Kiwanuka calls Osi Umenyiora’s contract a “bad deal”

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Osi Umenyiora’s teammates on the Giants defense are showing him some support in his long battle with the Giants about a new contract.

Defensive end Justin Tuck did an interview with Jim Rome on Tuesday and said that he thinks Umenyiora “deserves to get paid,” but said that he also understands the Giants’ point of view when it comes to not giving Umenyiora a new contract. Linebacker Mathias Kiwanuka went a little bit further in comments on Wednesday.

Kiwanuka signed a three-year extension with the Giants earlier this offseason, something that sparked a strong reaction from Umenyiora because he claims Kiwanuka got more guaranteed money.

“He’s been under contract in a bad deal for years now,” Kiwanuka said, via Jorge Castillo of the Newark Star-Ledger. “Anybody who looks at the situation would say, ‘Well, this should’ve been taken care of a long time ago.’ For whatever reason it hasn’t so I understand his frustration. I know that it wasn’t a slight at me. I know he was just trying to get his point across.”

Nothing Kiwanuka or Tuck have to say seems to be swaying the Giants much. Sal Paolantoinio of ESPN reported Wednesday that the two sides remain “very far apart” in their discussions about a new deal. Umenyiora has not joined the Giants for offseason workouts and his intentions for June’s mandatory minicamp aren’t known. He staged a brief holdout last summer before eventually reporting to camp in time to join the team for their Super Bowl run.

19 responses to “Kiwanuka calls Osi Umenyiora’s contract a “bad deal”

  1. you agreed to it. now shut your trap and play. your lucky you make what you do. be wise and dont blow it osi.

  2. I hope Osi has fired his agent since signing this “bad deal”. One can’t help feel for a guy who signed a crap contract, but that’s why you get the best agent you can.

  3. Say what you will, but Osi played his butt off in the playoffs! 3.5 sacks i believe and saved a TD when he stripped rodgers… Give me a good contract that he likes but doesnt hurt the Giants bottom line.

  4. His deal was NOT a bad deal, it was simply front loaded! He got paid his big $$ early on, so now it seems like he’s getting paid too little…he knew what he was signing when he signed it…he should be confident enough that when he’s honored his contract, the Giants will reward him with a new one…

  5. He couldn’t sign that front-loaded “bad deal” fast enough a couple years ago. What a crybaby. Sheesh!

  6. Riiiigggght. Then in 10 years when Osi goes broke, he’ll whine that concussions have ruined his life. You EARNED your money Osi, but you blew the management of it. This guy has the nerve to call other people women? Maybe Shady can lend him a few bucks.

  7. As a Giant’s fan, I appreciate his teammates sticking up for Osi. In reality though, Osi agreed to this “bad contract” and had no problem being payed a big portion up front. And now that he is earning the lesser end of the contract, it is all of a sudden a bad deal? No way! Osi wants a long term deal, but only has a couple decent years left. I understand he performed well in the playoffs. He should have though with JPP, Tuck, and company surrounding him. The Giants are not going to pay him what Osi thinks he deserves.

  8. It’s funny when players agree to these front loaded contracts and then hold out near the end. I guess the big amount of money up front looks so good that they don’t see or think about the “little” (yeah right, over a million dollars is little) money that they will receive in the final years of the contract.

    The deal was great because Osi is simply a one trick pony. He’s fast and explosive and great at strip sacks. However, he isn’t strong and because of that he struggles against the run and at times even if he can get a lineman moving backwards on a bull rush attempt he can’t maintain it.

  9. Pay the man! Oh wait, the Giants ALREADY DID pay the man with that huge contract only a few years ago. Can’t stand that the next guy gets “more money” than you THIS year? Then maybe they should stop signing long term deals and sign 2-3 year contracts so they get the next market rate.

    It’s not like he’s getting screwed from his rookie year contract when they really are underpaid once they start performing. No sympathy.

  10. Osi signed an extension that gave him istant up front money but cost him. On the back end. Of the deal and now he is whining. Just like he did before that extension that paid him right away like he wanted. The dude always complaining and justifying it with his revisionist history. Shut up!

  11. Pay the man! He’s in the .00001% who has actually played the 7th year of a 7 yr contract. Anyone else would have gotten an extension already or, if they sucked, would have been CUT by the same team who signed the contract but doesn’t have to honor it.

    If you say “he signed it, too bad”, I hope you are not also the type that say, he sucks…cut him. Otherwise, you are a hypocrite.

  12. I am really tired of “the you are lucky that you make what you make so just shut up and play” crowd. That is an outdated and ignorant stance that most fans take towards sports athletes.

    Elite sports athletes deserve every single cent they get and more. This idea that athletes are paid way too much for just playing a game is so passe and foolish.

    Pro sports leagues and teams in america like the NFL are a massive business that generates billions of dollars and the athletes deserve to get a good portion of the profits. In this case and in most cases, The athletes get a very small percentage of what’s made and the athletes are so elite and special in their field that they deserve to be rewarded in accordance with what their unique skills produce. The average person does not possess the skills that these unique athletes have. It’s an extremely small of percentage of the population that have the skill set to play pro football.

    In a football player’s case. They should always look to be compensated in accordance to what the market is for their respective position and skills.

    The Osi case is a tough one because he agreed to and signed a deal and now wants more money. Osi Umenyiora is an elite player at a premium position. He signed a contract and is looking for a raise. That’s not uncommon in any field of work. He shouldn’t be hated upon because he is looking for better compensation in a field where the life span of a career is very short. Whether he deserves that raise or not is a different story but he deserves to make the money that he makes and he is well within his right to look for a raise in pay. Whether or not he gets it is a different story.

  13. Front loaded deals always seem like bad ones during their final two years from the player’s perspective. We didn’t hear many complaints from Osi during the first two years.

    The deal was the same then as it is now.

  14. osi isnt making chump change.

    when young players like arian foster and lesean mccoy make $500k per year, they have a right to complain.

    when a guy like osi makes multi-millions on a contract extension HE SIGNED, he won’t get any sympathy.

  15. Osi complains alot and yes he got most of his money up front but he is playing on a terrible contract based on his performance. One more year like the last Osi and you will get paid.

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