Vernon Davis: Randy Moss looks like the guy I used to watch


Before he ever got to the NFL, 49ers tight end Vernon Davis was a Randy Moss fan. Now Davis is a Randy Moss teammate, and he says the guy he sees on the field at Organized Team Activities shows off all the same athletic talent as the guy he watched — and tried to emulate — while he was developing as a football player.

Davis told Trey Wingo on ESPN that he’s seen Moss make the same kinds of jaw-dropping plays on the 49ers’ practice field that he used to make when he was in his prime.

“Randy caught a pass the other day, I mean — man, come on,” Davis said. “He caught a pass, there were three guys on him in practice, and he went up with two hands, and he looked like the old Randy Moss that I used to watch when I was in high school and college.”

Moss didn’t play at all last year and wasn’t any good the year before that, but if he’s even close to the player he was during his best seasons with the Vikings and Patriots, then Davis will have a teammate who can transform the 49ers’ passing game.

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  1. “There was another play that was designed to go to the tight end, and he looked like the old Randy Moss that I used to watch when I was in high school and college, Randy was slow off the line and never really ran his route.”

  2. Randy with a chip on his shoulder = Dangerous Randy. Fantasy Owners, this is a must buy!!!

  3. As soon as he isn’t involved in the first series or is used as a decoy he will completely shut it down and quit and sulk .

  4. Randy Moss still needs a competent quarterback, and Alice Smith is still far from competent.

  5. Funny. Every other new team he joins, they all say the same thing. Then the season starts and same “old” Randy.

  6. Really wish i had the time to go through the archives and see how many times i’ve read this exact same article. Randy does this every time.

  7. If they can help him keep his head in the game, this could be a great addition to an already good team.

  8. Moss is a headcase for sure but I wouldn’t put it by him to have a great season. Nothing drives the guy more than the “doubters”.

  9. “but if he’s even close to the player he was during his best seasons with the Vikings and Patriots..”

    i remember reading that same line when he signed with the Titans..

    at least he kept the bench nice and toasty during the winter months of the season. i’ll be surprised if he makes any significant impact this year

  10. Randy hasnt really lost a step….he had a problem with not fighting to get open on short routes and not running under the football on deep routes…if he stays healthy he’ll have an unbelievable year and could actually break a few 9’er season records….

  11. MDS,
    I’m not sure it’s accurate to say “He wasn’t any good” in his last year. Fair to say he didn’t have many catches, but in TN, he didn’t even PLAY. Hard to catch passes (or drop them for that matter) when you’re not even in the game.
    I”m not sure what was going on with Moss in TN, (i.e., what he was traded for but then not played) but I am a Vikings fan, and when he was with them in 2010 he didn’t lack any speed or capability. There simply wasn’t time to throw him the ball very much. The only thing Moss lacked with the Vikings in 2010 was good judgement as it relates to keeping your mouth shut about the quality of food catering…

  12. Randy Moss actually selected this team. He’s not playing for the money, and he’s not playing because he was picked up on waivers or traded. He’s playing specifically because he has something to prove. The 49ers went 13-3 last year WITHOUT Moss, and have returned nearly all of the starters from last year. If Dante Culpepper could get him the ball, Alex should be fine.

    Just watch…

  13. Can we find any comments from last year about how Braylon Edwards looked like a terror in red and gold?

    Bet you can find a few if you look…

  14. Don’t worry the first time he runs the only route he knows and Smith under throws him by 20 yards, you’ll see the Randy that three teams gave up on in 2010, and no one wanted on a roster last year.

  15. Being a Viking fan (yes it hurts) and having the privilege to watch him over the years, I really hate how he is portrayed in the media. Randy is simply not a leader. I hate that we expect so much out of everyone. He is a good player on good teams and bad teammate on bad teams. However, his talent cannot be denied, he is one of the bes,t if not the best wr to ever play. Even thought he has brought a lot of negativity upon himself, I wish him the best!

  16. igeorgiaboy says:
    May 30, 2012 10:47 AM
    Randy with a chip on his shoulder = Dangerous Randy. Fantasy Owners, this is a must buy!!!
    He’s had a chip on his shoulder his whole career, hell, even longer.

    This guy should be the greatest ever, but he probably won’t even make the HOF.

    A true waste of talent.

    Oh ya, he always looks good BEFORE the season starts, just so you know.

