Warren Sapp will remain on NFL Network


Despite reports that he was on the outs, Warren Sapp will remain on NFL Network.

Eric Weinberger, executive producer at NFL Network, told USA Today that “this is probably going to be news to some blogs and articles out there who’ve said his time is up here, but we picked up an option year on his contract.”

Sapp was reminded by the league-owned network that he’s supposed to be an analyst, not a reporter, when he said an unnamed source had told him that Jeremy Shockey had “snitched” on the Saints in the bounty scandal. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell later called Sapp’s report inaccurate. There was much speculation after that flap that Sapp was done, and Sapp said in his recent bankruptcy filing that he wasn’t sure if he would be able to keep the job, which pays him $45,000 a month.

But while Sapp has been removed from his spot on Showtime’s Inside the NFL, he’s not losing his job at NFL Network. According to the network, Sapp will remain in the same on-air role, offering the same analysis. Just no more reporting from anonymous sources.

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  1. Good news imo. It took him a couple years to get the hang of broadcasting, but he’s great on NFLN.

  2. Worst news ever…….I have disliked this guy ever since he threw Shockey under the bus. I bet this punk finds that lost Super Bowl ring as soon as his bankruptcy situation is resolved.

  3. I’m fine with their keeping Sapp if they fire Deion and Dukes. My GOODNESS those two are horrible. Faulk blatantly hates my team but he’s so obvious about it I kind of get a kick out of his bitterness.

  4. he brings absolutely nothing to the table, just watch em on Showtimes Inside The NFL…..

  5. According to whistle-blower protection laws, Warren Sapp SHOULD be tried as a federal criminal. And we all know how much the NFL LOOOVVEESSS their criminals.

  6. I LOVE SAPP! He’s the BEST analyst on the NFL Network (well, top three – Andrew Siciliano is pretty funny too, but he’s no SAPP). SAPP keeps me interested and I’m eager to hear what he says, and I’ll tell you what, when he was suspended, I actually MISSED him.
    Obviously, I watch the NFL Network too much!

  7. Just another reason not to watch all that weekly/pre-game crap. I really dont need watch 6 loud mouths yell over each other just to state the obvious. I also really don’t care who you think is going to win the game.

  8. The next time this loudmouth says something worthwhile will be the first! I guess NFL network wants to become like the four letter network. All fluff from so-called “experts”, but no substance.

  9. I honestly doubt that Rich Eisen or Fran Charles care much for Sapp as an analyst.

    Maybe that’s why Andrew and Lindsay are doing NFLTA most the time…lol it’s not like they can put their foot down and I wouldn’t expect them too.

    Having experience in broadcasting, I personally wouldn’t look forward to doing a sports show with Warren Sapp or Michael Irvin.

  10. vmannj says: According to whistle-blower protection laws, Warren Sapp SHOULD be tried as a federal criminal.

    This simply isn’t true. There is nothing in Whistleblower Protection Act or anywhere else where the act of exposing a whistleblower is considered a crime. Knowingly or not, you’re dispensing false information.

    If true it’s something Shockey could file a lawsuit over.

  11. Doesn’t matter. His pay checks were garnished anyway…and wheres that SuperBowl ring fat boy.

  12. I’m glad for Warren Sapp! I laugh at all you haters because he kicked your ass’ every time baby! HOF!!! and he has way more fans than haters that’s why he is back! Than again this site always gets more haters than fans in the comments section for any article anyway. lol

  13. I’ll take Sapp over Sanders on the field or in the studio any day of the week.

    I do find it humorous that media types are critics of other media types not being analysts and should be reporters.

    Maybe I’m just getting old …

  14. I really dont mind Sapp. He’s streets better than Jamie “biased” Dukes and Deion “blowhard, pompous, conceited, hypocritical” Sanders.

  15. Great player, but I hate him and the show he is on. Not very polished more like street talk with no substance. His being acceptable reflects a lack realistic thinking on the producers part he is an old name with old fame yet very lame!

  16. People wanted him out long before he hung his arse out for the world to see – apparently NFLN likes to keep whatever sliver of controversy it can. Tell you what: if the trade in this is that we never hear from that sycophant Mike Pereira I can get through another year… maybe. Of course, his “book” might change that a bit. “Firing for cause” is the fail safe for all the bean counters anyway.

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  17. Him coming back is great copy for this site. A whole new year of pro/con Sapp rants. Good stuff.

  18. Doesn’t matter much to me if it’s Sapp or some other tool in that seat. If I tune to that channel and any of the analysts are yapping, I just move on.

  19. Not a shocker, the NFLN as a whole is pretty crappy. The game announcers, the highlight show guys, the commentators, the programming, etc.

  20. Getting $45,000/month to be a blowhard. I’m going to have a heart to heart with my parents and ask them why they didn’t raise me to become a blowhard.

  21. Warren Sapp’s most accurate “report” was saying that it was always Christmas in Michael Irvin world while Irvin went on a 5 minute long, coke induced rant.

  22. the fella that says he has more fans than haters must not see the #’s here.

    The garnished paycheck will go to child support I hope.

    ESPN Gameday again this year.

  23. If you dont watch the nfl network… you cant afford the damn thing….JK!!! …..

    Seriously though as long as I get my football: Thursday, Sat, Sun and especially Monday …I’ll pick and chose who I’ll listen to during pregame!

