Christian Ponder thinks Jerome Simpson is “unbelievable”

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Jerome Simpson had a difficult offseason before signing with the Vikings, having to serve 15 days in jail and getting suspended for three games for a drug conviction. But the reviews of Simpson’s performance on the practice field in Minnesota have been overwhelmingly positive.

Vikings offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave has called Simpson the juice the team needs, and now Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder has offered up similar praise.

“Jerome was running a dig, which is 20-yard in-route and the cushion was unbelievable because everyone’s afraid he’s going to run right by them he’s so fast,” Ponder told Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. “That just adds a whole other dimension to our offense.“

Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman called Simpson “outstanding” and added, “you can see that he’s at a different speed.”

The off-field questions about Simpson aside, there’s no question that he’s a phenomenal athlete on the field. The Vikings think he’s going to be a game changer, even though they’ll have to wait until the fourth game of the season.

39 responses to “Christian Ponder thinks Jerome Simpson is “unbelievable”

  1. If he’s such a game changer, why hasn’t he “changed” any games before? Seems like a decent mid-tier WR, but if he was special, we all would have seen it prior to this.

  2. Ponder wasn’t talking about Simpson’s skills. He was talking about Simpson’s stash.

  3. Maybe the Vikings defense is just slow. Simpson ran a 4.42 40 at the combine. Not bad but not the fastest either.

  4. This guy has all the talent in the world, just look at his Youtube highlight’s from Coastal Carolina. The problem is that he is too dumb too learn the playbook. which is why he wasn’t able to get on the field until his 3rd year. Thankfully, he’ll have time to study the playbook during his suspension…

  5. illiniftw says: May 31, 2012 12:36 PM

    He’s so fast all the DBs see is a puff of smoke!

    EPO can make you do amazing things.

  6. simpson has only had one run in with the law. now given it was a big one, but he’ll be good from here on out. he’s a good #2 guy. he’d be a lot better if he could be a little more consistant. he’ll drop 3 easy passes then do a back flip one handed grab and everybody forgets about the drops.

  7. and another thing to remember is he got caught with weed. lol its not murder its pot. these guys arent angels they’re football players.

  8. If the Vikings are THAT impressed with Jerome Simpson, their offense must be in sad shape. Simpson is an athletic freak, but when it comes to pure speed, he’s nothing special. He’s prone to lapses in concentration (drops balls, runs wrong routes) and he’s very inconsistent. In other words, he’s not AJ Green. Trust me. Not hating on you Vikings fans, just letting you know what to expect. That flip looked nice on the highlights, but he doesn’t make plays like that very often, and honestly the flip wasn’t even necessary. It was showboating. He could have just as easily juked the defender.

  9. The cushion is unbelievable because DBs can make a play on a 20 yard dig with Ponder’s weak arm.

  10. Gotta love Ponder….working hard to make all his WR’s happy. Good for Ponder. It doesn’t mean though that we as fans or that reporters need to buy into it too….see list of the speed of current Viking WR’s below. They are all about the same and 4.42 isn’t anything special in the NFL for a WR. I still root for the Vikings as I have for decades however….I hope it’s flattery and not that our DB’s are still that poor.

    Devin Aromashodu(4.35)
    Stephen Burton(4.38)
    Percy Harvin(4.39)
    Greg Childs(4.39)
    Michael Jenkins(4.40)
    Jerome Simpson(4.42)
    Jarius Wright(4.42)
    Emmanuel Arceneaux(4.58)

  11. rmc1995 says: May 31, 2012 1:21 PM

    The cushion is unbelievable because DBs can make a play on a 20 yard dig with Ponder’s weak arm.

    Ouch! Might be the sad truth…?

    I hope Simpson does well for you guys though. Maybe the switch flipped in his brain after jail.

  12. The cushion is unbelievable because the Vikings DBs aren’t very good. In addition, since the DBs can’t hit anyone, there is no need to cover tight because the DBs don’t want to get burned.

  13. “Jerome was running a dig…and the cushion was unbelievable because everyone’s afraid he’s going to run right by them he’s so fast because they are terrible at coverage,” Ponder told Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

  14. He’s fast and has the largest hands ever. He was too dumb to learn the Bengals playbook. Just wait, Ponder. You will throw the ball and he will be in the wrong place, I guarantee it.

  15. As a Bengals fan, I’m used to this. Jerome was a spectacular practice, I’m not saying that is a bad thing, but for years we’d get reports of how amazing he was, once it became time to play an actual game. He was mostly just a decent WR. My opinion of simpson was he offered a lot of fun moments, there just wasn’t a lot consistency between each moment. Here’s my advice put him at #1, either by self motivation or just being better at it. He seems to thrive in that spot. Just look at the last couple games of 2010 or the few games Adriel Jermiah was out. He performed at a high level.

  16. This just might be the fresh start he need’s Besides, look at the Bengals it’s not like their the best judge of talent. And it’s only OTA’s Every team has a right to be optimistic. We will see what he looks like in pre season, A little better test ?

  17. Despite a pair of “the largest hands in the NFL”, Simpson in PFF’s “drop percentage ranked 80th out of 91 NFL receivers with significant playing time” in 2011, plus he frequently would zig in his pattern adjustments when he should have zagged, undercutting his confidence with his QBs.

    If ever there was a situation where he had opportunity to breakout it was last year in Cincinnati, especially when the starting slot man Shipley got IRed early, TE Gresham missed some games midseason due to injury & AJ Green had midseason issues due to a multi-game chest/arm injury issue sustained in the stiller game limiting him to mostly being a decoy.

    Simpson was more prone to disappearing than soaring during that stretch.

    He does apparently block willingly & effectively downfield.

    & if the Bengals had re-signed him, he’d surely be getting the same love as now from the assembled P(FT)eanut gallery?

  18. Nothing in sports is more overrated and meaningless then a stupid 40 time. Jerry Rice ran like a 4.7 or 4.8 and you never saw him caught from behind, unless it was Darrell Green.

    Unless its a lineman running after a kicker, we’re talking about guys separated by tenths of seconds.

  19. its easy to go off ota’s…i wanna see what jerome simpson can do during training camp when it gets more serious and the pads are on…wish him the best though he looks fast but can he be that go to guy

  20. He was a big reach in the second round, coming out of coastal carolina. Was never impressed with him. Articles around cincy hinted that he was not that bright. The whole pot deal in his town house proved that lol! He never did live up to his potential. Maybe he will for the Vikes. Him and his big alien shaped head lol!

  21. Pappavike. Really? I don’t have anything against the Vikes, but your insane. You guys have been as bad if not worst than us over the years. Learn about football before you speak. The Vikes and Bengals are in really tough divisions. Don’t think you will do better than last place this year. Gonna take some time before the Vikes contend again.

  22. inthezone4. Really? Why don’t you check out the facts before spewing a bunch of crap. The Vikings have won 18 division titles. The Bengals have won 6. The Vikings have a overall win percentage of 53%, the Bengals win percentage is 44%. That hardly qualifies as just “as bad” and sure as hell isn’t “worse”. Learn about football before you speak.

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