  17. Just another case of a guy looking good in shorts. Moss will revert back to his old self after Smith throws a few bounce passes his direction.

  18. Vikings didn’t give up on him in 2010, B.C. did. Most players and fans thought he was our lone legitimate deep threat, then when Favre threw bombs to Randy for TDs instead of negative 2 yard passes to our slow fullback Childress went on a power trip and cut him.

  19. To paraphrase Mike Tyson: Everybody looks great until they get hit in the face.

    Wait until the bullets start flying and see how eager Randy is to go over the middle.

  20. Not a 49ers fan nor cowboys but am a kowboy who loves football! WHY does everybody have to be NEGITIVE (sorry no spell check)? I hope him all the best. WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES AND REGRET WHEN WE DO! “Been there, Done that. Got the teeshirt”! Are you all so perfect to throw that “First Stone/Rock”! The weapons they have and what I seen last year, look out! I like to see Good/Great games! Mostly don’t care who wins but I do have a couple favorites. You guess, Born in Pa. and live in Az. Ak.. Love the old Steelers, steel curtain and my man Bradshaw! I believe Kolb will be good with off season. Second time to comment, can’t stand the negative crap!!

  21. lmao…..all off season all we have heard from the niners is how good randy moss looks, and how he looks like he was in his prime. That and how Cam Newtons stats didn’t mean didley squat.

    Delusional stuff.

  22. Vernon Davis is blowing smoke because that’s the only way to keep Moss engaged.

    The Patriots did the same thing.

    If he’s engaged he can still add to an offense for sure. He’s just to old to be magical like he used to be. Since Revis started shutting him down in man coverage he’s not been the same guy.
    I’m not so sure he can open up the underneath passing game like he used to.

  23. seahulk9 says:
    May 30, 2012 11:19 AM
    a crappy qb and a 40 yr old wr…….. sounds promising

    Is Steve Largent coming out of retirement? You’re too kind about his age.

  24. Funny what completely opposite directions Randy Moss and Terrell Owens seem to be going in. Moss was never as much of a chump anyway and seems like he actually has a working brain and not just an ab machine and a kardashian-esque ego complex

  25. Some serious underestimation of Moss and Smith in these comments. Randy Moss is a brat, but he excels under strict disciplinarian coaches (think Belichik, then think Harbaugh). Alex Smith got the shaft for the first few years in the league, numerous coaching changes, but has developed into an above-average QB who wins in the NFL.

  26. Can’t really defend Randy here. Obviously we’ve all seen his act and his “I’ll play when I wanna play” attitude. I was not very happy when he signed, but now I’ve got no choice. I’ll give him his chance….plus that team friendly contract means no risk of the team.

    As for the Alex Smith stuff….. He has had accuracy issues in the past, but came up big when it counted. So just chew on that little tidbit. By the way…seahulk….. Your QB was Tavaris Jackson so pump the breaks a little. 🙂

  27. It was never a physical problem with Randy as while he’s not in his prime he doesn’t have a ton of wear and tear on that body so I’m not surprised to hear the he can still book it.

    The problem is mental and right now he’s obviously in a good place but nobody knows if he’s going to stay in that good place.

    I will say that he should at least be smart enough to know that he’s on a one year deal that allows him to be cut anytime with basically no penalty and Harbaugh will have no trouble sending him packing than bring the next guy up.

  28. Anybody with a legit shot at the playoffs in the NFC is hoping and wishing that 1) Alex Smith regresses and/or doesn’t improve with a 2nd consecutive year under competent NFL coaching for first time in his career . . . and 2) Randy Moss is the Raider/Titan version as opposed to a motivated version. Why do they hope this? Because with the best defense/special teams combination in the league (by far) they know that all the 49ers need is an offense that can produce statistically in the middle of the pack to get right back to where they were in 2011 even without a +28 turnover differential.

  29. @joetoronto… Randy is first ballot HOF without question. Please go back and look what he did to the league in his rookie year, alone.

    @Niners Fans… in 2010 I remember Randy showed up in great shape to Pats camp. He looked stronger, and I had hopes he’d have another great season. Then, he didn’t fight for some (admittedly) underthrown balls that got picked off, sulked, held his crazy press conference, and Brady and Bill pretty much locked him out… no more balls coming his way, then traded him. That’s how it went down, and who knows what happened behind the scenes.

