Jonathan Baldwin opening eyes with offseason work

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Dwayne Bowe’s absence from Chiefs workouts has left a void at the top of the wide receiver depth chart.

Jonathan Baldwin is doing his best to fill that void as he goes through the offseason program for the first time as a professional. Baldwin, a first-round pick last year, missed out on this stage of the work because of the lockout, but he is earning raves around Chiefs camp for his deeper understanding of the playbook. That has led to Baldwin getting ample opportunities to show off his ability to make plays against single coverage.

“He’s a guy that likes to go up and compete and there’s not a lot of corners in the league that can go up vertically with him,” ” quarterback Matt Cassel said, via Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star. “Guys like that, you have to give them an opportunity to make a play. He’s such a big target, and he’s so physical that you just kind of have to put it in the vicinity and try not to overthrow him. Just give him an opportunity to go up and outbattle somebody for the ball.”

Baldwin’s rookie year got off to a slow start thanks to a training camp fight with Thomas Jones and he ended the year with just 21 catches. A full offseason of work should benefit him a great deal, especially since his size (6’4″, 230 pounds) gives him a clear advantage over cornerbacks every week of the season.

If Bowe gets back and Baldwin keeps progressing, defenses will have tough choices to make while defending the Kansas City passing game.

15 responses to “Jonathan Baldwin opening eyes with offseason work

  1. Beast mode.

    Now we just need a franchise QB to make him and Bowe into stars. (although Bowe is already an unknown star)

  2. “If Bowe gets back and Baldwin keeps progressing, defenses will have tough choices to make while defending the Kansas City passing game.”

    Why, who’s going to get them the ball?

  3. Again, why exactly didn’t Peyton even consider KC? I think the Chiefs might have been a 14-2 team with Peyton. Cassel just needs to be average and they should be a playoff team.

  4. @joetoronto

    Matt Cassel, the guy who found Bowe for 15 touchdowns in 2010. Even he could put up good numbers against the Raiders band of backup defensive backs.

  5. @bucrightoff

    Money. It’s okay, though. Peyton has two habits that will make this rivalry fun: playing poorly against the Chiefs, and playing poorly against Romeo Crennel defenses.

  6. If the 49ers did as well as they did last year with Alex Smith, the Chiefs will win their division with Cassel.

    I see this team going deep in the playoffs. Lots Rolf talent and lots of depth. They’re gonna be scary this year.

  7. The reason Manning isn’t in KC is the Hunts are cheap! They figure they can get by with Matt “Noodle Arm” Cassel one more year then pick up another QB off someone’s scrap heap. Probably another Patriot backup. With all those weapons you’d figure a team that is legitimate about trying to win a Sb would have bent over backwards trying to get the best QB they could to run that offense. A shame really, all that firepower and no one to pull the trigger…

  8. Don’t put weight into any of these OTA rookie assessments. What are the coaches going to say? We screwed up, the guy looks like crap & he’s a bust? Once the pads go on & these rookies are playing against OTHER teams, that is when you know whether a guy is any good.

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