Cam Newton passes on chance to respond to Alex Smith


49ers quarterback Alex Smith recently strayed out of character to criticize the Panthers and quarterback Cam Newton in defending Smith’s own statistically-challenged performance.  The remarks sparked a back-and-forth, with Panthers linebacker Jon Beason taking on Smith, and 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis defending his quarterback.

On Wednesday, Newton was asked if he wanted to respond.

What do you think?” Newton said, via Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer.

Receiver Steve Smith provided something a little more intriguing.  “Cam’s my quarterback. Alex is from the University of Utah,” Smith, a former Ute, said.  “I just smile. . . .  I’m learning.  You know that old adage, ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?’  I’m not going to say anything at all because I don’t have anything nice to say.”

Newton recently didn’t have anything nice to say about himself, saying that he was a bad teammate in 2011.  It’s hard not to wonder whether that was Newton’s response to Smith; instead of criticizing Smith, Newton criticized himself.

If that’s the case, Newton is well on his way to becoming the kind of mature, responsible leader that would even make the 49ers consider “evaluating” him, if he ever were available.

82 responses to “Cam Newton passes on chance to respond to Alex Smith

  1. No need to say anything, Cam.

    You’re already 10 times better than Smith and you’re still a rookie.

  2. Wow isn’t public perception crazy. When Smith was coming out he was dubbed as the ‘All American’ kid with a great attitude and a ‘winner’ while Cam was called a ‘cheater’ who ‘smiles too much’.

    Cam Newton is not only the much better QB, he’s proving to be the much better human being.

  3. Isn’t Cam Newton a 1:46 chance of winning a Super Bowl if we really are talking numbers? I think Smith has better odds!

  4. This kid is saying and doing all the right things. Warren Moon mustve did an excellent job of getting this kid prepared for the NFL, cuz he seems like a different person from the knuclehead he used to be in college.

  5. Much respect to Cam Newton for taking to high road and passing. But with that said, bad picture in the thumbnail.

  6. What’s Newton supposed to say, “Yeah, they were winning games, but putting up big numbers is just as good.” It is good he had the sense to not make himself look like an ass.

  7. There’s no need to get nasty. They’re both young quarterbacks who had strong rookie seasons last year and are trying to build on them…

    …wait, what’s that? It’s actually Alex Smith’s 8th year in the league? Wow, nevermind.

  8. atta boy, Cam! Honestly I never really cared for him coming into the league, but he’s earned respect on the field and off. Beason and Steve Smith make great points about his play. The guy did everything he was asked and still gets a lot of heat. Just goes back to work this year and stays out of the drama.

    Not sure if he’ll be able to keep it up this year, but it doesn’t seem like his attitude or ego is going to be a problem…. That’s pretty much the opposite of the character everyone implied this kid had.

  9. @jvibottomline: The only reason Alex Smith may have better odds at winning a Super Bowl right now is because he has a better overall team. Put Newton on the 49ers and they would be the favorites to win it all.

  10. Better human being…. WHAT are u god who r u to say who’s a better human being can’t stand people like u judging people .oh what was that, That Alex Smith did and contributed to the missing girl from morgan hill .as a person I applaude to hear that he took the time to go out there and help search 4 the missing girl .. So is that a bad human being ..let me answer that 4 u NO ITS NOT……….. Go Niners and Go Alex Smith

  11. I hate Cam Newton.

    It’s bad enough that he faces my Bucs twice a year, has shown ability beyond any predictions and now shows the maturity to take the high road against a qb who will be a trivia question in five years. He makes it impossible to dislike him.

    I hate Cam Newton.

  12. Sulking on the sideline all year with a look on your face that someone just kicked your puppy….from a maturity stand point, there is no where to go but up.

  13. When you’re good, you don’t have to throw somebody else under the bus to make your self look better. I’m glad that Cam seems to already understand that.

    Alex Smith should have known better but then again he sucks. He’s trying to build himself up in any way he can no matter how stupid he ends up sounding.

