Prediction: Dolphins will offer Brian Banks a contract


As Alper pointed out earlier this afternoon, Brian Banks has drawn the attention of four NFL teams, less than a week after being cleared of rape and kidnapping charges that wrongfully put him in prison for five years.

And when reviewing Alper’s item (hey, I read the stuff the other guys write . . . sometimes), one team jumped off the electronic page.

The Dolphins.

The newest subjects of HBO’s Hard Knocks needs compelling story lines.  And they don’t have many (or, arguably, any).

Banks would give them a fascinating plot line that could draw in some of the same mainstreamers who would have tuned in for Tebow.

It will be ridiculously easy for the Dolphins to justify giving Banks one of the training-camp roster spots, given that the limit has spiked from 80 to 90 this year.  And since teams can keep 90 players until after the third preseason game, Banks would be around for most of the series.

As a result, I’m willing to slide out onto the limb and predict that the Dolphins will offer him a contract.  (I’m not yet ready to predict he’ll accept it, if he has other options.)

I’ll also wager that the Dolphins will call it a “football decision.”

For more on why the Dolphins are doing Hard Knocks, here’s a chunk of Wednesday’s PFT Live.

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24 responses to “Prediction: Dolphins will offer Brian Banks a contract

  1. that’s great…and if he does well and makes the team…Hollywood will give him a call for a movie

  2. Dammit….Now I feel like I gotta root against him.

    Also, can he play Wide Receiver?

  3. So we need to sign this guy to have a storyline? What about our new coach, new QB, Basketball player-turned accountant-turned TE prospect storylines?

    I get that we haven’t done anythin since Marino retired, but why is the national media piling on the Dolphins. Its not like the Jags, Chiefs, Bengals were “marquee” franchises on Hard Knocks.

    The Dolphins could cure cancer and invent an alternative fuel and they’d catch sh*t for it. *Eye roll

  4. Or, maybe he’ll visit Seattle and Miami, then when he signs with Seattle, Miami fans can claim he wasn’t that good and they didn’t want him anyway….for the second time this offseason.

  5. Dolphins are completely bland. Ross and Philbin are about as dynamic as the st0ne heads on Easter Island, and there is a facial resemblance there as well. Tannehill has the charisma of a 57 year old chartered accountant who relaxes playing with Civil War figures in his basement.

  6. actually 4 teams are looking at him but the seahawks were first to call him and set up a workout. pete was the guy that recruited him out of high school before he was wrongly accused…i hope someone picks him up so he can rebuild his career. good luck to him

  7. No compelling story lines, gimme a break…….. What did the jets, bengals have ? Is it criminals you want ? Really ? Miami has a new coaching staff, they’re even changes schemes on both sides of the ball. The front office was protested against after missing out on harbaugh, fisher, manning, flynn, etc…… they drafted the guy who was pretty much the talk of the draft, and its assumed he’s not even ready for the NFL…. Reggie Bush is one of the most popular players in the league….. They have a qb competition, battles at WR and Safety…. There’s Les Brown who was a scrawny accountant last year but transformed into a beast in hopes of making it in the NFL. We have Jimmy Wilson, who actually did kill someone, making a name for himself in the NFL. You have a lot to learn.

  8. 72dolphinsfan says: May 30, 2012 3:35 PM
    The Dolphins could cure cancer and invent an alternative fuel and they’d catch sh*t for it. *Eye roll


    That’s because the cure wouldn’t take effect until after the patient was already dead, and they’d end up spilling all the alternative fuel into the ocean.

  9. “The newest subjects of HBO’s Hard Knocks needs compelling story lines. And they don’t have many (or, arguably, any).”
    Miami was a fine choice for the show. Quit with the protest of any Hard Knocks that doesn’t feature a team that has, or had, Tebow.

  10. Miami isn’t the type of organization to offer a guy like Banks a contract for simply a storyline.

    Second chances can be great opportunities for both sides.

    He’ll immediately be a member of the Dolphins family whether he is a good player or not.

  11. “And they don’t have many (or, arguably, any).”

    Really? Because you seem downright obsessed with them.

  12. “The newest subjects of HBO’s Hard Knocks needs compelling story lines. And they don’t have many (or, arguably, any).”

    They have plenty… including this storyline already.

    Google Jimmy Wilson.

  13. Too bad… The Dolphins already said” No Thank You” I wish the Man good luck, but I imagine without College and real competition for years, he doesn’t have it. Ironically it is now 9:45pm and it is funny to read how wrong Florio and all you retarted Fans and Dolphin Haters are. Yes, the Kid will tryout for the Seahawks, but only because the USC Coach is there. No, he didn’t choose the Seahawks over the Fins or the Fins let him get away either. Plain and simple, he does not have whatt it takes to make an NFL Roster, just like the Dolphinsvdid not see Star QB in Matt Flynn. He will not be a a Bust, but will never be a high tier Starter either. He is the same as Matt Moore, good competent, but not great and certainly not worth his adking price. Go ahead and hate on the Phins, but thry are making great personnel and financial moves that will help their future.

  14. The Giants will sign this guy & some how, some way, they will turn this guy into a beast OLB or FS. Just watch.

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