The Pro Bowl will be played in 2013


The Pro Bowl isn’t dead yet.

Despite talk of suspending the game after this year’s poorly played contest, the NFL announced Wednesday that there will be a Pro Bowl in 2013. The game will be played in Hawaii once again, ending speculation that it would be played at the Superdome the week before the Super Bowl. The decision came after negotiations between the league and the NFL Players Association about the future of the game.

“The players have made it clear through the NFL Players Association that they would like the opportunity to continue to play the Pro Bowl in Hawaii,” said NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Ray Anderson. “We will support the players on this initiative to improve the Pro Bowl. We have had many discussions with the players in recent years about the Pro Bowl and they recognize that the quality of the game has not been up to NFL standards. We look forward to working with the players toward the goal of improving the competitiveness of this season’s game.”

Anderson offered no suggestions about how they hope to improve the competitiveness of the game, which still drew a strong television rating in spite of being fairly unwatchable. Neither did NFLPA President Domonique Foxworth.

“The players believe that the Pro Bowl is an important tradition,” said Foxworth. “We worked hard with the league to make sure the best players in the NFL are honored for their achievements on the field.”

The game, which will be broadcast by NBC, will be played on January 27th at Aloha Stadium.

56 responses to “The Pro Bowl will be played in 2013

  1. Boycott the Pro Bowl! It’s the only way it will go away. Stop supporting horrible football!!!

  2. ‘Played’? There is no such thing as a Pro Bowl actually being ‘played’.

  3. If you think about All-Star games in the major sports are in decline and are a hard sell

  4. I would really enjoy them getting together in Hawaii after the season (so the Super Bowl players can attend) for a celebration and skills competition type event, like the QB Challenge. They could come up with fun events for everyone, even the offensive linemen pushing a weighted sled or something similar. That would be more fun than watching them go through the motions of a game. At least we could see them compete and learn a little more about the people themselves. I would watch that, but not the game.

  5. I’m in for the boycott. Last year was just so God awful. I can watch almost any football game, but I think I remember flipping over to Restaurant Impossible or Repo Games last year. Now THAT’S bad football.

  6. The players dont give a bleep about the tradition of the Pro Bowl…They just want a free vacation and a little pocket change..worst tradition ever

  7. If all the games were played with this type of intensity, there would be no concussion issues…

  8. I fully understand the position of some people that “the pro bowl is boring or even terrible, so I’m not going to watch it.” That’s fine. What I don’t understand is the position that “the pro bowl is boring/terrible, so it should be abolished.”

    If you hate the Pro Bowl, great. Don’t watch it. Heck, even I almost never watch it. But obviously there are a lot of people that like it enough that it got a “good” rating. So let the people that enjoy the flag football exhibition have their fun. It’s not even hurting anyone anymore since the players are playing at 40%.

    I would rather players play at 40% and stay safe than play at 100% and risk injury. If the game is boring, I’ll watch something else. But the stance that people have that “the game is boring so it should be abolished” is absolutely ridiculous.

  9. “The players believe that the Pro Bowl is an important tradition,” said Foxworth
    That’s a joke right? Lawyer speak. No player cares at all about tradition. The only thing they think about is Pro Bowl bonuses and Hawaii. Does Foxworth really think we’re that stupid.

  10. The guys on the losing team need to pay the guys on the winning team $100,000.

  11. Awesome! More millionaires going through the motions and feigning football in order to get a paycheck. What a complete waste of time.

  12. For heavens sake, …. just move the game to Spring Break weekend! By that time, …. any kind of football is entertaining. Sheesh!

  13. The solution is, all inter-conference games played the following season will be played in the winning conference’s stadium. It would tip the balance of home games, but if you wanted to raise the stakes….

  14. I turned it on and then proceeded to fall asleep on the couch. I suppose for TV ratings that counts as me watching the whole thing.

    Most all-star games are tough to watch. My rankings of best-to-worst:
    1. Hockey: (player draft rather than East vs. West)
    2. Baseball
    3. Basketball
    4. Football

    Both Basketball and Football suffer from the same issue: no desire to play defense or get physical.

    Baseball should be the purest game, but they aren’t playing to win, every team gets a representative, every pitcher gets an inning or a batter, there’s now a minor leaguer mop-up guy to avoid ending in a tie as occurred recently when they ran out of pitchers. Oi.

    I’d rather watch a football skills competition or anything that resembled a competition.

  15. Almost no one cares about the probowl, and that includes the players themselves. You can tell from their play. If the players didnt get a check for being in it win or loss they wouldnt want to play the game either. Cancel it and have a skills competition instead or something. best qb, wr rb and so on… that would be more interesting to watch anyways. At least in that they may TRY!

  16. It would be a lot more fun to get all the players together in Hawaii, and have them play a televised Madden 2012 tournament. While the images would still be stiff and shaky, it would be more lifelike than what we have now.

  17. Whats the point of having a position skills competiton instead of the Pro Bowl ?

    The best players are dukin’ it out at the Superbowl….

  18. Good. Because Jake Locker needs to play in at least one before they cancel it. 🙂

  19. The players have made it clear they want a trip to Hawaii, even if they have to “play” in the Pro Bowl.

  20. Why not have it mid-season like other sports? All the teams can have a second bye-week while the game is being played.