  14. I’m going to stand up for Alex here, because it’s not fair to compare where these two are in their careers. No other QB in the history of this league has been drafted number 1 and then have a new offensive coordinator and playbook every single year for 7 years. Alex came into this league trying to please everybody, and he got thrown under the bus by his own coaches and fans. Mike Nolan publicly implied that Alex’s Grade 3 separated shoulder was not a serious injury, and while trying to prove to his coach and teammates, Alex aggravated it and missed an entire season.

    These so-called fans were cheering for David Carr by the middle of 2010 and Singletary was very publicly shouting at him on the sidelines. He battled through all that adversity for 7 years while never saying anything bad about anyone. He’s taken less money to stay with the 49ers when nobody thought he would be playing for them at all. The fact that he endured what he did to lead the Niners to the NFC Championship is really incredible. And he still gets almost no respect, even after breaking Joe Montana’s record for comeback victories last year.

    Recently, Alex organized a search party for a missing child here and brought some teammates including Patrick Willis and Joe Staley without any press involved. I don’t think people can begin to understand the journey that Alex has been on, and while it’s regretful that he used Cam’s name to defend himself, I’m sure that he wasn’t trying to say anything bad about Cam personally. After what Alex has been through I think anyone who has followed him can cut him a little slack for a perceived slight, which is all this is. If he wins the Superbowl, I don’t think there’s a player in the league who is more deserving after everything he’s been through…and he very nearly did last year, who would’ve thought?

  15. I’m a Bucs fan, but I must say I’ve been very impressed with Newton this off season. He was a little whiny at times last season, but recognizing that and calling himself out on it when he could instead be getting himself into a war of words with Smith(as so many other players would do, even vets) is a huge step forward in maturity. Props to Cam.

  16. 49ers are better than the panthers and will have more wins than the panthers, and that’s all that matters. So hate on haters!!

  17. Cam Newton’s ego = Michael Vick’s ego before he went to prison.

    He is clearly disingenuous. Anyone who doesn’t see that, don’t worry, you have company, one of you is born everyday.

    He seems too smart to do something as stupid as Vick did, but it’s only a matter of time before his ego causes him to do something embarrassing to himself and the team.

  18. Thank you, Cam, for taking the high road. You are establishing yourself as leader of men on the Panthers.
    BTW, that thumbnail was taken from a series of photos from the Panthers OTAs. He was intentionally being funny for the pic.

  19. Another step in the right direction for Cam. Also another step in making haters like Mel Kiper and Mike Mayock look like blithering idiots.

    LET’S GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!

  20. kgbdk, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    People can say what they want about Alex Smith’s career, but one thing they most certainly should not be attacking is his character. Unbelievable!

  21. All you new found Cam fans should get off his jock for real. He was conceited when he was in college and he’s still conceited now and that does not make him a bad human being. It is wrong to call Alex a bad human being because he made a comparison about a subject he was discussing. No, he should not have used any team or player as an example but he did and he’s not the first one to make a mistake. Cam even admitted he was a bad teammate and basically was a “drama queen” no different than he was in college either so he has some growing up to do. Alex is still a good person who made a bad choice. I don’t believe he ever said he was perfect and none of us are so whatever.

  22. And I am not convinced that the reason why Cam has nothing to say is not related to this “new found” image that he is trying to project. We will soon see if he’s really going to change or if he’s just trying to appease.

  23. Pretty sure the 49ers wouldn’t have been in the same boat with 17 picks. We have to be realistic there

  24. @32bigg

    why did you have to pick Michael Vick to compare Newton’s ego to? LOL

    If you think he’s not being sincere why not just say that?

    things that make you say hmmmmm?

  25. Cam Newton has more then proved me wrong. He is maturing and growing not only as a qb, but as a leader of men. He has shown me alot since he lead Auburn to that “TAINTED” national championship.

  26. Florio I’ve gotta hand it to you….you’re still beating this dead horse like it owes you money. I can’t get a handle on your writing style. Half the time (especially on issues such as salary cap and union issues) you put out well written and informative pieces that are insightful and the other half you do this sort of sensationalistic garbage. Are you intentionally misreading Smith’s statement or is your lack of clarity less sinister in nature?…. Hmmmm

    Is Alex Smith better than Cam Newton right now?… Yes! I like Cam. He showed some flashes last season and I’m excited to see what his career holds and I’m happy for the Panthers fans that have seemingly found their future QB…however at this moment I’d take Alex. I haven’t seen anything out of Cam like I saw from Alex in that Saints game. Also to blame him for that Giants loss is absurd. Those turnovers killed them.