    So, I’m not saying Moss is not going to be awesome… because he could be… but it’s a powder keg situation. The environment has got to be right, and they need to get him the ball deep and early (and in front of him.)

    Up until the implosion in N.E., every single thing I read regarding Moss in the locker room, in the game, playing hurt, etc. for 3 years was positive. Never a peep out of the guy, and he was great to watch.

    I hope he has one (or two) last solid seasons, and clearly gets past T.O. as the #2 receiver. Good luck Randy and the Niners!

  30. Randy Moss will tear the 49er locker room apart. There is little demand for his services and it is not all connected to his ability as a football player. How long will it be before he calls out one of his teammates?

  31. It’s hard to put into words how frustrating it has been watching a man with seemingly infinite talent loaf through most of his career. As an unathletic benchwarmer I still get angry about this. It was like watching Einstein get halfway through an equation for teleportation or endless free energy and then give up to go smoke a bowl and nap.

  32. oreo51 says:
    Randy Moss will tear the 49er locker room apart. There is little demand for his services and it is not all connected to his ability as a football player. How long will it be before he calls out one of his teammates?


    First, how in demand he was is an unknown. He had two work-outs within a week, the 49ers being the second and Baalke didn’t let him leave without a contract . . . a contract that can be terminated with no financial consequences at the first sign of ANY trouble. If Harbaugh sees him becoming a locker room problem he’ll be gone.

  33. C’mon now! We’re talking about practice/OTAs here… nothing to get excited about when they play in shorts and no pads.

    Total man crush VD has for Moss.

  34. atsfiend says:
    May 30, 2012 11:57 AM
    @joetoronto… Randy is first ballot HOF without question. Please go back and look what he did to the league in his rookie year, alone.
    I know what he did in his rookie year, patsfiend, I remember it well.

    If you believe Moss getting into the HOF is a foregone conclusion, than I have to disagree.

    I’m not saying he won’t make it, I’m saying because of his attitude, I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t.

  35. T.O. would do and look the same if he was given the chance. Bout the same age. Look at the all-time numbers….both are right there together.

  36. When it comes down to it, the 9ers won’t know which Randy they have until he faces some adversity or is asked to do something he does want to do. His physical tools have always been there – it’s his head they should be worried about.

  37. “I don’t think Smith can get him the ball like Brady was able to.”

    No joke…very few could, he’s Tom friggin’ Brady.

    If they say he’s looking good, then Smith must be doing something right. The big question will be will Moss play for a whole game or quit whenever he chooses as we’ve seen in the past. Also, will he be become a locker-room cancer? Maybe he’s been humbled a bit the last 2 years. It’d be nice to see some of these prima-donna’s who think they’re above the game to finally see the light.

  38. I can’t beleive how the Queen fans turned their back on Moss. He actually made them legit once. Go Niners..I hope he wins a Superbowl as a Niner and goes into the Hall of Fame as 49er..That would be CLASSIC!

  39. Every Viking fan wanted Moss for more then a 4 game rental in exchange for a 3rd rd pick. Thank Brad Childress for that one. Moss’ problem was that he is and always will be a prick with unbelievable talent.

    I loved the purple 84 from back in the day, but even local media who talked to him after the Vikings beat the Cowboys in 2010 in Moss’ first game back in Minnesota couldn’t understand what his problem was. The guy just has issues and sometimes is a jerk. But we all loved him coming back to Minnesota.

    I hope he tears up the league one more time and gets the ring he deserves though. For now though, everyone looks great in shirts and shorts, lets see if the old Moss returns when the pads go on and he doesn’t get the ball thrown his way.

  40. don’t they always say he looks like the Old Randy, and then the season starts, he gets bored and mad at everyone, and then he gets cut.

  41. I guess it is good to be a 49er fan since your team realized you needed some WR help. Unfortunately they also realized they needed QB help and were not successful at upgrading that area.

    Look, why should anyone believe Moss is anything but what he has been for the past 2.5 years? Sitting on his couch for the past 16 months has made him a better football player?

    Until he proves this in the first half of the season, it means NOTHING.

    This is the same guy that the Patriots traded away for next to nothing considering how important he had been to their offense the previous two years. The same Moss who then basically provided absolutely nothing but headaches for the Vikings who had traded for him and loved him based on his previous stint with the team. He rewarded that loyalty with attitude detrimental to the team and no effort on the field. So Tennessee thought they could resurrect the ghost of Moss…and they got like 10 catches and a 100 yards for the constant on again off again play of Moss.

