Jack Del Rio’s quarterback son commits to Oklahoma State


Congratulations are in order to Luke Del Rio, the high school quarterback son of Jack Del Rio, who has earned a scholarship to Oklahoma State.

Luke transferred from a Florida high school to a Colorado high school a few months ago, after his father was fired as coach of the Jaguars and hired as defensive coordinator of the Broncos. He was on the radar of a few smaller football programs previously, but after a strong performance at a football camp in California, he got the offer from Oklahoma State.

I want to play in the NFL someday, that’s my dream,” Luke Del Rio told Scout.com. “They run a pro-style offense that features the passing game. The last few quarterbacks they have had have been very successful and it’s the perfect offense for me, it fits me really well.”

At a time when so many parents are coming forward to say football isn’t a suitable sport for their sons, it’s good to see some of the men who have benefitted so much from football have sons who are embracing the game. Fathers like Jack Del Rio and Ray Lewis should be proud to see their sons succeeding on the football field, just as they have.

19 responses to “Jack Del Rio’s quarterback son commits to Oklahoma State

  1. O-state’s offensive Coordinator was WR coach w/ the Jag’s during Del Rio’s tenure.

  2. Maybe these guys will step up to the plate and pay for their son’s education so that someone more needy can get the scholarship

  3. Kid had to transfer high schools in Jacksonville to even see the field, though the school he transfered from did win the state championship a couple years in a row.

  4. Jack Del Rio has made millions in the NFL and still is. Shouldnt the propper think for Luke to do is attend the school but decline the scholarship being theres a kid who really needs it?

  5. Work hard, win all your games and watch an SEC team take your spot in the Championship. Welcome to college football

  6. Mikeyhiggs-this kid busted his azz just as hard as a so-called needy one. He is entittled to a free ride just as much as the next guy.

  7. mikeyhigs says:
    May 31, 2012 7:18 PM
    Maybe these guys will step up to the plate and pay for their son’s education so that someone more needy can get the scholarship

    This is the dumbest line of thinking I have heard. I heard the same thing said about Puff Daddy’s kid. The bottom line is these kids have worked hard and earned a scholarship, it was not a gift or a handout.

    Athletic scholarships are based on merit and come from the schools athletic funds, advertising, and revenue. They are not government hand outs and are earned, not given.

    Stop hating on kids who work hard and earn something of their own. Their parents financial means are irrelevant, these kids earned what was offered to them.

  8. @furious76 and ravenspit…I think you have a reading comprehension issue. I never said he didn’t deserve it or didn’t earn it. I never suggested that their parents income should be a factor in scholarship awards. I certainly am not “hating on kids.” You can read what I wrote, but please don’t “read into” what I wrote.

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