Devin Hester on Brandon Marshall: Whatever he does, I try to do


In the Bears’ wide receivers’ room, Brandon Marshall is the wise veteran showing the other guys the right way to do things.

That’s the word from Devin Hester, who says that Marshall’s presence will be a boon to all of the Bears’ receivers, himself included. Hester said the rest of the guys take notes from Marshall and want to reach his level as a wide receiver.

He brings a little more excitement to the receiver corps,” Hester said of Marshall. “A veteran guy who plays his tail off and became a true No. 1 wide receiver. With the mentality he has, it helps us see what it takes to be true No. 1 receiver. I’m just trying to be his little shadow. Whatever he’s doing, I’m trying to do because I want to get to his level.”

For much of his career, the idea of other players following Marshall’s lead would have sounded more alarming than encouraging. But in Chicago everyone seems to agree that Marshall is a positive influence. And, for Hester, a good teacher.

22 responses to “Devin Hester on Brandon Marshall: Whatever he does, I try to do

  1. For Hester’s sake, I hope he is only talking about what Marshall does on the field, not off it.

  2. Hopefully for Bears fans he means the good things and not the things like the dropsies in the redzone or firing the football at the sideline after a catch and drawing a a 15 yard penalty. I’m sure Fins fans can chime in on this

  3. I hope Hester learns to be 6 inches taller or realizes he isn’t a WR and just an unbelievable kick returner.

  4. Stick to returning kickoff and punt and leave the recieving to Marshall the truth hurts hester

  5. Stop hating on Marshall dolphin fans, we benefited from your teams poor decision… Glad he’s a Bear now, and I am sure he will help Alshon Jeffrey, Hester, and Earl Bennett better… Go Bears!!!!!!

  6. I think a lot of Marshall’s problems came from him not wanting to be in miami anymore. Now that he’s back with Cutler like he wanted it seems like he’s ready to work and prove he’s a great WR. At least that’s what I hope as a Bears fan

  7. Wow, the Bears homers are out in force. First 3 comments were completely true, yet received mostly thumbs down. As a Broncos fan, I’ll say B Marsh is a freaking beast. But, he’s also a nut case that can’t think straight most of the time.

  8. If he plays anything like he did in miami, between him alshon Jeffrey and Hester. Bears might have best receiving core in NFC north… But they have curler so another disappointing season in the windy city

  9. Most of you who post about Marshall hitting women and being a head case are really caught up in 2009 huh!?!? Question: do any of you know what it’s like to have every little argument between you & your spouse written up in the news & have to explain it to the cops each & every time?… Do any of you know anything about being in a relationship with a “crazy” woman?? There is nothing rational, there is no sense to any of it.. It’s not easy to get yourself away from the situation mostly because you love her and it takes a lot to break that camel’s back!! Once he got out of that relationship and faced his mental issues with the help of his new doctor in Boston, his off the field issues have basically dissapeared!! It makes me question how many of those domestic issues were even of his control!! This last deal in NY was an obvious cash grab that blew up in the face of the accuser and his current spouse seems to be good for Brandon in every way. I believe that he is so vocal & so positive since he’s been in Chicago because he has a sence of security and realizes that this wholesome environment is exactly what he’s been needing!!

    Oh yeah, and I can’t wait for the next Lance Briggs post!! I’m sure the first jack hole to respond will have a joke about “a cop a linebacker & a Lamborghini walked into a bar”!!! That one just never gets old!!

  10. Uh, this is a bizarre thing for a 6 year vet to say. Especially when they were both drafted in 2006, Hester in rd 2 an Marshall in rd 6.

  11. Hester’s only been a receiver for about 4 of those years.

    This could be the best Chicago Bears offense in recent years. Sure that’s like saying the “best smelling turd”, but I’m excited.

  12. Doesn’t matter that Hester has been around so long, he can still learn from a stud receiver like Marshall…I for one am very excitedto see the offense click this coming season…Go Bears!

  13. Marshall’s wife is like a fire drill. Thank you for taking one for the team.
    You have to be a student of the game, and this is what I am hearing from the Bears locker room. Fantastic. Go Bears.

  14. People can change. I know Bears fans will support Marshall 100% unless he doesn’t doesn’t perform admirably (on or off the field). He’ll get booed right outta town if the team isn’t his top priority.

    @sucram619 – Cutler was playing amazingly well before breaking his thumb after a deflected Int. He still completed passes and finished the game afterward. Whatever people say about him, he’s one of the toughest QB’s in the league.

    Hester… I hope you can find your place in the receiving corps. Work on your hands. Maybe some Stickum? 😉


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