Heath Miller’s role likely to grow in Todd Haley’s offense

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There’s been a lot of focus on the relationship between the new Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger this offseason.

While those two continue to build a working relationship with one another, the rest of the Steelers offensive players are figuring out their roles. Tight end Heath Miller has to like what he sees on that front.

Miller hasn’t lacked for opportunities in his years with the team. His 337 career receptions are the fourth-most in the history of the franchise and he has 93 catches for 1,143 yards and four touchdowns over the last two seasons. Those numbers could look even better this season. Early reports out of Pittsburgh are that Haley plans to make Miller a big part of the offense, something that Miller confirmed to reporters.

“I definitely see opportunities for that to happen,” Miller said, via Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “That’s not to say there weren’t opportunities in the last offense. We are going to be involved a lot.”

Tight ends weren’t a big part of Haley’s offenses in Arizona, but Tony Moeaki did have 47 catches for the Chiefs when they won the division in 2010. Miller has had at least that many catches in four of the last five seasons and this year’s focus on protecting Roethlisberger while he throws high percentage passes could result in a lot of action for Miller.

11 responses to “Heath Miller’s role likely to grow in Todd Haley’s offense

  1. Anything that gets Heath Miller more involved in the offense is a good thing for Pittsburgh.
    Miller can be among the top tight ends in the league. He’s simply been underutilized.

    With the new additions on the offensive line, there is potential for vast improvement in an already strong offensive football team. If they can keep Ben upright, good things are bound to happen. Add to that, the defense is getting younger and faster.

    On to seven!


  2. Good, take the touches away from Antonio Brown and Mike Wallace. Sounds like a solid game plan for the Ravens.

  3. More music to fans ears to go along with reports the Steelers will use a full back, the no huddle, and the ground and pound.

    So far Hailey is making all the right changes that held Arians back (and in the fans doghouse) over the years. Hopefully these changes can translate into results.

  4. He looked incredible late in the season when Ben couldn’t hobble around long enough to wait for pass patterns to develop. Anything that gets him more involved in the passing game is going to work out great for the Gold and Black.

  5. @baltimoresohard…

    Please feel free to continue to show how little you know about offensive schemes in the NFL. You might want to stop drinking the water out of that cesspool “harbour”.

    Please feel free to concentrate on signing “the best quarterback in the NFL” to an extension, figuring out how you’re team is going to replace the DPOY, getting 80% of your offense to realize that, while a great NFL running back, he’s not going to get AP money and convincing an aging safety who intercepts passes but refuses to tackle that he really isn’t worth more than $7.2 million.

    As the Nest Burns….


  6. More good news on offense. Based on his record and what we’re hearing now, Haley comes across as an OC who plays to the strengths of his current personnel rather than someone determined to run the same plays no matter what’s happening in the game. That should be a refreshing change from his predecessor!

  7. @Stillerz, Ed Reed doesn’t have to tackle, by standing there, the ball is only thrown to his side of the field 15.2% of all passing downs, making it pretty damn easy to cover….See Week 1 2011. Your MVP is Antonio Brown, if you throw the ball to Heath Miller, it doesn’t go to Antonio Brown. I am well aware of how NFL offenses work. I am aware if you don’t have a running back, or a mobile quarterback, or an offensive line, Your QB is going to get his ass beat. See Steelers 2011. You think one draft pick in the 2nd round is going to change that? Haha, go back to what your good at, eating pierogis and making $9 hr.

  8. @baltimoresohard: Um, bitter much? I know you completely missed what the Steelers did in the draft, and since you’re a Raven fan, that makes perfect sense. Coming in a Steelers thread about Heath Miller however, makes zero sense. In fact, your posts here make no sense.

    Heath Miller has soft hands, meaning that if you can get the ball close enough for him to touch it, he will come down with it. I’ve seen him take wicked blows to the head – illegal ones, that never got called or fined, by the way – and he managed to keep the ball for the completion.

    He is tough as nails, a very hard worker, and humble. That’s a very traditional Pittsburgh value. If you don’t get it, that’s fine. To be honest, I would LOVE to see Heath Miller catch a short toss in the flat, turn upfield and run directly at Ed Reed. Should not take a mathematician to predict the outcome, which is usually signaled by a guy in a black-and-white striped shirt raising both arms in the air.

  9. Yeah because solid TE play has ALWAYS been a fixture of any Todd Haley run offense…

    Name me one TE that produced under Haley in Arizona or Kansas City. Go ahead, I’m waiting.

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