  27. He has nothing nice to say so he’s saying nothing? I hate it when people say that. It’s like, “I wanna say something, but I better not so I can save face”. Like peachyc39 said, this guy is no angel. I like that he chose to not keep this fiasco going(I blame the media for bringing it up…AGAIN), but it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. I’m a big fan of “no comment” when it comes to bickering through the media.

  28. This year may be the first time ever where a QB getting better recievers turns out to be BAD for his career.

    Last year, with little or no downfield threats, the niners were able to justify a ball control, run first offense- hiding the deficiencies Smith has exhibited throughout his career.

    Now, with the talent they’ve added on offense, Smith will no doubt be asked to open up the offense and throw down field more.

    I believe this will prove to be problematic for ‘ol noodle arm.

  29. Yeah, when your team can only muster 6 wins in a season, what the heck is their to say, other than….we suck, bad!!!

  30. Alex Smith is trash ..the weak 49ers didnt even want him wen they drooling over P.Manning !! then when Manning signed in Denver the sorry 9ers re-signed the beliw avg Alex Smith !! 13-3 wasnt because of him ..the defence won atleast 6-7 of those games !!! gaurantee the scrub 49ers wont be 13-3 this season even in the crap NFC West !!

  31. I’m not sure why anyone could defend Smith in this drama. How insecure do you have to be to slam a rookie QB to elevate your own image to others? To go to the press with this shows how far Smith has NOT grown. He’s still a former overall #1 who is nowhere near the talent he was projected to be and he slams a another former overall #1 who is clearly head and shoulders above Smith’s talent level. To me, all this shows is that Smith is still haunted by being a bust. I don’t know how you can look at his comments and not think otherwise.

    Harbaugh tried to show the world that he made the right decision by keeping Smith when Harbaugh took over the play calling at the end of the NFC title game and kept throwing the ball to win the game. Both Harbaugh and Smith didn’t deliver and they watched the Giants win the SB. Better playcalling and/or a better QB, and the Niners are defending champs right now.

    Niners won’t win it this year either with an insecure QB like Smith. Not a chance.

  32. @mack408… Do your posts come with translations? I’m betting your english teachers have all started heavily drinking thanks to you….wow…just wow…. However, if I understand your drivel then you are calling the 49ers weak based off of a 13-3 regular season record and an appearance in the Conference Championship game? Ouch. Not the stance I’d take, but good luck with that! Gotta get back to work now because your welfare money isn’t gonna make itself! Thanks for playing!

  33. Now, with a straight face, Harbaugh says they didn’t go after Manning. Hahahahahaha!!! Yeah, right, as if anyone believes you, Jim. The Niners are becoming comical with their recent off-season comments. If I were Vegas, I’d be increasing the odds that these guys win the SB this year the way they’re talking lately.

    Seriously, why say anything at all? Harbaugh just made the whole Manning thing worse by putting it front and center in the media again. Or maybe, just maybe, Smith is so insecure, Harbaugh had no choice but to publicly boost the guy. Anyway you slice it, there’s a baffoon element to all of this.

    Go Niners!!

  34. Sorry, I should have written that Vegas should increase the odds AGAINST the Niners winning the SB. The Niners idiocy is rubbing off on me!!

  35. what is he suppose to say….typical of our society…a white man starts something, and in the end, brothers will be killing one another from what he started. chill!

  36. With Stevie now chiming in with his 1/2 cents worth, he should just be happy they don’t have to worry about facing our D at all this year. It’s not like they will make it to the playoffs this year. Our offense may need a lotta work but there’s hope there. What can you say about that D?? OMG

  37. I would take Cam’s 17 interceptions over Alex Smith 3rd down conversion and red zone rate. David Akers is the guy you Niners fans should be pumping up.

  38. Better to take the high road but stop with the better human being garbage. Smith went under the radar as much as possible to search for a missing girl recently. That’s how you get to be a good human being. So Smith said something he shouldn’t have. Who hasn’t at some point? Smith will learn from it. Also, there was no point where Smith said he’s better than Cam so stop with the comparisons. So many people missed his point.

