Ike Taylor offers some advice to Mike Wallace

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We’ve been talking about Mike Wallace’s desire for a new long-term contract for so long that it has been hard to remember that there’s actually a deadline of some note rapidly approaching in the wide receiver’s impasse with the Steelers.

If Wallace doesn’t sign his restricted free agent tender by June 15th, the Steelers can slash his salary from $2.742 million to $577,000. That’s suddenly right around the corner, although there hasn’t been much movement on either side with deadline day rapidly approaching. Wallace is skipping OTAs, he isn’t expected to be at the June minicamp and who knows what could transpire from there.

Cornerback Ike Taylor has been in Wallace’s position of looking for a new deal from the Steelers in the past, which gives him the ability to offer some advice to his teammate. Taylor said, via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, he’s told Wallace he’d like to see him at practice to learn the new offense and cautioned that the Steelers “are not going to let you dictate to them on how you feel.” He also sent Wallace a message about leverage.

“Mike is going to be a Pittsburgh Steeler for years to come,” Taylor said. “(But I told him), at the end of the day: Football doesn’t need you; you need football.”

Assuming the Steelers don’t suddenly and completely reverse course by throwing a contract at his feet, Wallace’s choices at this point are pretty clear. He can sign the tender before it gets slashed, he could sign the deflated version in November so that he accrues a season toward free agency or he can sit out the whole season. Wallace might not like the first of those options, but it certainly seems like the most likely way to get what he wants out of this season.

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  1. Mike Wallace had better listen to Ike. They won’t put up with it and before he knows it, he’ll be traded to somewhere like the Jets and have Sanchez/Tebow “trying” to pass to him. – or Jacksonville, or Seattle, etc…

  2. Would love to see him a happy and healthy Steeler, but no way should the bank be broken. One way or the other he should be an exciting player to watch for several years. Good luck Mike!

  3. “Football doesn’t need you, you need football” Well said Ike!

    That goes for all players, don’t believe it? Ask T.O. Plaxico Burress, Jeff Garcia, Cedric Benson, Jeff George etc….etc……

  4. Wallace is not in a great position. While he is a good receiver, the Steelers have a good receiving corps with or without him. Sign the tender & get into camp to learn the new offense. The longer he’s out, the farther he is behind everyone else. If his #s suffer because of unfamiliarity with a new offense, bye-bye big contract next year.

  5. He’ll hold out as long as he can.i dont see him losing money though.they’ll get a deal done why else would they make all those off season cuts?

  6. Raven fan here,

    The Raven fan in me says sign Wallace and break the bank, but the football fan says, dont break the bank on him and worry about signing Antonio Brown.

    Brown is your future at WR that continues the Steeler way. Wallace is someone who is fast and has possibly plateau’d (Desean Jackson 2.0), Brown may be as fast and is a fearless pass catcher over the middle.

    Someone will overpay Wallace, but to continue to compete every year, you can’t hamstring your cap with a Wallace megadeal.

  7. No love lost if Ike Taylor goes away from football forever, but hey, that’s wisdom he’s laying down.


  8. ravenator says:
    Oh and if you ask their fan base, the Steelers have no problems at all, pathetic.


    Don’t remember any Steeler fan suggesting the Steelers didn’t have a few issues they need to address before the season starts. It’s just hard not to be optimistic when your team’s trophy case is crammed with Lombardi’s.

  9. I agree with Taylor, but I have a problem with a leader of the team telling this to the media rather than just telling it to Wallace and leaving it at that. Why does it need to leave the locker room?

  10. Taylor crossing the line here…bigtime.

    Every player in locker room knows you do not mess with the BUSINESS side of things involving a teammate. Goes on on every team in NFL, and you do not interfere when a player is ..negociating.

    This can/could potentially divide Steeeler locker room…so better to keep mouth shut.

  11. I have never understood why these guys make it so complicated. Just go play.

    Then seek financial consultation and learn to save/invest your immense stash of $$$.

  12. ravenator says:
    Oh and if you ask their fan base, the Steelers have no problems at all, pathetic.


    I love how people respond by acting like a whole fan base has one singular thought. Every “fan base” has their share of knuckleheads who can’t see anything but positives. They also have fans that are realistic about their teams chances. Which one are you?

  13. Ike Taylor has been stealing money for years. Wallace could learn a thing or two from Ike.

  14. @mistrezzrachael …

    Generally, I agree with you. It is better to stay out of your teammates’ business negotiations. And if you do say something, as Ike did, it should stay in the locker room.

    On the other hand, it seems as though Mike is getting some poor advice from his business managers. Makes me feel a little better knowing one of our vets offered some sound guidance. That’s a tight locker-room, and I expect Ike speaks for most of them, so this won’t cause division. The players know the Steelers will be fine without Wallace, if it comes to that. But it’s hard to watch a talented, but foolish, young man derail his own career.

  15. Ike Taloy, giving advice? Wallace would do himself a favor not to listen to this clown. He can’t cover, but hey, Steelers paid him like he can. Good to know Torrey Smith will be torching this fool for years.

  16. @ ravenator: you should try being more like bullybird with your perspective and comments. You are the one constantly making the pathetic douchbag comments on every steelers thread.

  17. Unless there is something physically wrong with Wallace, I don’t know what the hell he’s doing. He surely knows that PIT can’t give him the contract he seems to want. His only play could be to find a team they’ll trade his rights to, but if someone was willing to give him what he wants, they would have talked to him as a RFA.

    He’ sure acting as if he’s desperate to get a contract before having to show that he can play.

  18. @ratbirdator:
    Awwww, poor widdah ratbird fan still sore from the Steelers knocking your team out of the Superbowl hunt in 2010 – even after spotting you a two-touchdown lead at halftime just to make it interesting? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Go cry to Momma some more.

  19. ravenator says:
    May 30, 2012 5:26 PM
    Ike Taloy, giving advice? Wallace would do himself a favor not to listen to this clown. He can’t cover, but hey, Steelers paid him like he can. Good to know Torrey Smith will be torching this fool for years.


    Who is Ike Taloy? Oh wait…you must have a Baltimoron education. Wide left! Wide left! Good to know the ravens will continue to self destruct in the playoffs every year.

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