something in this life in return for what happened to him.

  22. After all that, would you really want to play football?

    It seems like you’ve got a pretty good settlement coming from the state.

    Then again, I guess it was the only thing he knew…

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