  39. Just because some fans happen to geographically live in a certain part of the country and cheer their local team on; remember, no one here has other than fan support contributed anything.

    Carolina sucked when Jon Foxx left. They had signed some bad contracts with Delhomme’s being insane. The 1st year under Rivera they had 6 wins an should have had 2 or 3 more. Kicker lost 2 by himself. So all the barking is just noise. Panthers had a thin inexperienced squad minus a superstar in the making and maybe 5 other veterans. That doesn’t make “Alex Smith” a better player. That’s stupid.

  40. i was driving while texting ..sue me !! as i stated Alex Smith is TRASH ..your scrub 49ers will not win a Super Bowl with him & as for making the Championship game i give you a golf clap !! you beat the Saints who NEVER won a road playoff game ..then your true Alex came out vs Giants …THREE yards passing to your so called recievers !! give me a break your team is OVER RATED !! whole div is dirt !!

  41. @mack408….. Texting while driving? That actually explains a lot! Anybody dumb enough to text while driving will never have an opinion I can take seriously. Now slow down slugger because we all know you’re not wearing your seatbelt and you have no insurance. Can we please get this dummy a trophy just for showing up?…anybody?…

  42. Just wondering how many 49er fans shouting loudly on here will complain when Smith finally gets run out of town in exchange for a decent QB…

  43. Alex Smith was NOT bashing Cam in any way. He simply said wins are more important than total yards. Although he probably could have said that without mentioning specific teams or names. I think if you asked Cam what he would prefer, he himself would tell you he’d take the win over 300 yards any day. At the end of the day, you don’t get to the playoffs based on the number of 300 yard games you had. With all the work these guys put in, and all the sacrifices they make, the goal is to win. There is no consolation prize for a 300 yard game.

  44. He wasn’t bashing, but no need to name drop players or teams.

    He could have still made his point and let people’s/team’s name out of his mouth.

  45. jvibottomline says: May 31, 2012 10:03 AM

    Isn’t Cam Newton a 1:46 chance of winning a Super Bowl if we really are talking numbers? I think Smith has better odds!

    And the 49ers got to the NFC Championship game last year because of Alex Smith?

  46. mack408 | May 31, 2012, 9:38 AM PDT
    i was driving while texting ..sue me !! as i stated Alex Smith is TRASH ..your scrub 49ers will not win a Super Bowl with him & as for making the Championship game i give you a golf clap !! you beat the Saints who NEVER won a road playoff game ..then your true Alex came out vs Giants …THREE yards passing to your so called recievers !! give me a break your team is OVER RATED !! whole div is dirt !!

    Driving on your tricycle while texting is not illegal. Go back to watching sesame st.

  47. 49’ers Fans are running to the defense of their scrub QB who pumps himself up by throwing Cam under the bus is hilarious…..

    Alex Smith’s 3 year contract gives the 49ers an out after this year……Next year at this time Smith will be another 1st round QB bust (aka David Carr) looking for a clipboard to hold.

  48. I’m looking forward to see how Cam does in the years to come. If he does continue on this path he is on he won’t only be a great player, but a great person.

  49. I’m a 49ers fan, and I HATE Smith! Ya, he had a different offensive coordinator each year. But is that an excuse to not try to get better on your own? No! I never would’ve drafted him in the first place. You don’t draft in the first round (certainly not the first pick of the draft) a quarterback from a division 2 school, no matter how good their record was. They don’t play the tough schools so it’s impossible to get a good evaluation of their skill. Something that annoy the **** out of me about Smith is he hangs onto the ball for WAY too long when no one’s open. Ya he only had 5 picks last year and that’s great, but how many times did he get sacked? A metric ****ton! There was one game where he got sacked 9 times I think it was, another time when he got sacked 6 times. And that’s not all on his line, they can only protect him for so long before the pocket collapses. He needs to learn to throw the ball away OR take off on a run when there’s daylight in front of him. You’d think someone who has played the game for football for over a decade would’ve learned that by now!

