Johnny Knox praises Hester for “keeping me positive”


As MDS has pointed out, Bears receiver Devin Hester is paying close attention to Brandon Marshall.  But Hester has paid a different kind of attention to teammate Johnny Knox, and Knox is forever grateful for it.

Knox praised Hester on Wednesday for showing true concern for Knox in the difficult months since Knox suffered a severe spinal injury during a December 2011 game.

“Devin has done a great job of keeping me positive,” Knox said, via Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune.  “He has been more worried about my health than if or when I am going to return to the field.  That means a lot to me — that he is more concerned about my health than when I am going to play again.”

Hester nearly broke down when talking about Knox on Wednesday.  “It’s hard because I see Johnny every day, even on the weekend,” Hester said.  “It hurts me because we’re real close.  I do get real emotional because he’s like a little brother to me.”

Part of the support includes helping Knox deal with the things he needs to do to get back to playing condition.  “I know he gets tired of the rehab because it’s the same thing every day,” Hester said. “You can tell he gets frustrated here and there because it seems like it’s not working.  But at the same time, it’s going to be a miracle to get him back normal. . . .  I’m going to stick with him, encourage him and make sure that he doesn’t give up.”

Knox appreciates that.  “Devin has been there for me on and off the field throughout my career,” Knox said.  “He’s someone I’ve always looked up to since the first day I got here.  He is someone I truly trust as a friend.”

Hester also finds motivation in Knox’s struggle.

“Days when I don’t feel like doing anything, I kind of just sit back and look at Johnny,” Hester said.  “And I’m out here complaining about practice when here’s a guy right now who wishes he could practice, let alone play in a game?

“I see what Johnny’s going through and I say to myself, ‘That could have been me.”’

Though Knox endured an injury that should happen to no football player, he’s fortunate to have a teammate like Hester.  Here’s hoping that they’ll both be on the field again soon.

12 responses to “Johnny Knox praises Hester for “keeping me positive”

  1. I was watching that game when that play occurred. After watching the replay, I thought he may actually die for that. If not, I figured he was paralyzed. It was gruesome. His head almost touched his butt. I’m just glad he can walk and run after suffering that injury. I hope he makes it back. I read that he has said he is not going to watch that play until after he retires. It’s probably a good idea if he wants to keep playing. If he actually watched it, he may reconsider playing again. :-0

  2. These are the kind of stories that have me rooting for not only for a players recovery but also brings to light their true character. Thank you Florio. I hope Johnny gets his health and happiness and Devin keeps up the good work!

  3. i hope he plays again simply because he feels right now that he wants to.
    i do know he’s lucky to have a friend like D. Hester.Whether we admit it or not most of us go thru life without a friend like that.
    would be nice to see him have a full recovery and be able to decide on his football future on his own terms.

  4. Cameron and sports ninja you guys are idiots. Show some common sense when you post on here about something this serious.

  5. Ninja is the worst since he’s a Bears fan. Cam is a Vikes fan so I’ll pass, something they won’t be able to do this year in Minny. The point of the story wasn’t who sucks, the message board on the other hand, is revealing said point.

  6. Devin Hester is truly a good guy. Anyone who has followed him since he came to Chicago will agree with that assessment. He might not be the best wide receiver, but his skills as a human being match his skills as a returner.

  7. @ higgy5353 – You said May 31, 2012 8:06 PM:

    “Cameron and sports ninja you guys are idiots. Show some common sense when you post on here about something this serious.”

    You are so correct! I sincerely hope Knox returns, and that he and Hester both destroy Minnesota every chance they get in future games.

  8. How in the hell can anyone cal themselves a sports fan and make such moronic comments?

    Hell, I’m a Packer fan who happens to also love football in general.

    Johnny Knox has always been a true football player and a classy player. Hearing Hester offer a teammate support just seals my respect for both himself and Hester as Men and football players.

    You know you can still respect a team/Player and have them be a rival as well.

    Packers / Bears Best rivalry in football hands down.

  9. @ packrulzm:

    Well-said, and I am a Bears fan who agrees with you 100%!

    To wish that an opponent’s career is over just so your pathetic team doesn’t have to face him again is really low-class and petty.

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