Dolphins looked into Brian Banks, decided not to offer him a tryout


Brian Banks, whose promising football career was cut short when he was imprisoned for rape before he could begin playing for USC, and who was recently exonerated after five years in prison after his accuser admitted she made the claim up, is now hoping some NFL team will give him a chance. But that chance will not come from the Dolphins.

After Florio proposed that the Dolphins could be the right team to give Banks a shot, the team gave a statement to PFT saying that shot is not forthcoming from Miami.

“We did our due diligence but did not invite him to a tryout,” the team said.

The 26-year-old Banks had his life derailed by the false accusation, and everyone who knows his story has to root for him. But he’s going to have an extremely difficult time making it to the NFL. It’s very rare to play in the NFL without playing college football, and it’s also very rare for any athlete to spend several years out of competition and be able to come back and perform at a high level. Banks probably won’t be playing in the NFL.

But Banks has lined up a tryout with the Seahawks, and if he ends up on their 90-man roster, he’d be one of the best stories of the NFL offseason.

22 responses to “Dolphins looked into Brian Banks, decided not to offer him a tryout

  1. As soon as I heard about him tryng to get a shot in the NFL I knew Carroll would give him a shot. Not only the prior relationship with recruiting, but they have never left a stone unturned. Good luck to Brian what ever happens.

  2. The woman who made up the crime needs to be put in prison for 20 years. I wish Banks the best. He deserves it after the hell that stupid woman put him through.

  3. Classy of Carroll to give Mr. Banks a shot, he’s been known to find a few diamonds in the rough during his time in Seattle so I hope this guy could be the next Mike Williams type comeback story.

    If he doesn’t stick in Seattle I hope the Ravens will give him a shot, can never have too much linebacker depth.

  4. I fail to see the harm in giving this young man a tryout after his dreams were shattered by a false accuser and the criminal justice system. He obviously had serious potential if he was offered a scholarship by USC. It is a shame what happened to him, and I pray that this doesn’t happen to others.

  5. Of course no one will mention the elephant in the room, that this happened to blacks systematically under the prior President.

  6. Hope this guy catches on with a team! If he cant find an NFL™ team, he should try the CFL™. He can always come back to the NFL™ if hes that good!

    Wish him all the best!

  7. For one that girl should and will be punished, second I hope that he makes it in the NFL, give him a shot, after being in prison and loosing everything, the guy will give 250% and never give up, and that’s the kind of players the NFL wants. Good luck to this kid.

  8. The Dolphins realized that Brian Banks would just be another player/coach that wants no part of the circus that Stephen Ross calls an NFL team.Instead of Banks signing with another team it was easier to bow out.

  9. Florio didn’t propose the Dolphins could be the right team to offer Banks a shot, he predicted it. I’m glad he didn’t reply to my post and give me the numbers for the Florida Powerball tonight. He would have been off that mark as well.

  10. I don’t know for sure but I doubt that there is, after all this time and statutes of limitations, any recourse to go after his accuser.

  11. Seahawks are giving him a shot because Carroll cares about the kids…. Dolphins would be strictly PR for Hard Knocks, or a diversion from Ireland and a lack of a #1 qb, wr, rb, etc…

  12. Women that falsely accuse rape should be sentenced for the same amount of time a man would get sentenced that actually committed rape.

  13. bullpuppy552 says:
    May 30, 2012 8:06 PM

    The woman who made up the crime needs to be put in prison for 200 years. I wish Banks the best. He deserves it after the hell that stupid woman put him through



  14. Hope his accuser burns for what she has done. She should be held liable in civil court for the damage she has done (as well as spend time in the slammer herself), but I imagine she set up an agreement to prevent all of that from happening.

    Wish him the best, hope he can still play at a high level…even for the SeaDawgs. Maybe he can make a practice squad and get on a roster next year.

  15. Ross must have made an executive decision after realizing the negative PR his team would face when Jeff Ireland inevitably asks if Bank’s mother was a prostitute.

  16. I never get into this sappy story crap but I find myself really rooting hard for this kid. An I agree with the post about throwing the woman in jail for 20 years. At least as long as he was in jail.

  17. I hope he can at least stick on some team’s practice squad. Otherwise, he’ll have to try going through the arena league, UFL, CFL, or some other side route to make it. Hey, it worked for Kurt Warner and Fred Jackson, so you never know.

    That woman is the lowest form of scum on the earth, and I hope she goes to jail for a long, long time.

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