  21. I love the Pro Bowl! Blame the players for their total and complete lack of Professionalism when they are getting paid good mooney, our money to entertain us and show us effort and that they are men who can motivate themselves out of respect for the game!

  22. If the NCAA passes vote on its 4-team playoff, they should schedule the championship game DIRECTLY OPPOSITE the Pro Bowl. Then maybe Goodell and Foxworth will get the message and put a bullet through it.

  23. I wasted my time watching the entire first half this past February thinking it would get better when the starters where no longer playing.

    fool me once, shame on you…. fool me twice, shame on me.

  24. The only reason and I mean the only reason, anyone could get a semi-chub about the Pro-bowl is, it’s like being in a bar at closing time and that chic with the nice rack smiles at you. You know it’s going to be awkward, nobody is going to give it their best effort, but what the hell, your an all-star tonight and it’s your last chance for awhile.

  25. “They have to be able to find a way to make this game entertaining.”

    Not true … they don’t HAVE to play the game … for crying out loud, people — as long as the TV ratings are good, this awful thing won’t go away. take advantage of the NFL putting this in the Dead Week between the Conference Championships and the Super Bowl — take the family on a ski trip, or take a “day date” with the wife (you know, the one you’ve ignored every Sunday since August), or volunteer at a local school event, or clean the garage … ANYTHING but watching the stupid Pro Bowl.

  26. “If the NCAA passes vote on its 4-team playoff, they should schedule the championship game DIRECTLY OPPOSITE the Pro Bowl. Then maybe Goodell and Foxworth will get the message and put a bullet through it.”

    give this man the Nobel Peace prize — this is the best idea ever.

  27. instead of the pro bowl they should do an awards show like they do with music/movies etc.

    I realize they do something like this on espn already, but the one they do is awkward and poorly produced.

    If they actually did a prime time network show it coudl work really well. They could make it intertaining by doing in with say, NBC and working wiht the SNL cast to do skits or something else entertaining.

    Yes maybe this is a stupid idea but it would be far better than the pro bowl. At least people MIGHT watch it. And if they did, at least there would be the SLIGHT chance of entertainment.

    Unlike the pro bowl, which is compeltely not entertaining and nobody watches it.

  28. Move the game back to 2 weeks after the Super Bowl when people are jonesing for one last NFL game. The mistake was playing it the week b4.

  29. Here’s my crazy idea. It could be fun chaos.

    1. Pro bowl players choose an “on the bubble but not signed” player to represent them for the game. Basically their horse to run. Sort of real fantasy.

    2. Each player/bubble has a charity sponsor to represent that will benefit. Media could exploit the aw shucks stories.

    3. Play the game in Oct/Nov(?) so any “bubble” player who really shines has a shot to make a team.

  30. why don’t they just do a skills challenge instead of the Pro-Bowl? much less risk and the players would actually try. they could do a lot more player fan interaction and draw better crowds.
    Football is to violent of a game to have an all-star game.

  31. I feel sad for anybody gullible enough to buy what the NFL is selling about how the players “wanted the opportunity to continue” playing that game.

  32. If they MUST play this POS Pro Bowl then they should do the following:

    1. Fine players that play in the Pro Bowl and that don’t reach their personal average for their skill set…QB’s-completion percentage, RB’s- avg yds per game, etc… this might not work for every position but it would help.

    2. Keep it in Hawaii but move the date. The best choice would be a week after the SB. Otherwise do it in Feb or March when we’re starting to Jones for football. Anything later and injuries could become an issue for the upcoming year.

    3. Another suggestion is to drop preseason to 3 games and make the final preseason game an away game for the losers of the Pro Bowl. It provides a little incentive since most teams don’t want to end the pre-season with a loss which is more likely to happen if it’s an away game. Essentially, the winning conference at the Pro Bowl would get 2 home games in pre-season while the losers would only get 1.

    4. Tweak the choosing component on players. Currently a number of players go based solely on reputation and not on how they played the previous year. Pro Bowl should be a reward for outstanding play and not for being on camera. I’d suggest an actual, rational piece that disallows anyone from playing that was not in the top third in avg. for their skill set…. At a minimum this would exclude popular players that didn’t play all or most of the year but regularly get voted to go based on reputation.

    I’m sure there are other suggestions equally valuable. My main point is that it is preferable to ending the Pro Bowl if they’re not willing to tweak it to make it competitive and entertaining.

  33. Good for Goodell. This move surprises me, but it’s the right move. Now offer up a hefty bonus for winning the game and we might have something…

  34. Dont alot of players have incentives in their contracts that pay more money for probowl appearances?

    Of course the players wouldn’t wanna get rid of it.

  35. Strong tv ratings? Who watches it and why, people are so weird, it’s so bad. They need to make it like a Harlem globe trotters exhibition with a microphone on the field and gags and such, then play for like an hour hour and a halt tops.

  36. Only those truly without a life watch that worthless Pro Bowl! Sorry but the Pro Bowel hasn’t been professional for decades, it’s just a pathetic excuse of a football game. Too bad it isn’t played mid-season like other sports, maybe that would encourage better play. I won’t be watching the 2013 pro bowel, I’ll take a nap to do something more entertaining and productive.

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