    You simply cannot depend on this guy when it matters. He has to be the focal point, he has to catch long bombs since the only route he runs now is the fly. He doesn’t block for RBs consistently, especially if said bombs are being delivered at a rate which fuels his player ego.

    All these players saying how great Moss is in practice is pointless. When the real game starts. When Smith is under pressure and those bombs are connecting. Watch how quickly savior Moss becomes the exact same player 3 different teams gave up on just a short time ago.

  42. We’ll see which Moss we get this year: the motivated and angry Randy or the alligator-armed and bad attitude Randy. After a year out of football I hope it’s the former as he could push my Niners over the hump to the Superbowl, Alex Smith not withstanding.

  43. I was eight when Moss was drafted by the Vikings, he was by far my favorite player. The thing that I remember most was the way he torched the Cowboys every time he played them because they backed out on drafting him which left him with a chip on his shoulder. If he has a chip on his shoulder this year I wouldn’t put it past him to have a very good year, maybe not great because of his age, but a motivated aging Randy Moss is still a pretty dangerous WR.

  44. @joetoronto…worst case is, he goes in to the HOF in his second or third year, but he is clearly a HOF WR.

    Now, he could be too old for the 9ers, hard to tell now, but for those who say he’s a def bust…

    “He won’t try and will quit on the team.” He has always been solid when the team is a legit SB contender, so attitude shouldn’t be the issue.

    “Wait til he goes over the middle.” Have you ever watched Moss, he’s a deep route runner; they didn’t sign him to run Wes Welker routes.

    “He’ll divide a locker room.” Wrong thread dude, this is Moss, not TO. Worst case is, he yells at Smith and throws a fit, and V Davis and Harbaugh will boot him off the team.

    “How well did Edwards do last year?” Um, Edwards is not in the same class of talent as Moss, and, to his credit, he was injured for almost the entire year. Not that Stone hands would have been great, but he was greatly effected by his injuries.

  45. As a fantasy football player who reaped the cheeeeeap rewards of drafting randy in ’07, you can bet I’ll take the randy challenge and draft him this year too, believe you me.

  46. realpro14 says:May 30, 2012 10:54 AM

    Randy hasnt really lost a step….he had a problem with not fighting to get open on short routes and not running under the football on deep routes…if he stays healthy he’ll have an unbelievable year and could actually break a few 9′er season records….


    I am and always have been a Randy Moss fan. Loved him in Minnesota, followed him in Oakland and NE and was thrilled to have him back in Minnesota and I was very mad when Chilly let him go.

    However, I have some really bad news for you.

    Moss has lost more than just a step. He’s lost two or three.

    There was a time when he could outrun anyone on the field when he wanted to. Those days are gone. Watching him in Minnesota in 2010 his burst and leaping ability was gone.

    If I hadn’t watched every game he ever played in Minnesota then I might not have been as aware of what he used to be, but sadly it was obvious.

    His 4.2 speed is now 4.5… and he can’t do it nearly as often as he could. Teams didn’t have to roll a LB into the seam and slide a safety over the top on every play like they had to do when no one could safely cover him one on one. Now it was match up their best CB and take their chances. No way in hell they would have played him that way before because it was a big play for a TD waiting to happen. Not any more.

    But the inability to go up and get the ball was what truly shocking. He simply couldn’t get off the ground like he could before. Passes that he previously plucked out of the air with ease now went incomplete.

    So if he has a great year for SF I’ll be thrilled… but he won’t. Those days are long gone.

  47. Haven’t we heard this before? The FACTS are Randy Moss is not 23 anymore and he is still Randy Moss which is not meant as a compliment. I bet he’s not on the Niner’s active roster before seasons end.

  48. 49ers won’t make any noise this year. They had one good year and now you have your crappy quarterback come out and start running his mouth and apparently randy moss is 25 years old again…..give me a break. They’re gonna get buried in the hole they’re digging themselves right now. Gore won’t stay healthy and their receivers will dissapoint

  49. Moss will be fine as long as the 49ers are winning. Moss is the worst kind of player, a frontrunner. He’s great when things are great. He’s cancer when adversity hits and when players need to step up and lead. Randy only leads himself.

    Good luck 49ers. As long as you win he’s there for you. Watch out if you don’t.