  50. jvibottomline says: May 31, 2012 10:03 AM

    Isn’t Cam Newton a 1:46 chance of winning a Super Bowl if we really are talking numbers? I think Smith has better odds!

    And the 49ers got to the NFC Championship game last year because of Alex Smith?

    as a matter of fact they did get to the nfc championship game because of mr smith.. i dont know if you watch the saints game but smith led the team back from behind not 1 time but 2 times at the end of the 4th quarter. it is crazy how people get so wrapped up in there own team that they have to HATE another. give credit where it is due. alex made huge strides last year and will only get better. it says a lot about a guy who can be in the league for 8 season and still has not reached his ceiling. Smith will put up great numbers this year and the 49ers will win the superbowl and we can then start talking MVP for smith after that. GO 9ERS. GO SMITH!! With that being said, im taking cam newton on my fantasy team because he too is a beast and i am not a hater

  51. “Cam Newton is not only the much better QB, he’s proving to be the much better human being.”

    Really, monsterscream? Cam Newton is a better human being than Alex Smith because he dismissed a reporter’s question with another question. That makes a ton of sense. Newton is a far superior athlete and is already a better NFL qb than Smith, but nothing he has done to this point has demonstrated him being a “better human being,” than anybody.

    He’s managed to shed some of his rightly deserved baggage from his college career. He’s no better or worse than most NFL players.

  52. Can you think of a better example of a team that puts up big numbers and misses the playoffs by 6 games? The Panthers are the perfect case study of the point Alex Smith was trying to make.

  53. the best part is how so many people think Newton is better than Smith without a doubt. i believe Smith was more efficient last year and Newton had many terrible games. How many QBs have had good first years and then fell off? Vince Young anyone? there was a time where he was better than Smith while being a rookie.

    what about now?

  54. I’m a huge Niner fan and think that Cam is doing the right thing by not fanning the flames of this “controversy”. Just smile and let it go. Cam certainly impressed me with his rookie performance and the fact that he has apparently grown up from his criminal days in college and taking money from Auburn (dad). He’ll be a very good to elite QB in the league if he continues to improve and mature as a leader on and off the field. I don’t have as much hope for Alex Smith though.

  55. Its fun to think Cam is more popular and a better fantasy pick. If you look at the numbers there is no arguement.

    250+ passing games (the whole point, right?)

    Cam 1-6 with 11 TDs and 11 INTs
    Alex 4-0 with 9 TDs and 1 INT

    Cam did have some impressive wins though:
    2-14 Indy, 4-12 Tampa x2, 5-11 DC, 5-11 Jax, 10-6 Yates-led-Texans. (30-66 combined record)

    All Smith did was comeback from 23-3 in Philly and outperform Drew Brees in a shootout.

  56. The fact Alex Smith even opened his mouth about Cam is beyond me. Smith has been below average for most of his career being a #1 pick. He’s never passed for over 3500 yards in a season or thrown more then 20 passing TDs for a season. SF went after Manning and Smith generated hardly any interest. There’s something to be said when Miami doesnt want you. In one season Cam passed for over 4,000 yards and threw 21 TDs, rushed over 700 yards and ran for 14 TDs, something Smith could only dream about. Seriously Smith should count his blessings especially since anywhere else he would’ve been long gone. If Carolina had a defense maybe they would’ve won more games and gone to the playoffs. The main reason Carolina won any games was because of Newton. The SF defense deserves the majority of the credit for their playoff run. If you had a choice to start your franchise with Smith or Newton, any GM with common sense would pick Newton in a heartbeat.

  57. I cannot believe all of the “johnny come lately” 49er fans that are talking trash about other teams after having a good season and making the NFC Championship….. You guys haven’t been relevant in over a decade. You won the WEAKEST division in the NFL last year and now you are talking trash. The Panthers have been to the Super Bowl, NFC Championship, and NFC Divisional Championship since 2003. What has San Francisco done since 2003 before last year? Regarding Cam Newton vs Alex Smith…. You guys would take Cam Newton on your team over smith in a minute. Anyone who says otherwise is a homer…. Great season last year by San Fran year, but you have a long way to go to regain credibility and all of the front runner fans talking trash will eat crow next year…

  58. Guys, please stop acting as if Smith won something. He won nothing but, 13 regular season games. The difference between Cam and Smith’s seasons are this. You can put just about any of the 32 starting QBs in the league on the 49ers and they win 13 games last season. You take about 10 QBs(Cam included) and they win the SB. You put Smith on Carolina, they pick #1 again. Smith isn’t a bad person for saying what he said but, he was wrong for it. Smith is probably a good dude, a very good dude but, I’d take Cam Newton over Smith anyday and 3 times on Sunday. That loser who said he would take Smith over Cam knows nothing about football and would GM over a 0 and 16 team. You’re a complete idiot for that one 49erstim.

