Jaguars sign sixth-round pick Mike Harris

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The Jaguars have signed the second of their six draft picks.

Cornerback Mike Harris agreed to a four-year contract with the team. The sixth-round pick out of Florida State joins defensive end Andre Branch as the only members of the Jaguars draft class to sign their deals.

Harris played almost exclusively in the slot while at Florida State and the Jaguars see him playing a similar role in their sub packages. He might not earn a spot in them right away, so he’ll have to earn his keep on special teams. He did a lot of that in Tallahassee as well so you should probably expect to see Harris covering a lot of kicks for the Jags this season.

With Harris in the fold, the Jaguars decided to cut ties with veteran cornerback Morgan Trent. Trent entered the league as a sixth-round pick of the Bengals in 2009 and joined the Jags last season after stints with both Cincinnati and Indianapolis. The Jaguars also announced that they have signed rookie free agent cornerback/kick returner Dontrell Johnson. Johnson was a member of the team for 11 days earlier this month and obviously showed someone enough to warrant a second look.

9 responses to “Jaguars sign sixth-round pick Mike Harris

  1. Every says NO WAY to the punter in the 3rd, but if you watched what TURK did last year, how he totally screwed up 2-3 games so bad that it determined the outcome of the game. I am happy and okay with the punter at round 3. They DO make a difference in a game.. And I realized that for the first time last year when the TURKER GAVE away a game with his punts !

  2. It doesn’t matter what Turk did last year – what matters is that other teams graded Anger as a 3-4th round pick. The Jaguars added a boomer of a punter that wouldn’t have been there the next time they picked – round 5.

  3. I thought we lost that Bengals game because Gabbert fumble it twice, but OK…..let put that lose on a punter. A punter that was brought in by the GM to directional punt which is something he has never done before. The same GM who previously refused to pay his pro-bowl punter (Adam Podlesh) because he didn’t see the value in paying a punter and that’s why he brought in TURK. And the same GM who drafted a punter in the third round (because he sees the value of a punter).

    This guy has a punter complex….

  4. I hate when people I know have a Punter Complex. Makes them difficult to be around when all I wanna do is punt.

  5. More like you have a Gene Smith complex.

    The pick was a punter, move on and get over it. Like someone else said, many other teams had Anger graded as a 3rd-4th rounder and that’s who the GM picked. The only person that he needs to answer to is the owner.

    As for believing that Turk didn’t cost AT LEAST two games last year, you need to go back and review the tape. He wasn’t solely responsible, but any other NFL punter in those games and the Jags would have won. That said, it put us in a position to get Blackmon, so all’s well that ends well – in my opinion.

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