    … just like all of you!?..

    which makes me say.. hmmmmmm….you have so much “FEELINGS” and “EMOTIONS” about the man makes me ask….

    How much do you’ll really watch him to have so deep a feeling?……. almost like that X-girlfriend you cant stop thinking bout 😉

  24. No. This is awful. He uses his media position to try to immortalize himself as a player. He puts down every defensive player in the league while trying to prop himself up as a legend of the game, and his narcissistic episodes are beyond over the top… He’s not even a good football analyst and I really am having trouble finding 1 good reason that he was kept on.

  25. how could they be so desperate ?……. the only thing sapp can provide is bickering and controversy. I dont get it….. Just another reason NOT to pay for it.

  26. That picture of him makes me vomit. Whenever his eyes get big you know he’s about to spew nonsense

  27. I really dont mind Sapp on Total Access, at least hes funny sometimes. Its Jamie Dukes, Deion Sanders, and Michael Irvin that I cant stand on that show. Whatever happened to Rich Eisen, Andrew Siciliano isnt too bad but his enormous ears are distracting.

  28. Good. All the haters talk about hate and polished talk…..really? Espn is Better? Go listen to that punk brusci and meshawn. Espn got nothing on nfln. Go sapp! And get rid of Irvin and that stiff Warner.

  29. Sweet! More staredown comebacks, more marble mouth moments and the occasional insight. Wish he woulda apologized for the shockey thing. Keep reading (i amstaring u down right now)… I guess it diesnt make for good posting either.

  30. The people in this country… WOW.
    All the HATE-FILLED Americans, pitiful.
    One user said they wanted Sapp gone when the comments (Shockey) first came out. Are u kidding me, because the truth was spoken you Americans wanted Sapp gone, maybe that’s not Sapp’s job to do but he did it!

    Talk that talk to his face and watch you curl up like a real punk that most of you people are.

    Where I work, I get at people who talk like they really HATE other people and what do you know, they keep moving or shut up.

    My point, thirty-something comments and only less than a hand full I feel are good honest comments the others (most) are read between the lines HATE. Go somewhere and learn yourself, become better people… People!

  31. Can’t someone issue a permanent gag order on Sapp? The guys I.Q. is the same as his hat size.

  32. Seriously, even outside of the whole “snitching” blunder, he’s a horrible analyst. The worst is when he gets into debates with the other two clowns, Irving and Sanders. Painful.

  33. Lebron James is THE all-time number 1 choke artist in the history of sports. Never get in a foxhole with him!!!

  34. Given this development……will Warren still have time for the “Judge Sapp” show that the world really needs?

  35. If there is 1 person I can never tolerate on TV , it is Sapp. His body language is obnoxious, he is loud mouthed and he never allows others to speak with his ostrich eyes rolling over some left over p**nanis.
    He should do mankind a favor by joining hands with the kardashians or jerry springer or judge judy..
    I am amazed at his stupidity for blowing of millions which he earned and am even more amazed at the stupidity of the NFLN in picking up an option year..

  36. Most of the “analysts” on the NFL Network and ESPN suck.

    I usually go with NFL Network’s Gameday because they are at least somewhat entertaining and actually look like they enjoy what they are doing and since it’s a longer program you usually get more coverage of the teams in games.

  37. This is more of a reflection of what the NFL thinks of its fanbase.

    I have never spoken to anybody who likes Sapp or thinks he does a good job.

    The NFL survives, actually flourishes, in spite of itself.

  38. Anytime Dukes, Sapp, Sanders, Irvin or Gruden are on my screen, the channel gets changed. Even newbie, Brian Dawkins is better than these ego maniac blow hards.

  39. Hate him or love him , it’s all about the ratings and publicity. That’s show business and Sapp is entertaining you have to admit. Smart move by the NFL Network.

  40. usahell says:
    May 30, 2012 10:28 PM
    The people in this country… WOW.
    All the HATE-FILLED Americans, pitiful.


    When are you moving to Saudi Arabia?

    I live there and so come on over and I’ll show you some hate…

  41. Sapp doesn’t make articulate comments, he just shoots off his mouth. He dumbs down the entire network.

  42. Sapp’s not a great commentator, but I don’t mind watching him at all. Given his bankruptcy filing, I’m glad to see that he gets to hang on to his job.

  43. I’m glad to get to see him hang on to his job. As screw ups go, this was pretty big, but it’s also a “teachable moment.”

  44. A joke of a network makes a joke of a hire (or re-hire). This is the same place that named Tim Tebow 4th best Heisman winner to ever play in the NFL so you KNOW credibility is not real important to them.

  45. Being Fat, black and stupid is no way to go through life.

    I was talking about Jamie Dukes actually lol

  46. Who cares. I only watch the games and not these eperts. Same crap every week and they sure don’t know anything about fantasy football. hi priced has beens shilling for ESPN/NFL sponsors

  47. Sapp is not the worst analyst on the NFL Network.That would be a tie between Willie McGinnest and Heath Evans.They are unwatchable and offer nothing.Just like the host with the big ears Andrew Siciliano.You have to change the channel.And dont get me started with the female ‘analysts’..Give me a break.

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