Jaguars tight ends set some big goals for 2012

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The tight end position was supposed to be a strength for the Jaguars last season, but things never really developed that way.

Marcedes Lewis went from the Pro Bowl to 39 catches in a season marred by off-field issues involving the mother of his daughter. Lewis didn’t catch a single touchdown and only had two catches in the red zone. Zach Miller played in just four games and caught four passes before hitting injured reserve with a shoulder injury.

Lewis says his off-field distractions are behind him and Miller is healthy, so both men are now setting their sights on next season. The new offense being installed by coach Mike Mularkey and offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski has more focus on throwing to the tight ends, something that has Miller thinking big about how productive he and Lewis will be this season.

“We want to be the best tight end duo in the league,” Miller said, via Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union. “You look up in New England with [Rob] Gronkowski and [Aaron] Hernandez, we want to be better than them.”

One of the nice things about shooting for the moon is that you’ll still be among the stars if you happen to fall short. The difficulty for Lewis and Miller is that their level of ascent is directly related to Blaine Gabbert’s rate of improvement. Without a major leap on that front, there won’t be a sizable one for the tight ends either.

5 responses to “Jaguars tight ends set some big goals for 2012

  1. Blaine has the tools … Just needs the coaching/time.

    Or we can mindlessly bash away.

  2. Let’s do the math:

    Gronkowski/Hernandez – 169 catches, 2237 yards and 25 TD’s

    Lewis/Miller – 43 catches, 502 yards and 1 TD.

    “we want to be better than them?”
    I’ll take the under.

    Saddest part of all is the Jaguars’ Zach Miller wasn’t even the best Zach Miller playing TE in the NFL last season.

  3. Lewis should give back the money he was paid last season. AWOL all year long. Same for Mike Thomas after he signed his deal. They were more of a hindrance than a help to Gabbert.

    You pull down 10 million, no one cares about your baby momma problems, Lewis. No one.

  4. “One of the nice things about shooting for the moon is that you’ll still be among the stars if you happen to fall short.”

    Whoever came up with that metaphor needs a crash course in Astrophysics 101

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