  59. SkippyX- do you know the game of football? Are you really posting using 2 games from a 7th year player to show he was better than Cam, a rookie? You’re too cute lil guy. Smith won nothing last year except 13 regular season games. IT MEANS NOTHING. Especially when you consider the team he had around him. All Cam did was throw for more yards than ANY OTHER ROOKIE QB IN THE GAMES HISTORY!!!!!!!! OH, AND…… SCORE MORE TDs THAN ANY ROOKIE QB IN THE HISTORY OF THE GAME!!!!!!! LOL. And you think those lil 2 wins stand out more than Cam’s season? If so, than you know nothing about this game and nothing you say is relevant anyway.

  60. For all those Smith supporters, I have a question- Which QB, Cam Newton or Alex Smith would you take as your QB from here on out? Don’t give me, I’d take Smith now to win me one game or Smith is the perfect QB for our system. I want football answers, not loyalty answers.

  61. Cam Newton is over it.

    I wish everyone else was. I’m tired of hearing about what is basically a non-story.

  62. skippyx says:
    May 31, 2012 3:34 PM
    ‘Its fun to think Cam is more popular and a better fantasy pick. If you look at the numbers there is no arguement.

    250+ passing games (the whole point, right?)

    Cam 1-6 with 11 TDs and 11 INTs
    Alex 4-0 with 9 TDs and 1 INT

    Cam did have some impressive wins though:
    2-14 Indy, 4-12 Tampa x2, 5-11 DC, 5-11 Jax, 10-6 Yates-led-Texans. (30-66 combined record)

    All Smith did was comeback from 23-3 in Philly and outperform Drew Brees in a shootout.’

    Wait – so what about the first 6 terrible seasons of Smith’s career? Are we just acting like those never happened?

  63. The moment I knew A.Smith used Cam and the Panthers as a basis for his statement there was going to be backlash.

    Now you have Harbaugh willing to put his foot in his mouth to back his player in response to what Beason said. This whole thing is one big fiasco!

    Niners stocked up on talent to go with media mistakes.

    Go NINERS!

  64. imma put like this… nd like this until we done talking bout this…. Cam Newton > Alex Smith; when Alex Smith < or = Jake Delhomme

  65. Of course Cam 2012 is better than Alex 2006. The argument was about who was better last year and who is better now.

    2011-12 QB Record when the team leans on him (250+)

    Brees 14-5
    Rodgers 13-1
    Brady 13-3
    E. Manning 11-7
    Rivers 7-6
    Stafford 7-6
    Flacco 5-2
    Roethlisburger 5-4
    Ryan 5-5
    Romo 5-6
    Smith 4-0
    Skelton 4-1
    Vick 4-2
    Hasselbeck 4-3
    Cassel 3-1
    Cutler 3-1
    Dalton 3-3
    Fitzpatrick 3-4
    Grossman 3-5
    Palmer 2-4
    Freeman 2-6
    Tebow 1-0
    Yates 1-0
    Schaub 1-2
    Kolb 1-3
    Orton 1-3
    Sanchez 1-4
    Newton 1-6
    McCoy 0-1
    Ponder 0-1
    Campbell 0-2
    Jackson 0-2
    Moore 0-2
    Bradford 0-3
    Painter 0-3
    Gabbert N/A
    McNabb N/A

    Smith was 11th best in total wins. Newton was 28th.
    Smith was best in win %. Newton was 28th.

  66. All you have to do is ask yourself, would the Niners record have been better, worse or the same if the had Newton instead of Smith and would the Panthers record have been better, worse of equal if they had Smith instead of Newton.

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