  50. randy is just another player who should have hung up the cleats while he was still remembered as a all time great(which he is) but for most people hes thought of as a team cancer quitter cry baby pouter.. which he developed into as his abilities began to decline. if he is sooooooooo impressive why was nobody seriously looking at him….he is done.
    and to the guy saying hes gonna be a fantasy stud this year just remember alex smith is not tom brady no matter what these 49er homers keep yelling

  51. Wasn’t this a padless practice? Lets wait and see what happens in a real game before we start jumping up and down with excitement. Past track record says Randy will spit the dummy at some point.

    To be honest I’m more interested in seeing a) how Manningham pans out and b) if Owusu makes the team.

  52. All the bone heads on here that think the Niners are going to go 8-8 or have a bad season are capital D U M B and I’m not a Niners fan. We’re talking about a team w/ an elite defense and damn near in the super bowl last year that adds a legit receiving core w/ Moss and Maningham to go along w/ Crabtree and Davis……not sure how you can look at them and say anything negative. Quit the hating.

  53. I’ve read enough of these comments to finally put my own 2 cents in. It amazes me the number of fans that post on here that don’t have a clue about the actually game they watch. “Smith-bashing” is relentless and most of it is people simply copying something someone else wrote over and over. It was like this for Garcia too after he took over for Young.

    I’m not an Alex apologist or a hater, just a common sense fan. The bottom line is, people can bring up all the negatives on the guy and downplay what he’s done, but you cant ignore his importance to their success last year. (6) 4th Qrt. comebacks; most of those on the road and always produced points at a point in the game when they had to have it. And, if going 80 and 85 yrds. late in a playoff game to win doesn’t tell you guys this guy can get it done (especially the balls to throw that TD to Vernon between 3 defenders when in fg range), then you are all ignorant and lack basic football common sense. And for those who want to say he sucked in the Giants game, he gave them a 14-10 lead in the 4th before William’s fumble. Then drove them down right after that and tied the game before William’s fumble cost them the game in overtime.

    Sports is a game of confidence and he now has confidence not only in himself but the coaches, system and players around him. It’s a package deal, they all feed off of eachother. So bashers, sit back and enjoy the 2012 season and you’ll see all those lousy stats you love to drop (3rd down %, etc.) improve and the offense steadily improve throughout the season. And you’ll be hypocritically cheering for him again the same way you did after the Saints game.

  54. randy is older slower and less talented of course he selected the niners cuz they were the only contender willing to attempt to deal with his crybaby nonsense. what the hell is vernon gonna say randy looks like an old piece of crap out there.
    read around people everybody looks great according to some teammate. talk to me after week 2 or 3 and let me know how pumped you are…..but then again stats dont mean anything according to all the niners alex smith apologists so he has very little to live up to

  55. If any great player who didn’t play last year and wasn’t very good the year before that could play close to their career best years, they would certainly transform any team. This is about as useless a statement I have seen in print.

  56. moss-old
    manningham-average guy with big superbowl catch
    crabtree- above average
    davis- stud

    a bunch of teams have avg and aging rec. corps i doubt vernon can carry the load himself. i dont see them as a superbowl shoe in.

  57. what do you expect him to say?
    theyre teammates
    randy looked good in the raiders training camp, and we see how that worked out, huh?

  58. dear 49erstim,
    im not sitting here talking like tavaris is a top 5 qb like all these alex smith lovers. if you read anything i have written i never ever ever would pretend that he is top tier!!!!! tjack blows and i know i, and last season i wasnt preaching that he was in any way the answer!!!! im actually stunned we won the games we did with him.. i thought we were a shoe in for andrew luck with tjack drivin the bus.
    i believe(inalexsmith-tehehe)its the alex backers who need to tap the breaks a bit

  59. Daunte Culpepper and Alex Smith are not to be compared for many reasons, but I”ll just name one. Culpepper was a pro bowler who amassed an impressive td-int ratio and yardage total in three out six seasons played in Min. A Moss departure and knee injury later and the rest is history. Point is he fell off, but Alex Smith on the other hand has never reached any heights from which to fall. NFC championship game notwithstanding, but he really wasn’t the catalyst.

  60. Vernon Davis: “Randy Moss looks like the guy I used to watch”

    And then….at some point…it’ll all change and get very ugly.

    Dr. Randy & Mr. Moss

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